What’s Goblincore? Here’s What You Need Know About This Emerging Trend

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Have you heard about goblincore? It’s one of the internet’s latest aesthetic trends. Below, we’ explore what this new emerging trend is, plus share some of the best goblincore outfits that you can shop online1

Let us introduce you to cottagecore’s cousin – goblincore.




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If cottagecore’s entire aesthetic is based on a romanticized fantasy of living in the countryside, goblincore embraces nature on a whole other level.  Goblincore’s aesthetic is based on living in the woods among the floral and the fauna, mushrooms and frogs, and the appreciation of all things typically not regarded as beautiful. 


How Did Goblincore Start?


Goblincore is an internet subculture that started around the early 2010s in the blogging platform Tumblr, but it only started gaining mainstream popularity during the pandemic lockdown thanks to Tiktok and Twitter.

Goblincore is essentially an aesthetic that appreciates the beauty of moss and mud, and of “ugly” things that don’t live up to society’s standards. 

According to aesthetics.wiki.com, (unsurprisingly) a big part of goblincore is the goblin itself. However, the meaning of goblin isn’t quite the same as the malevolent thieving creatures in European folklore.  In goblincore, they are a  carefree representation of one’s infatuation with nature’s “ugliness” and general unpredictability.

Goblincore is a lesser-known aesthetic with a small yet tight-knit online community, and it is predicted to get even more popular among users as time passes by.


Goblincore Fashion


In the spirit of appreciating things that are typically not regarded as beautiful, most goblincore enthusiasts often thrift their clothes. This includes worn-out clothes or clothes they don’t mind getting dirty, as followers of goblincore typically like to go on adventures.

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Goblincore fashion is centered on earthy tones like brown, black, moss green, and (sometimes) beige. As for clothes, enthusiasts often wear corduroy pants and jumpers, oversized knitted sweaters, dirty boots, brown cardigans, and worn-out pants.

To elevate the goblincore look even more they also wear a satchel or a fanny pack so they can store in some interesting objects they will find while out on an adventure.

If you’re curious about the goblincore aesthetic, what better way to appreciate it than by wearing goblincore outfits while you embrace the lifestyle?

Even though your best bet would be to head to your nearest thrift store to find some goblincore outfitsEtsyEbayand YesStyle are close seconds. Etsy in particular has a great selection of handmade goblincore outfits sold by small businesses and independent creators.

With this said, Shein also has a good selection of affordable corduroy pants, jackets, and jumpers to elevate your look if you’re on a budget. (Although, if you want to truly embrace the goblincore lifestyle and love of nature, a fast fashion company like Shein is probably something you’ll want to avoid!)

Below you’ll find our best goblincore outfit picks, including our favorite influencers’ styled outfits!


The Best Goblincore Outfits To Recreate




Goblincore Outfits: Earth tone boots and pants


Image via @auri.daer




Goblincore Outfits: Mushroom and frog tee


Get this t-shirt on Etsy




Goblincore Outfits: Brown cardigan


Get this shawl on Etsy




Goblincore Outfits: Beige mushroom sweater


Get this sweatshirt on YesStyle




Elf aesthetic


Image via @teacup.tiefling




Goblincore Outfits: Dark kimono robe


Get this robe on Etsy




Goblincore Outfits: Brown mushroom and fungi tee


Get this t-shirt on Etsy




Sexy green earth tone goblincore outfit


Get this top on YesStyle




Fairy and mushroom goblincore aesthetic


Image via @ibunbunnybunn




Black corduroy jumpers


Get these corduroy jumpers on YesStyle




Deep brown linen dress for goblincore outfits


Get this dress on Etsy




Brown corduroy long vest


Get this coat on Shein




Black sweatshirt with mushrooms for edgy golincore outfit


Get this sweatshirt on Etsy




Brown corduroy goblincore suspender shorts


Get these suspender shorts on YesStyle




Brown striped long sleeved top with mushroom print


Get this top on YesStyle




Brown corduroy pants with cardigan


Image via @moonlyrika




Brown striped oversized sweater


Get this sweater on YesStyle




Brown corduroy and checkered shacket for goblincore outfits


Get this jacket on Shein




Fungi and mushroom long kimono robe


Get this robe on Etsy




Oversized goblincore aesthetic sweater


Image via @hhoneyherbs




Black oversized sweater with embroidered mushroom detail


Get this sweatshirt on YesStyle




Earthy tone brown pants and green vest for goblincore outfits


Image via @daryadarcy





Image via @manic.pixie.dream.frog




Dark striped oversized sweater


Get this sweater on YesStyle




Dark green corduroy jacket


Get this jacket on YesStyle


We hope you got inspired about goblincore outfits from this post! If you’re still looking for aesthetic outfit inspos, check the posts down below.


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