7 Best Meal Delivery Services Like Hello Fresh Around The World

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Are you looking for affordable meal delivery services like Hello Fresh that offer variety in flavor and recipes? If so, these 7 are the best alternatives to Hello Fresh that operate in the US, UK, Europe and Australia.

There are many great reasons to start a meal kit subscription. They offer a great way to have a nice restaurant-style meal without leaving home.

Many people use them to learn how to cook by the prepared ingredients and detailed cooking instructions. They can be like a food tour of styles of cuisine from around the world without leaving your doorstep. And of course, they can be a great activity to cook together, or even have a date night.

Hello Fresh has become one of the giants in meal kit subscription purposes, for very good reasons as well. They started in Germany in 2012 as one of the first meal kit delivery services and have expanded and grown, becoming one of the largest meal kit services in the world and the number one in the US.



It can be hard deciding which meal kit delivery service is right for you. There are a plethora of Hello Fresh alternatives out now receiving raving reviews. Many of these meal delivery services like Hello Fresh can offer better value, more selection, or different styles of food.

Which one is right for you? This article will explore many alternatives to Hello Fresh, each one of them with its own unique selling points. We’ll also break them down into regions split into the United States, the United Kingdom, and worldwide including Europe and Australia.


The Best US-Based Hello Fresh Alternatives

1. Home Chef



Healthy alternatives to Hello Fresh in the US: Home Chef

Health-conscious Hello Fresh alternative: Home Chef



Home Chef states they deliver to “98%” of the United States.

Pricing Per Meal

Pricing starts at $6.99 per serving with $7.99 shipping.
Pricing for 4 and 6 people stays the same at $6.99, but shipping can be lower.

Sign Up Bonus

Home Chef offers a discount of $35 off the first order and $10 off your second order with our partner link.

Our Test Pricing

For two people and three meals a week, Home Chef costs around $27 for the first week with the discount.


How Home Chef Compares To Hello Fresh
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Home Chef is a health-conscious style of meal kit subscription service. Their prices are reasonable compared to Hello Fresh and similar in their portion sizing. They offer around 20-25 meals on average outside of dietary restrictions.

They are more health-conscious with great detail to particular diets with offerings of omnivore, carnivore, pescatarian, and vegetarian options.

There are calorie-conscious and carb-conscious dietary preferences, and a section to cut out allergens. Of course, all these are optional. Compared to Hello Fresh’s “picky eater” option, Home Chef might be the best choice for those particular about their diets.

Home Chef also offers a “Fresh and Easy” section for health-conscious, but quick and easy to cook meals for people who might have limited cooking skills or time.


Reviewer Consensus


Home Chef offers diet-friendly meal kits that customers love. Users have found the recipes easy to follow and make, and the meals delicious. However, the meals can be a little dull if you’re looking for restaurant-quality meals at home.

  • Health-conscious and allergen-free meal kits
  • Easy to follow recipes and tips for those looking to start cooking
  • Nutritional facts are well documented
  • Meals can be a little disappointing for some people
  • Some reported issues with the labeling of ingredients


2. Blue Apron


Healthy alternatives to Hello Fresh in the US: Blue Apron

Restaurant-quality Hello Fresh alternative: Blue Apron



Only contiguous United States (excludes Alaska and Hawaii)

Pricing Per Meal

Pricing starts at $7.49 per serving with $7.99 shipping.
For meals for 4 people, the cost varies between $7.49 to $8.99 per serving with free shipping.

Sign Up Bonus

Blue Apron offers sign up bonuses occasionally, from the first three deliveries free with a set subscription or a flat rate discount off a subscription. (You can download the free Honey Chrome extension to see any current deals.)

Even without a sign-up bonus, you’ll get free shipping on your first order. 

Our Test Pricing

For two people and three meals a week, Blue Apron costs around $60 for the first week.


How Blue Apron Compares To Hello Fresh


Blue Apron is one of the best direct competitors to Hello Fresh in the US. They offer similar pricing and service down to the delivery, how the ingredients are proportioned out, and how they explain their recipes.

They offer a wider variety of creative meal recipes as their recipes are restaurant and chef-designed. However, because of this, their selections can be a bit more limited and restrictive to some.

Blue Apron offers 11 meals per week with an additional “Premium” one for an upcharge that can be worth it for a higher quality meal.

They offer a Signature plan which is their base plan, as well as vegetarian and wellness options for those who are more health-conscious. Compared to Hello Fresh who only have a “picky eater” option, this great news for vegetarians or those on a diet.


Our Review


On average, Blue Apron is a better option than Hello Fresh despite the slight price increase. While their meal selection can be more limiting, their recipes are often higher quality and seem well-planned out.

Most people find the recipes to be a better hit than Hello Fresh, resembling restaurant food over what they can make at home.

  • Service as easy as Hello Fresh
  • Arguably better food than Hello Fresh
  • Short prep time
  • Good menu selection for restrictive diets
  • Good instructions and nutrition information
  • Pricing is slightly higher than Hello Fresh
  • Low number of weekly meal plans can turn some people off


3. Sun Basket


Healthy home meal kits with organic food: Sun Basket

Organic & eco-friendly meal delivery service like Hello Fresh: Sun Basket



Sun Basket is available in 47 states, excluding Alaska, Montana, and Hawaii with limited service in New Mexico.

Pricing Per Meal

Pricing starts at $10.99 a serving with $5.99 shipping. Ready-to-heat meals are also offered at $8.99.

Sign Up Bonus

First-time customers can receive a 50% discount across the board for their first order from time to time.(You can download the free Honey Chrome extension to see any current deals.)

Even without a sign-up bonus, you’ll get free shipping on your first order. 

Our Test Pricing

For two people and three meals a week, Sun Basket costs around $78 for the first week. With their introductory offer and free shipping, the first week costs $37.


How Sun Basket Compares To Hello Fresh


Sun Basket’s specialty is its focus on organic and environmentally friendly delivery options. Almost all their ingredients are sourced from organic farms, however, it’s important to note that it’s an upcharge for organic protein sources.

Their packaging is more eco-friendly, for example, they use recycled cardboard and paper and less plastic compared to their competitors. They offer between 20-24 meals per week.

Unlike Hello Fresh, Sun Basket focuses on healthy and nutritious offerings in their meal line up. Their main selling point is their organic ingredients, and from there people can choose their style of diet.

These range from Mediterranean, paleo, vegetarian, with many others to choose from. They are one of the few options on this list that has gluten-free options. Their meals are also nutritionist-approved.


Reviewer Consensus


It’s quite common for customers to rate Sun Basket highly in terms of food quality, service, and refined food choices. The pricing can hurt some people looking for cheaper options, but they are one of the few organic-focused meal kit services.

  • Mostly organic ingredients
  • Easy to follow recipes
  • Wide variety of dietary options
  • Organic protein source upcharge
  • No dietary restriction option
  • Pricey compared to other services


Best UK-Based Meal Delivery Services

4. Gousto


Adventurous home meal kits with Asian and Indian flavors: Gousto

The adventurous alternative to Hello Fresh: Gousto



Only available in the United Kingdom.

Pricing Per Meal

Pricing starts at around £6 a serving with free shipping.

Sign Up Bonus

Currently offering 30% off all boxes for the first month of orders – you will also get 50% off your first box with our partner link.

Our Test Pricing

For two people and three meals a week, Gousto costs around £16 for the first week with the discount.


How Gousto Compares To Hello Fresh


Gousto was one of the first Hello Fresh competitors to hit the world with meal kit subscription services in 2012. They offer very similar services such as great customer service, easy cancellation, and weekly changes to orders. They are more focused on creating unique and inspired dishes and incorporate flavors from around the world.

Gousto doesn’t sort out meal choices by dietary preferences, but they do list them openly to help people choose. They offer vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free options widely.

They’ve recently also included diet-friendly food that’s been curated by Joe Wicks, aka the “body coach”, with fresh, new meals every week. They offer 40+ recipes per week that people can choose from, including a premium selection that typically costs an extra £1-2 per portion.

Generally, their meals are considered healthy, but there are some choices for people looking for a little treat.


Reviewer Consensus


Gousto and Hello Fresh are the main meal delivery services in the UK and often are compared. Reviewers tend to prefer Gousto’s meals more as they seem a bit more adventurous, with flavors typically from around the world.

Gousto’s meal portions are also slightly smaller than those of Hello Fresh. Gousto’s pricing and service are also very competitive.

Editor’s note: Gousto is what I’ve personally used for two years, and I love their adventurous menu with many Asian and Indian dishes. I am allergic to dairy, and there’s no problem finding dishes that fit my dietary requirement.

They’ve also done interesting collaborations with other brands, such as the Asian food restaurant chain Wagamama, offering some of their delicious ramen and chicken katsu dishes in the box. 

Personally, I much prefer Gousto‘s menu over Hello Fresh, but my one complaint is that they waste an awful lot of plastic, as most meal delivery services do. However, they’re committed to constantly reducing their plastic consumption every year – for example, from 2018 to 2019, they’ve already reduced it by 50% year on year. 

  • Great pricing and free shipping on all orders
  • Excellent selection of weekly meals
  • Adventurous meals with new options added every week
  • Smaller portion size than Hello Fresh


5. Mindful Chef


Healthy meal delivery services like Hello Fresh in the UK: Mindful Chef

Healthy & charitable meal delivery service like Hello Fresh: Mindful Chef



Only available in the United Kingdom.

Pricing Per Meal

Mindful Chef varies in price per recipe selected, anywhere between £5 and £10 per serving with free shipping.
They offer 1 or 2 person meal kits, and a “family” which is based on 4 adults or 2 adults and 3 children. Prices for the family meals vary differently.

Sign Up Bonus

Currently offering £10 off your first two orders.

Our Test Pricing

For two people and three meals a week, Mindful Chef costs around £36 for the first week.


How Mindful Chef Compares To Hello Fresh


Mindful Chef fills the spot of an inexpensive and healthy meal kit service. They are focused on ensuring sustainable farming standards and even donate a portion of profits to children in poverty.

For their meat and fish dishes, they source the ingredients from local UK farms, ensuring that the meat is grass-fed and animals are properly taken care of. They also sell ready-made frozen meals which can be a great addition to those looking for a quick bite.

Mindful Chef is one of the best alternatives to Hello Fresh in the UK. They offer better-sourced ingredients at a cost that’s comparable, or even cheaper compared to Hello Fresh’s service.

They offer a standard 20 recipes per week to choose from. They have gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan meal options in their weekly meal selection. All their meals are nutritionist-approved and their recipes include nutritional information.


Reviewer Consensus


Reviewers tend to praise the quality of the ingredients and meals from Mindful Chef when considering the price. Like Hello Fresh, the meals might not be restaurant quality, but they are interesting and unique without verging too far out of people’s comfort zones.

  • Excellent pricing, very competitive to Hello Fresh
  • Sustainably sourced ingredients
  • Fresh and healthy options are a staple
  • A portion of their profits goes to feeding children in poverty
  • Lacks some adventure in their selection


6. Feast Box


Best meal delivery services like Hello Fresh in the UK: Feast Box

 Feast Box – a meal delivery like Hello Fresh that lets you “taste the world”



Only available in the United Kingdom.

Pricing Per Meal

Feast Box varies in price per recipe selected, anywhere between £5.80 to £8.00 per serving with free shipping.
They offer 2 person meal kits and a “family” which is based on 4 adults or 2 adults and 3 children. The prices stay the same with free shipping.

Our Test Pricing

For two people and three meals a week, Feast Box costs around £30 for the first week.


How Feast Box Compares To Hello Fresh


Feast Box was started by the owner of Red Rickshaw, the largest online Asian food grocer, and focuses on Asian, Mexican, Thai, and Turkish cuisine.

It’s a great option for those looking for an adventurous experience in foods they’ve never tried. The price reflects the unique, imported ingredients. They also offer additional services like wine pairing for specific meals.

They’re focused on being an explorative meal service option which can be great for people wanting to try cooking cuisine from around the world. They have a focus on providing authentic meals that try to reduce food waste.

They also claim to ensure their ingredients are ethically sourced. They do carry specific vegan options, often Indian food.

With the limited number of meal kits available in the UK, Feast Box can be a great choice for people wanting to cook a restaurant-like meal at home. While Hello Fresh focuses more on providing stable, healthy options that explore different flavors from around the world, Feast Box expands on that greatly.


Reviewer Consensus


Reviewers are often very surprised by the quality of the ingredients, and the quality of the recipes. Some people find the cooking methods to be a little daunting, but the recipes detail them well. The high cost can be an issue, but it’s cheaper than going out to a restaurant.

  • Amazing authentic food from around the world
  • Great variety of cuisine
  • Very little food waste
  • Pricey as it’s marketed as an occasional treat
  • Some of the recipes can be daunting for new cooks
  • Only available in the UK


European And Australian Services (Includes US Delivery)

7. Martha & Marley Spoon


Best European and Australian meal delivery services like Hello Fresh: Martha and Marley Spoon

Highest quality alternative to Hello Fresh: Martha & Marley Spoon



Martha & Marley Spoon is available in the United States.
Marley Spoon is available in Europe: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands, as well as in Australia.

Pricing Per Meal

Pricing starts at $8.49 (6,30€/$10.50AU) a serving with $8.99 (EU Free, $8.95AU) shipping.
Pricing for 4 people remains the same per serving and shipping charge.

Sign Up Bonus

First-time customer coupons are available, but not publicly. (You can download the free Honey Chrome extension to see any current deals.)

Our Test Pricing

For two people and three meals a week, Martha & Marley Spoon costs around $66 (€42.90, $76.45AU) for the first week.


How Marley Spoon Compares To Hello Fresh


Marley Spoon started in Berlin in 2014 behind Hello Fresh and focused on offering higher quality meals with a greater focus on cooking.

Martha Stewart, everyone’s favorite culinary sweetheart, partnered with Marley Spoon to create her meal kit service for the US. Due to that, their meals across the board are overseen by Martha and the amazing cooks on her team.

Martha & Marley Spoon is focused on being a higher quality competitor to Hello Fresh. Their prices are rather similar, but there’s more focus on the art of cooking with very interesting meals and recipes to follow.

They focus on dietary restrictions with good customization and labeling of their meals with vegetarian, gluten-free, and low-carb options. M&MS offers great service that is comparable or better than Hello Fresh in terms of customer support and subscription options such as skipping or canceling at any time.


Reviewer Consensus


Martha & Marley Spoon is a somewhat new to the US region, but they’ve seen great success in the EU and Australia.

Reviewers are surprised by the great recipes which are favored over Hello Fresh and customization ability. Their prices are reasonable for a meal kit subscription service and their service is rated as excellent. They’re one of the biggest competitors to Hello Fresh worldwide.

  • Great recipes designed by Martha Stewart or inspired by chef recipes
  • Great dietary restriction options
  • Fair pricing for the great quality of ingredients
  • Service is easy to change or cancel
  • Good coverage in the EU, Australia, and the US
  • Does call for more cooking versus “quick and easy” recipes
  • No UK availability




There are many excellent meal delivery services like Hello Fresh, with recipe box providing its own unique selling point. The choice really is down to you and what you value as a consumer. 

With so many of these top meal delivery services offering a signup bonus, you can even go ahead and give multiple ones a try – both your wallet and belly will thank you!


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