21 Grunge Outfits For That Edgy Alternative Vibe

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Going for an edgy, alternative look these days? We got you! Here’s a list of the best grunge outfits that you can recreate at home.

Grunge is a music-based subculture that’s been around for decades, starting from the mid-1980s and becoming especially popular in the 90s. It has influences from punk, rock, and heavy metal, and this subculture often embodies dark themes.

Grunge fashion has always been in style since it emerged years ago, but it has gotten way more popular recently thanks to social media and the ever-evolving Gen Z fashion trends.

While grunge outfits are originally loose-fitting in an attempt to make the wearer look more androgynous and gritty, grunge outfits these days have evolved to include skirts, tight-fitting tops, ripped jeans, and more. 

What makes an outfit grunge? Well, since the subculture as a whole embodies dark themes, black (and sometimes dark blue) is a dominant color in this aesthetic.

Ripped jeans, graphic tees, skirts, and black hoodies are popular pieces, as well as accessories like body harnesses and chains. If you want to add more dimension to your outfit, you can also add in a plaid or flannel jacket/shirt.

Additionally, footwear like combat boots or lace-up boots are popular grunge pieces, as well as sneakers or trainers.

To help you complete your overall look and aesthetic, we rounded up the best grunge outfits that you can totally recreate. Most of the clothes featured below are shoppable, so if there’s something you like, just click on the photo and it will take you right to the retailer’s website to learn more.

The Best Grunge Outfits To Recreate


Cute black plaid skirt grunge outfit

Get this skirt on Etsy


Cute grunge outfit with black and white shirt

Get this shirt on Etsy


The Best Grunge Outfits: Pink graphic tee with long sleeves

Get this shirt on Nasty Gal


Stylish grunge aesthetic outfit with black leather jacket

Get this look on Princess Polly

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Black and white striped grunge crop sweater

Get this sweater on Etsy



The Best Grunge Outfits: Black chained pants

Get these pants on Etsy


The Best Grunge Outfits: Black cropped hoodie with chains

Get this cropped chain hoodie on Etsy


Cute casual grunge outfit with white shirt with chains

Get this shirt on Etsy


Black chain camisole top

Get this top on YesStyle


Edgy gothic and grunge outfit with black skirt

Get this look on Etsy



The Best Grunge Outfits: Black cutout crop top

Get this top on Etsy


Graphic tee and leather pants

Get this look on Nasty Gal


The Best Grunge Outfits: Harajuku hoodie

Get this hoodie on Etsy


The Best Grunge Outfits: Black and white checkered pants

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Black plaid skort and hoodie

Get this skort on YesStyle



Grunge Nirvana t-shirt

Get this Nirvana tee on Urban Outfitters


Cute black gothic grunge skirt with pleats

Get this skirt on Etsy


There you have it! Did you find your next outfit idea from this list? We hope you did! If you’re still looking for more fashion inspiration, check the posts down below.

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