25 Adorable Gingerbread House Ideas You Can Recreate At Home

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Is it really Christmas without making a gingerbread house? If you need some artistic inspiration before you get started making yours, have a look at these cute gingerbread house ideas first!

Making a gingerbread house is one of the best Christmas activities that you can share with your family and friends, and even by yourself! It’s where you can be your most creative self, but also show off your skills in house-building. Trust us when we say that building a gingerbread house is not as easy as it looks!

But don’t let this discourage you from making one this year, though. After all, it’s a fun and sweet Christmas activity and unless you’re decorative a gingerbread house for a competition, it really doesn’t need to be perfect!

You can either bake your own gingerbread house from scratch or just buy a gingerbread kit from your local baking shop, Walmart, Williams Sonoma or Etsy. You’ll need some royal icing to use as the “glue” to hold all pieces together, as well as to decorate the exterior of the house. Don’t forget to “glue” in your favorite treats too, such as M&Ms or Skittles. 

To get you excited and help you get some ideas for this year’s gingerbread house, we rounded up the cutest designs we found on the internet. We’ve got you covered ranging from super extravagant house designs to just simple ones, depending on your preference and your skills. 

Some of these houses have also been made with specific cookie cutter sets, which we’ve linked to in the images!

Let’s get started! 


The Best Gingerbread House Ideas

1. Simple DIY House


Cute gingerbread house idea


Get this on Williams Sonoma


2. Dainty Pastel House


Dainty Pastel House

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Image via @euphoric_cakes


3. White Christmas


White Christmas


Image via @sonja_ols


4. Sweet Forest House


Cute decorated forest decorated gingerbread house


Get the cookie cutters for this on Etsy


5. Snoopy’s Dog House


Cute Snoopy gingerbread house idea


Get the cookie cutters for this on Etsy


6. Royal Icing House


Blue Royal Icing Gingerbread House


Image via @sawinkowa


7. A-Frame Cabin


Cute small decorated gingerbread house


Get this on Williams Sonoma


8. Pastel Pink


Pastel pink gingerbread house


Get the cookie cutters for this set on Etsy


9. Cuckoo Clock House


Cuckoo Clock Decorated Gingerbread House


Get the cookie cutters for this on Etsy


10. Colorful Mini House


Cute decorated gingerbread house with peppermints


Get this on Etsy


11. Pepperkakehus




Image via @theresenybu


12. Pink & White Gingerbread House


Dainty Gingerbread House


Image via @euphoric_cakes, done by @mintlemonadescookies


13. Home Sweet Home


Cute pink and white chocolate decorated gingerbread house


Get the cookie cutters for this set on Etsy


14. Simple Gingerbread House


Simple Gingerbread House


Image via @lifeisbetterathome


15. Peppermint Swirls


Cute peppermint gingerbread house


Image via @bhomewithbernadette


16. Kids’ Style House


Kids' Style Gingerbread House


Get this on Williams Sonoma


17. Tiny Pastel Houses


Tiny Pastel Gingerbread Houses


Get the cookie cutters for this set on Etsy


18. Festive Gingerbread House


Festive Gingerbread House


Image via @pryanik_kz


19. Purple Royale


Purple Royale


Image via @euphoric_cakes | By @domiki.ua


20. Gingerbread Wind Mill


Cute decorated Gingerbread Windmill


Get the cookie cutters for this set on Etsy


21. Cookie Jar House


Cute Christmas gingerbread Cookie Jar House


Get the cookie cutters for this set on Etsy


22. Nordic Christmas House


Nordic Christmas House


Image via @skogmesterboligen


23. Colorful Christmas Gingerbread House


Colorful Christmas Gingerbread House


Image via @story_olly

24. Gingerbread Village


Gingerbread Village


Image via @laurie3.lh


25. Reindeer House


Reindeer House


Image via @bodraja


Have you decided on this year’s gingerbread house design? We hope you found some good ones from this post! If you have tips or tricks, we’d love to hear more about them in the comments section.

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