The Ultimate Guide To Goyard Dupes: This Is Where To Find Them!

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In today’s designer dupe post I’ll be zooming in on Goyard dupes…..Wait what? Who’s that?

Goyard is a luxury handbag designer that originates back to roughly the same time as Louis Vuitton in the mid 1800’s. Both have their heritage in Paris, and LV as we know it now is regarded as a global fashion powerhouse, whereas Goyard is.. well, lesser known.

I originally became aware of Goyard through Alison Hayley’s blog post ‘ Goyard St-Louis Vs Luis Vuitton Neverfull‘ comparison post, and I was amazed how I had never heard of the bag in question. After all, it retails for about $1200, which is a lot of money. Clearly, this wasn’t just an emerging designer, so I decided to look into the brand a little more.

As it turns out, Goyard is a rather peculiar fashion brand in today’s internet-obsessed world. They are very anti-media, e-commerce and celebrity endorsements – essentially everything that traditionally successful brands have been doing to get to where they are today.

They spent zero dollars on ads, and the only way that people would hear about the brand is through word of mouth, or if they happen to pass by the few boutiques that they have in the most prestigious locations in the world.

As the brand would argue, this has proven to be very successful for Goyard. Everything that they have done adds to the mystery and appeal of the brand, and makes it truly stand out from the rest of the high-end designer brands.

Some would argue that techniques like these is exactly what makes a luxury brand truly remain luxurious: the products have to be a bit of a pain to get to and there can only be a limited amount supplied.

Many consumers agree, stating that brands like Louis Vuitton have shot themselves in a foot by becoming too ‘mainstream’: if everyone has an LV, it’s not a luxury item anymore, and some may even see it as trashy.


Image courtesy of Alyson Hayley


Although I agree that a luxury item can never really be something that is accessible to everyone, I can’t say that I agree with the lack of marketing techniques that Goyard is so proud of. Money-wise I have no way of knowing what the brand’s goals are, so perhaps expanding to a global audience and increasing sales isn’t their target.

Nevertheless it seems hard to believe that the brand would want to just go sideways when all other luxury handbag brands are growing, and risk getting left behind new and innovative designers that offer equally high-quality bags. More consumers than ever are shopping online, and you can see the trend clearly increasing year after year.

I’m not sure how the retail market is doing in the US or France, but high-streets in the UK are getting absolutely destroyed. In 2017, a net of 1700 retail stores closed down in the country (ref. here), and the future doesn’t seem that much brighter.

The only stores that continue growing at a decent pace are online brands like ASOS and Missguided (and well, Primark is also doing very well, but that’s a different story), mainly because they can cut staff costs, and also because the convenience of shopping online.

Therefore it seems like in today’s world, having an online presence is absolutely vital in having a prospering brand that people desire and aspire to own. It will be interesting to see what will happen to Goyard as a brand in the next few decades, and if it will change it’s policies regarding e-commerce.

What do you think – will Goyard continue the same way it always has, or is it time for a change?


Anyhow, this post turned a little more philosophical than I intended it to. Let’s have a look at the best Goyard dupes that are currently on the market!

By the way, it was hard to find the original images of the Goyard bags because as I said, they are not sold online. I found some secondhand sites like Vestiaire Collective that had a few bags in their stock, so all the pictures that I’ve used are from there.



The Best Goyard St. Louis Dupes



Goyard Saint Louis DupeGoyard Saint Louis Dupe

 Goyard, $1250, here / Goyard Saint Louis Dupe HERE


Goyard Saint Louis Dupe HERE


Goyard Saint Louis Dupe HERE


Goyard Saint Louis Dupe HERE



Goyard Saint Louis Dupe HERE


Goyard Dupe HERE

Goyard Saint Louis Dupe

Goyard Dupe HERE


See more Goyard St Louis Dupes On Etsy Here


Goyard Senat Dupes



Goyard Senat DupeGoyard Senat Dupe

Goyard, $1300, HERE/ Goyard Senat Dupe, HERE


Goyard Senat Dupe

Goyard Senat Dupe, HERE


Goyard Senat Dupe

Goyard Senat Dupe, HERE



Red Goyard Dupe, HERE



Goyard Card Holder Dupes



Goyard Card Holder Dupe Goyard Card Holder Dupe

Goyard Card Holder, $445, HERE / Goyard Card Holder Dupe, HERE


Goyard Card Holder Dupe

Goyard Card Holder Dupe, HERE


Goyard Card Holder Dupe

Goyard Card Holder Dupe, HERE


Want more Goyard look alikes? Check out these phone cases, pillows and bedding on Red Bubble!


So, there you have it – these are the best Goyard dupes that I could find on the market right now. Let me know if you have heard of the brand before and what you think about their peculiar and unique approach to the media, e-commerce and advertising. I

s this something that turns you off, or does it increase the value of the brand in your eyes? I’m really curious to know, because quite frankly I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a luxury designer taking this approach to marketing in out day and age.


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