15 Truly Exceptional Gifts For Older Men Who Have Everything

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Buying gifts for older men who have everything can be quite challenging! Not only do you have to think about buying something that they will want and use, you have to make sure you are buying something they don’t already have! Well never fear! Here are some great gift suggestions for when you are buying things for your father, grandfather, husband or any other man in your life who falls into the ‘older man’ category.

When thinking about gifts for older men who have everything, you must first consider who you are buying for. What are his tastes and interests? Does he love gadgets; is he handy around the house or into technology? Or maybe he loves history, reading or fashion. Consider his tastes before making your decision.

Now that you have narrowed down your choices, you are ready to focus on getting a great gift that will really knock his socks off!


Experience Gifts


If you are looking to buy gifts for older men who have everything, you have to wonder if he really needs something else that will clog up his closets, stuff his drawers and end up causing an avalanche in his cabinets. Even if you are buying something he will end up using, it’s likely he already has a lot of stuff! That’s why an experience gift is perfect!

An experience gift is just what it sounds like. It will give him an experience rather than another thing he has to store in his already overflowing closets. And best of all, experience gifts can be given over and over again. For instance, if you take him out race car driving for Father’s Day and he loves it, well what’s to stop you from taking him out again on his birthday?


Gift idea: An Experience Day Related To His Passions (Whether it be cars, horses,  golf or cooking!)
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When thinking about experience gifts, the possibilities are endless; but here’s just a few that make great gifts for older men who have everything.


Driving: If your men loves the thrill of going fast, consider buying him an exhilarating driving experience. Here, men can race in the sports car of their dreams experiencing race car, thrill ride and Nascar racing experiences. He can choose the vehicle as well as the track!

Flying: Flying is another great adventure when thinking of gifts for older men who have everything. With this experience, men will be able to fly planes, helicopters and old fashioned biplanes. Also included are balloon rides, skydiving, helicopter tours, thrill rides and more.

Food and Drink: If the man in question is more of the domesticated sort, he might enjoy a food and drink experience. These can include food tours, brunch cruises, cooking classes, themed dinner events and more. These will all make for great days out or nights on the town.


Other experience gifts can include ziplining, kayaking, golfing, tours, date nights and also make great gifts for older men who have everything.




When thinking of gifts for older men who have everything, gadgets can be a great choice. Because these are constantly updating, it is likely that there is a new version of your man’s favorite gadget that he just can’t wait to get his hands on. Keeping that in mind, here are some gadgets he will love.


Witti CANDI Wireless Charging Station



With devices coming in so handy in modern times, this wireless charging station is perfect when you think of gifts for older men who have everything. The older man in your life can charge his phone without having to worry about tangling and hanging cables. He can simply place his phone on Candi and it will start charging in a second. It works with a number of iPhone and Samsung devices.


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At Home Massage Chair



What man doesn’t love a great massage? An at home massage chair can let him experience this level of relaxation any time of day making it one of the best gifts for older man who have everything.

Check out the massage chairs available as different models will offer a variety of features that may be suited to the comforts and needs of the man in your life.


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Suunto Core



This watch is a suitable gift for active men and is best for those that enjoy hiking. It features a number of technologies including a storm alarm that keeps hikers and mountaineers updated on weather conditions. Other features include a barometer, compass and altimeter functions. The watch is rugged and durable with an elastomere strap that guarantees comfort in any type of weather.


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Echo Dot



It is likely that your gadget loving man already has an Alexa, but to truly get the most out of this gadget, a 2nd generation Amazon Echo Dot should be used as her shelter. The Echo Dot allows Alexa to control your smart devices at home. It connects various devices allowing you to play music, watch videos, play games and maintain a connection with your social contacts through the commands issued to Alexa. It is a necessary piece of technology for the modern home.


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Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones


If you are buying for a music lover, these Bose headphones make a perfect gift. Using these, the listener can hear music without any disruptions from the outside world. Their noise cancelling abilities make sure you can listen to the music you want to hear…and nothing else!


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For The Kitchen


If your older man appreciates fine food and drinks and enjoys making a quality meal, there are a number of items that will make terrific gifts for the older man who has everything. Here are some great options:


Premium Whisky, like The Macallan  18 Year Old Single Malt Whisky



If your older man likes to relax with a glass of premium whisky, The Macallan 18 year old single malt is a great choice.

The legendary single malt is triple cask matured for a minimum of 18 years in a unique combination of Exceptional Oak Casks which work to season the alcohol with sherry and bourbon making for an extraordinarily smooth, delicate and complex drinking experience.


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SodaStream Jet Sparkling Water Maker



This sparkling water maker will make drinking water more fun. In fact, it has been proven that those with these water makers drink more water than other water drinkers. This will provide a fun and healthy twist to the everyday for the older man in your life.

Available in classic, electric and premium models.


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GRILL MASTER Complete Gourmet Grilling Collection by Urban Accents


If the older man in your life loves to grill, this be perfect when considering gifts for older men who have everything. The set includes seasonings and rubs in various flavors that will make anything he grills taste great.
Whether his tastes are spicy and adventurous, smoky or juicy, he is sure to get the flavor he is looking for, and his guests will love it too!
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If the older man in your life enjoys a tequila shot every now and again, these Himalayan salt tequila glasses can take his drinking experience to another level.
The salt in the glasses are not only stylish, they will give your shots a salty, spicy finish. And the best part is, the salt is antibacterial and super stable providing a flavor that will last for multiple rounds and occasions.  Available in sets of four!
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For The Stylish Man


If your man is a fashionista, jewelry, clothing and health and beauty items can make great gifts for the older man who has everything. Keeping this in mind, here are some great choices for your man.


A New Watch


Watches can make great gifts for older men who have everything. Stylish and practical, they are sure to be treasured and put to good use.

For many men, a good watch can be a status symbol. Men in high powered positions will enjoy a luxury watch that will show that his years of experience have paid off.

Other men will appreciate a watch with a more casual look that can be great for sporting activities and will endure the test of time, although these can be available in designer models as well. Think carefully about the older man in your life to find out which watch is best suited to their lifestyles.

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A Cologne: Montblanc Legend Eau De Toilette

Men who love to look great also love to smell great so it is no wonder that cologne bottles can make great gifts for older men who have everything. When considering colognes, the Montblanc Legend Eau De Toilette is a great choice.
It is described as fresh, woody and aromatic and is said to capture a virile, intense and textural scent. With accents like lavender, cardamom, musks, peppercorn and grapefruit, it is sure to make your older man feel sexy and sophisticated. Available in a variety of sizes!
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These days, weekender bags aren’r just for the weekend.  They are a handy way for men to carry around their belongings, especially if they go to the gym straight from work. Whether your man uses his bag as a gym bag, messenger bag, briefcase, or just to carry his belongings, he will love the convenience of this new accessory.
Bric’s Italy make especially stylish and masculine bags for men. Check out their collection on Amazon tosee their other designs!
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100% Silk Tie With Fun Patterns by Salvatore Ferragamo


When thinking of gifts for older men who have everything, it is likely that he already has a number of ties. However, few will match the luxury of a Salvatore Ferragamo 100% silk tie.
The designer mixes interesting prints with an unmatched luxury that is sure to make this accessory one of your man’s favorites.
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Other Gift Ideas

Gift card to treatments that are good for him that he wouldn’t normally go for, such as massages and facials


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Tom Ford for Men Oil Free Daily Moisturizer


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A Few Good Books

Check the latest prices on Amazon here: Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami / Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson


Beer Brewing Kit

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Stylish Coffee Grinder


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A Luxury Candle, e.g.  Diptyque Baies


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A Pen That’s A Little Bit Over The Top: Montblanc

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If you are stressing out about what to buy your male friends and family for various occasions, these are all great gifts for older men who have everything. Whether the older man in your life is a fashionista, an outdoor enthusiast, a handyman, a gamer, a geek, a foodie or the adventurous sort, we’ve got him covered! What will you be getting for your older man?


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