25 Best Gifts For Secretaries To Show Your Appreciation

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Secretaries often get overlooked in the sea of colleagues and other employees. This is a day for them to shine! Here are 25 gifts for secretaries that are thoughtful and special.

Whether you’re looking to give a Christmas, birthday, or professional gift on Administrative Professionals’ Day to a special secretary in your life, we have compiled a list of gifts that your secretary or your executive assistant will love.

From personalized gifts to office supplies, there is something here for everyone. We hope you enjoy this gift guide and make this year different from all the others by showing your appreciation with one of these thoughtful presents!

Nobody knows the work that a secretary does better than their boss. They are the ones who see all of the hard work and dedication from afar. Giving them a fantastic gift is a great way to show your appreciation for your administrative staff.

If you have been searching high and low for a gift idea for that special secretary in your life, then this article is perfect! Here are some great choices that any boss would love to give out, even if it is just as a random surprise on an ordinary day at work!

From different kinds of flowers to unique gifts like essential oils or coffee pots, there are so many options available for all budgets: let’s get started with the list!

The Best Gifts For Secretaries

1. Flower & Chocolate Arrangement

Roses and chocolates box
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Roses and chocolates bouquet
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Who doesn’t love receiving flowers? If you are looking for a simple yet thoughtful gift, then look no further than these flower and chocolate arrangements. They have everything that your secretary could want or need!

With an entire bouquet of flowers surrounded by delicious gourmet chocolates, it is sure to be appreciated. Also, be sure to slip in a personalized message or some greeting cards to show your appreciation in writing.

Your secretary can admire the beautiful colors of the flowers while eating some sweet treats throughout their day at work, and of course take it home with them if they prefer that.

If your secretary doesn’t have a sweet tooth, you can swap out chocolate for some savory treats instead, like pretzels or nuts.

2. Electric Back Massagers

Electric back massager
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Electric back and neck massager
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These massagers can be a lifesaver for your secretary during a long day. Your administrative official will love using this back massager to alleviate stress before they head home or while they’re filing documents!

They’re also great if you have an office with hard chairs, as the massage feature helps make them more comfortable and relaxing.

3. Desk Plants

Best gifts for secretaries: desk plants
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This is a great gift for your secretary if they’re super busy but still love being surrounded by nature. The office can be quite boring and dull, so having a plant sitting on their desk will brighten up the workspace!

They also helps clean out some of that office air pollution too which is always an added plus.

4. Essential Oils (With Diffuser)

Essential oil box
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Gifts for Secretaries: Essential oils
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We all know how stressful work can get. This is why you should gift your secretary some relaxing essential oils that they can put into a diffuser!

Since they are the ones who spend most of their days in an office setting, calming essential oils could be the right gift for them to help them ease some of the stress.

They will also benefit from having a pleasant smell throughout the day instead of whiffs of coffee and stale air that might come into contact with them while working! Plus, having essential oils can take out the stress from your secretary’s day.

5. Memory Foam Chair Pillow

Memory foam chair pillow
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Memory foam chair pillow for back
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If your administrative assistant is always getting sick from all that sitting, then these memory foam pillows can be their best friend!

They’re great to have when your secretary has some muscle aches and needs something soft against their back.

6. Coffee Maker

Gifts for Secretaries: Coffee Maker
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Silver coffee maker
Get this on Williams-Sonoma

Okay, this one might be a little on the expensive side, but hear us out. Not only does a coffee pot make a great gift, but it can also be extremely useful for your secretary, making it the perfect way to show your appreciation.

No one wants to drink lukewarm or watered-down coffee from the communal office machine that is always running out of supplies!

If you want them to have their caffeine fix any time they would like, then this is definitely an option worth considering as part of your present.

Your secretary will save some money and avoid those long lines by having their own personal supply waiting for them at all times in the break room! Now, this one will definitely top the gift from last year.

7. Pretty, Customized Soap

Customized bars of soap
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Honeycomb soaps
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Your secretary will love this unique gift! Not only is it a fun piece to take home from the office, but they can also enjoy an awesome supply of soap whenever needed.

These handcrafted soaps have the perfect size and shape that work well in most washrooms, including any location at work (if they wish to keep this gift in the office!).

Make sure to get customized bars of soap so that your administrative official will feel extra special.

8. Fresh Fruit Basket

Basket of fruits for Gifts for Secretaries

While fresh fruit may seem like a bit of an odd gift idea, this is great for someone who works in a warm climate, or someone who is on a diet.

Not only can they enjoy these delicious fruits during lunch, but they will also brighten up the entire office space with some color!

What a way to make it the sweetest day for your support staff.

9. Custom Water Bottle

Custom black matte water bottle
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Custom matte water bottles with names
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Your secretary is sure to appreciate this gift! Not only do these water bottles have a beautiful design that is sure to catch anyone’s eye, but they’re also practical.

With a refillable water bottle on their desk, your secretary doesn’t need to stop and leave their office any time they want a drink of something cool and tasty, as you can also fill these water bottles with fruit-infused water or ice tea.

Of course, having a custom water bottle will also remind them to stay hydrated at all times.

10. Custom Coffee Mug

Custom coffee mug
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If your secretary enjoys their daily cup of coffee, then this is the gift that you should be buying them!

Not only will they get to enjoy a delicious hot drink while at work, but these mugs also have an appealing design.

11. Desk Accessories

Grey desk accessories
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Cute teddy bear pen holder
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Your secretarial official will love these practical gifts! Not only will they have the perfect place to put their pens, pencils and sticky notes, but these desk accessories also have a fun design that is sure to spark up your workspace.

They comes in all kinds of colors, so you have the option of picking out the one that works best for you, or that matches the office theme. Plus, these are lightweight pieces that don’t take up too much room on someone’s desk.

Custom pen holders are the way to go, so if your secretary is fan of a certain movie or a series, you can totally get them a cute pen holder that reminds them of that.

12. Scented Candles

Vanilla latte scented candle
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Best gifts for secretaries: Fresh coffee scented candle
Get this on Etsy

You can never go wrong with scented candles that are guaranteed to take the stress out of your secretary’s day!

There are so many scents to choose from – but we personally love the coffee scented candle and the vanilla latte candle, both of which are handmade by small businesses.

13. Cookie Box

Cookie gift box
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Best gifts for secretaries: Sugar cookie gift box
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If your secretary has a sweet tooth, then these cookie boxes will make them squeal in delight!

You can either purchase some pre-made sugar cookies or have them customized on Etsy to your secretary’s liking.

14. Spa Gift Box

Spa gift set
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Personalized spa gift set
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After a stressful day at work, nothing beats coming home to your own spa. A spa gift box set that includes relaxing scrubs, creams, and other self-care serums are the perfect gift to give to your secretary or any woman for that matter!

15. Fuzzy Socks

Fuzzy socks
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Animal fuzzy socks
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Time to swap those uncomfortable, tight shoes with a pair of fuzzy socks that your secretary will definitely appreciate.

It can be quite uncomfortable to sit all day with tight footwear, so these fuzzy socks can be a godsend.

16. Under Desk Foot Rest

Best gifts for secretaries: Under desk foot rest ergonomic
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At the end of a long day, your administrative official is bound to have been on their feet for a prolonged time. To give them some relief from all that standing up, you can get them an under desk foot rest for when they need it most!

It also comes in many colors and materials so you have the option of picking out which one works best for your secretary.

17. Fuzzy Sweaters

Best gifts for secretaries: Pink purple cashmere sweater
Get this cashmere sweater on Anthropologie

This cashmere sweater is not just beautiful, its can be useful if your secretary gets cold easily, or if your office AC is always on full blast.

These fuzzy sweaters come in multiple colors, plus they’re ultra-comfortable and a great way to make your administrative assistant’s life easier!

18. Stress Balls

Best gifts for secretaries: Crochet frog stress ball
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Crochet octopus stress ball
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If your administrative assistant has a ton of stress and anxiety, then these stress balls can be very helpful.

They’re great for squeezing whenever they feel excessive amounts of pressure at work or if they need to release some steam after having a bad day!

19. Leather Tote Bag

Madewell Brown leather tote bag
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Cream tote bag
Get this on Nordstrom

It’s always important to have a bag on hand in case there is an emergency or if your secratery needs to run some errands during their lunch break.

These leather tote bags can hold all of your secretary’s belongings and are great for holding any presents that you get them!

20. Key Organizer

Key organizer
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Best gifts for secretaries: Desk key and phone organizer
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This key organizer can be placed right on top of someone’s desk so that they never misplace their keys again. If you know where all of your administrative official’s things are, then there will less stress on both sides!

Plus, it also prevents anyone from taking off with said keys too which is always an added bonus in our eyes.

21. Gel Pen Set

Pastel gel pen set
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Gel pens
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If your secretary is constantly writing down all kinds of notes, then these gel pens are the best gift for them.

It’s always good to have a variety of different colors so that they can write in style! Plus, it helps make their handwriting look more appealing which isn’t too shabby either.

22. Lip Balm

Lip balm set
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Vegan lip balm set
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It’s the cold season once again, which means that we end up with dry chapped lips. To prevent this from happening, your administrative assistant will certainly appreciate a nice set of lip balms!

They come in all kinds of flavors and colors too so you can find the perfect one for them.

23. Padfolio

Leather padfolio
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Leather padfolio
Get this on Etsy

It’s always good to have a padfolio on hand in case your secretary needs to jot something down quickly. These two padfolios have plenty of space for your secretary so that all their notes are organized and easy-to-find!

Plus, they also comes with some extra pockets, which is great if you want to hold onto more than just paper.

24. Wireless Earphones

Best gifts for secretaries: Apple Airpods 2nd Gen
Get these Apple Airpods on Target | Apple
Black Dartwood wireless earbuds
Get these Dartwood wireless earbuds on Target

If you have an open floor plan or a loud office, then these wireless earphones are the perfect gift for your administrative assistant, as they block out noise perfectly.

They’re great to use when your secretary needs some privacy and also help them focus on their work better!

25. Gift Card

Bets gifts for secretaries: Gift card

Lastly, you can’t go wrong with a simple gift card to their favorite coffee spot or to their favorite department store, like Nordstrom!

This way, they will have the option of choosing whatever gift they want whenever it suits them without any hassle.

You can also treat them to a spa day if you think your secretary friend might prefer that. It also doesn’t take up much space which is always an added bonus!

We hope you found this list of the best secretary and administrative assistant gifts helpful! Remember that the perfect way to figure out a gift is to really know your staff member. This way, giving them a personalized gift will make them feel even more special and appreciated!

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