The History Of The Gucci Logo: All You Need To Know

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The Gucci logo is seen on countless Gucci products and is one of the most iconic luxury fashion logos in the world, but what is its history? Find out all the answers here!

The famous Italian fashion brand, Gucci, was founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci – the brand initially began selling luxury luggage and leather goods, before expanding into handbags and then luxury fashion.

As one of the most popular luxury fashion houses, the Gucci logo is instantly recognizable and has become somewhat of a status symbol, with its serif font brand name and interlocking G motif – but where does this iconic logo come from?

This article is going to explore the history of the Gucci logo and how it has altered with each creative director over the years.  

The very first Gucci logo was designed and implemented by Guccio Gucci in 1923. The logo was based on Aldo Gucci’s signature and was just the name Gucci written in italics, then in 1929, a few extra flourishes were added to the italics and the G initial was added to the logo to represent Guccio’s first name.

This logo remained the symbol of Gucci for a long time, including the entire time Frida Giannini held the role of creative director. Then, in 1934, a new logo was created for the Italian luxury brand, that referenced the humble beginnings of this fashion house.

The Gucci logo during the 1930s and 40s

As a young adult, Guccio Gucci was a bellhop at the Savoy Hotel in London, this is where he was inspired to create his own brand of luggage after seeing the high-quality luggage carried by the hotel’s wealthy patrons. The new logo design was an image of a hotel porter holding two suitcases with the Gucci name below them.

Due to shortages during World War Two, materials changes had to be made and canvas became the main fabric Gucci products were made from.

In order to prevent counterfeit items, the canvas was woven with a double G symbol, this was the origins of the GG supreme canvas that we know and love today and that has become so incredibly famous in the fashion industry (below, the Ophidia tote bag is crafted from this GG Supreme canvas).

The Gucci logo under Aldo Gucci

The hotel porter logo did not stay for long, although it did end up inspiring another new Gucci logo in the 1950s. This was the decade in which the Gucci family business was taken over by Guccio’s sons, Aldo, Vasco, and Rodolfo Gucci, and Aldo Gucci introduced a new, more luxurious logo.

The design was similar to the hotel porter logo, but instead of a porter, a knight stood holding the luggage while on his head sat a rose and rudder. The knight sat in the center of a crest, with the Gucci name on a banner above the crest, while the rose and rudder additions to the logo were intended to represent aesthetic sense and commercial passion.

After the Second World War, this Gucci crest quickly became a symbol for the city of Florence, where this Italian brand was founded.

The 1960s saw the introduction of the double G logo which the brand is well known for today. Aldo Gucci used his father’s initials to design this interlocking double G motif that, according to Aldo, was meant to represent the links of a bracelet, and become synonymous with luxury.

Soon, this GG logo decorated many different Gucci products, including Gucci loafers, handbags, and small leather goods.

Gucci at the end of the 20th century

The 1970s saw a refresh in the font of the Gucci brand name, this time a serif font was used to signify heritage, sophistication, and authority. However, it wasn’t until the 1990s that the interlocking double G motif was officially included in the Gucci logo.

The Gucci family saw how popular the double G motif has become as it decorated bags, scarves, and many other accessories worn by some of the most famous Hollywood celebrities and fashion icons of the mid-20th century, including Jackie Kennedy and Elizabeth Taylor.

The double G motif was quickly becoming a symbol of this highly desirable fashion brand and so it was incorporated into the Gucci logo. This new, official logo quickly became a key part of the clothing and accessories designed by Tom Ford during his time as Gucci’s creative director in the 1990s.

The Gucci logo now

The current creative director, Alessandro Michele has continued to make use of this famous Gucci symbol but has also created a refreshed version of the double G logo that features on many of Gucci’s most popular handbags.

In 2019, Michele, alongside the Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri, introduced a logo that consisted of two, overlapping G’s that both faced to the right, instead of the two G’s facing each other in the previous logo.

This new brand logo features many Gucci products, including the Ophidia bag and the famous Gucci belt, both pictured below. Michele has also delved into the Gucci archives to give new life to a currently unused Gucci logo.

This archival logo can be seen on the Gucci Blondie bag below and resembles the GG motif on the GG supreme canvas, where one G is the right way round, and the other is upside down. However, this time the two G’s are joined to create a whole circle.

Our favorite items with the Gucci logo

Now that you have learned all about the incredible history of the Gucci logo, it is time to treat yourself to a stunning Gucci piece, decorated with the famous Gucci logo. Here are just some of our favorite items that we think you’ll love too!

1.2015 Re-Edition wide leather belt
The History of The Gucci Logo: Black and Gold Gucci 2015 Re-Edition wide leather belt
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A Gucci belt is a must-have piece in your wardrobe, so versatile and effortlessly stylish, you will get so much wear out of it.

Crafted from black smooth leather, this belt features an eye-catching double G Gucci logo buckle in gleaming antique brass hardware – so stunning!

The thick, 1.5-inch belt can either be worn at the hips or at the waist, depending on your style, and is also available in several other neutral shades of leather to perfectly suit your personal style.

2. Ophidia medium tote with Web
Beige and ebony Gucci Ophidia medium tote with Web
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Gucci is incredibly well known for its incredible collection of handbags, one of which is the ever-popular Ophidia tote bag.

This super practical bag features an open top, microfiber lining, and an interior zip pocket to help you remain organized. But the striking exterior makes this tote bag utterly irresistible – the bag is crafted from beige and ebony GG Supreme canvas and then trimmed with white leather, a blue and red stripe, and Gucci logo hardware.

The GG Supreme canvas is an iconic element of the brand, designed as a diamond pattern made up of two G’s facing each other, one the right way up and the other the wrong way up.

3. Women’s slide sandal with Interlocking G
Pink and Purple Gucci Women's slide sandal with Interlocking G
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The famous Gucci logo that was first introduced to the brand by Aldo Gucci is the prominent feature on these gorgeous slides.

Slides are a summer essential, perfect for days at the beach or slipping on when on holiday to go down to the pool. We absolutely love the pastel shades of the Gucci slide, with the thick 90s-inspired purple rubber sole and pink rubber wide foot strap.

This foot strap is then embossed with the interlocking GG logo for a quintessentially Gucci finish.

4. Interlocking G flower ring
The History of The Gucci Logo: Pink and gold Gucci Interlocking G flower ring
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Gucci’s collection of fine and fashion jewelry is also so beautiful – as shown by this stunning Interlocking G flower ring.

This ring is actually crafted from three separate stackable rings, meaning you can wear them as a trio, or style them separately for a more low-key look!

The gold tone metal forms the base, while pale pink resin and crystals form the petals. The perfect finishing touch is the Gucci logo sitting in the center of the flower in gleaming gold – so gorgeous!

5. Gucci Blondie mini bag
The History of The Gucci Logo: Tan Gucci Blondie mini bag
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The Blondie bag is the latest addition to the House of Gucci’s incredible handbag collection.

This time, Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele has reached into the rich Gucci archives and found this reimagined, geometric version of the famous Gucci logo.

The interlocking G’s this time form a full circle for a completely unique finish. The bag itself is crafted from tan Cuir leather and features the Gucci logo on the front flap as well as a red and green stripe webbing strap – the perfect everyday, go-to bag.

6. Leather loafer with Double G
Black Gucci Leather loafer with Double G
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Gucci loafers are an iconic Gucci product, so much so, they have been reinvented and redesigned many times to create many different styles so there is the perfect pair for everyone.

We just love the classic, timeless look of these all-black loafers with a rounded square toe and a black strap for a preppy look.

Crafted from supple leather, these loafers are decorated with the double G Gucci symbol in gleaming gold. The 1-inch heel adds just a little bit of height making these loafers the perfect, versatile work shoes to style with tapered trousers or a smart black dress.

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