The Best Gymshark Dupes On Amazon To Save Serious Coin

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Gymshark is currently the fastest growing company in the UK according to the Sunday Times

And for good reason! Their leggings and other gymwear is exactly what most women want: stylish and sculpting in just the right places. Yep, the leggings give your butt an instant lift, so that you actually want to wear the leggings even outside the gym!

I ordered a bunch of these leggings for a Youtube video and if there’s one thing that I realised, it’s that these leggings are bloody expensive. For an order of 8 leggings and bras, you’re looking at nearly $400! 

I was recently thinking of doing another Gymshark order because they’ve released new pieces, but luckily I found out that you can order pretty much the exact leggings without the logo on both Amazon and Aliexpress for a fraction of the price. Hooray! 

So, without furtherado, let me share the best Gymshark dupes that I found. 


Gymshark Flawless Knit Legging Dupes


Originals From Gymshark here ($54)



Gymshark Dupes on Amazon: All colors here / More similar leggings here



Gymshark Energy+ Legging Dupes On Amazon


Originals from Gymshark here ($54)


Gymshark Dupes On Amazon: All colors here / More similar leggings here


The Energy+ seamless leggings have been a hit for Gymshark: they’ve been one of the best selling leggings on their site, and I must admit, I also own them! 

Lucky for you, you can get these leggings for a third of the price on Amazon, minus the logo!

One thing that I have to mention about these leggings is that quite often, you can see the outlines of the underwear that you’re wearing underneath even though there are “built in pair of shorts” in the leggings to avoid creasing.



Jed North Gymshark Dupes


Gymshark Dupes: Sports Bra here / Leggings here


Jed North is another fitness apparel company that sells their products both on Amazon and on their own website. The designs are veeeery similar to Gymshark but not 100% the same. 

The price of these products is a lot cheaper than Gymshark (by about 40%), however because it’s another brand name, the prices won’t drop to much lower than that. 

With that being said, I think that Jed North’s designs are as cute as Gymsharks, and they definitely focus on enhancing the butt just like Gymshark. Below are a couple more of my favorites from Jed North.


Gymshark Dupes: Sports Bra here / Leggings here


Gymshark Flawless Knit leggings are one of their latest additions to their collection and I’m in love with the mauve/pink ones! Luckily, these dupes on Amazon look identical and retail for about a third of the price


More Jed North Gymshark Dupes



Gymshark dupe leggings: Here



Gymshark dupe leggings: Here



Gymshark dupe leggings: Here



Gymshark Dupes: Here / Here (5 More Colors Available!)


Gymshark Ombre Legging Dupes On Amazon



Originals From Gymshark here ($50)


Gymshark Dupes On Amazon herehere (many more colors available!)


Here’s another collection of leggings that are identical to the original Gymshark ones for half the price. Based on the comments of these leggings on Amazon, they might actually be better than the Gymshark originals! 

If you’ve watched my video where I try on these leggings from Gymshark, you will know that I had to send the originals back because they were completely see-through

However if you click through to Amazon and scroll down to the comments of these leggings, you can see a lot of women posting pictures of these leggings when they’re in the gym, and no words mentioned about the “see-throughness” of them.

So, you might want to give these a go before you even try the originals – up to you!


Gymshark Ombre Sports Bra Dupes


Original Gymshark Ombre Sports Bra, here ($35) / Gymshark Ombre Bra Dupes on Amazon, here (4 more colors available!)


These bras are great to buy if you wanted to complete your ombre leggings look. These sports bras come in 6 colors, so there’s plenty to choose from.




Gymshark Dupes: Codefit




Highwaisted Gymshark Legging Dupes With Pockets: All Colors Here (21 More Colors Available!)


Codefit is an Amazon seller that focuses on high waisted leggings. That’s all that they sell, and they do it well! 

What sets these leggings apart from the rest of Gymshark dupes on this list is that these bad boys have built in pockets in them – super practical if you like to go to the gym by yourself and listen to music! 

Their color collection is also unbeatable – these leggings come in 25 colors, and the store also offers many similar leggings with a slight change to the details if you’re looking for a different look. 



Bonus: AliExpress Gymshark Dupes


Gymshark dupe leggings, here


There are many cute options to get Gymshark dupes on Aliexpress, but these have to be my favorites! They’re also only $10.95 – What a steal!


Dupes Or The Exact Same Items?


Now, normally when I find dupes for expensive items, I never think that the products are 100% the same or that they’re made in the same factory. However, in the case of Gymshark I’m not so sure. They might actually be the same products, just without the logo!

The reason why I think that this might be the case is that a lot of fitness brands do a thing called private labelling, where you buy ready made apparel from a supplier and simply slap your logo on the clothes.

By doing a quick Google search, I could already find a couple of suppliers who produce many clothes that are 100% the same as Gymshark (e.g. this one).

Normally the minimum order quantity is too high for an average consumer, so no one would think to buy the product directly from the supplier. However, now that we have Amazon and Aliexpress, many suppliers are selling their products directly to the consumer, minus the logo.

Like I said, I’m not sure if Gymshark is doing private labelling – the Chinese companies listed on Alibaba could also be ripping off the brand. 

And of course, not all of the leggings that I’ve linked to in this post are completely identical to Gymshark. Many of the latter leggings that I linked to are simply inspired by the Gymshark look, and shape your body in a very similar way to Gymshark. 


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