25 Flower Nail Designs That Are Too Pretty To Pass Up

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Life may not always be a bed of roses, but your fingertips sure can be with these pretty flower nails.

We know, we know, florals are hardly groundbreaking when it comes to fashion and beauty trends in the spring, but there’s a reason why they’re so popular each year. After a gloomy winter, pretty pastels and bright flower patterns are just what you need to feel refreshed.

From happy sunflower nails, to cheerful ditsy daisy nails, to cute retro designs and French tips with mix-and-match patterns, there’s a design to match any personal style!

In this article, we’re sharing our 25 favorite finds from Instagram – screenshot or pin the best ideas for later, when you’re ready to recreate your next spring or summer manicure!

The Best Flower Nails To Try This Spring & Summer

1. Pink flower tips

We love this subtle floral design, with delicate flowers at the tip for a minimalist look. The pink base provides the perfect neutral backdrop so the delicate pink and gold flowers really pop.

2. Pastel Tone

The pastel tones and curved design of this flower design make these nails completely irresistible! Begin with a neutral base then add mini flowers in your favorite pastel tones in a design that curves from the tip to the base of the nail – just stunning!

3. Dried Flowers

This floral design is just gorgeous and so unique! The painterly, textured design means these flowers sit like dried flowers on top of a clear glossy base. This design is perfect for the spring months and would be ideal for any special event like an upcoming wedding.

4. White + green

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Keep the flowers to just two nails with this striking design. We love the oversized design of the flowers and the white petals really stand out against the green and nude tones in these nails.

5. Bold Navy

We love the different floral and foliage designs on these white, nude, and navy nails! You can mix and match the different flowers and leaves that feature in the design, while the dark navy really stands out against the pale colors.

6. Glittering Gold

Add a little glamour to your floral nails with a touch of gold! A little gleaming gold leaf features at the center of each cobalt flower in this beautiful design to create an eye-catching floral look.

7. Tropical Flowers

The bright green, orange, and pink color palette gives this floral design a tropical edge, making it the design you need before jetting off on your summer vacation. The flowers at the tip and base of two nails are reflected in the stripe of color at the tip and base of the other three nails – just perfect!

8. Florals and French tips

This stunning design has a unique look, with a delicate white daisy blooming from the base of the nail, while the tip has a striped French tip in blue, orange, and white tones.

9. Lilac + Ivory

If you love a neutral color palette for your nails, then this lilac and ivory design is just perfect for you. The lilac brings a pop of color to these neutral nails, while the gold adds a little extra sparkle.

10. Dainty florals + leaves

Short light pink floral nails.
via @joymanicure

The subtle and delicate design of this floral nail design is just gorgeous and makes it an excellent manicure for any summer wedding. The abstract look of the flowers alongside the soft edges of the leaves makes this design irresistible.

11. Retro Flowers

Cute flower nail designs with French nail tips

via @overglowedit

This floral design is just wonderful, with a blue and green base, decorated with tiny white flowers for a vintage-inspired, retro look. This design would work well if you have lovely long nails, so you can fit plenty of flowers onto the wide French tip.

12. Striking pink + green

If you are looking for a design that is a little bolder and more eye-catching, then these striking pink and green flowers are perfect for you. The pink and gold tropical flowers really stand out against the green French tips.

13. A beige and brown color palette

We love the neutral colors and bold floral look of this nail design. The singular flower in the center of the nail creates a statement look, while the beige and brown palette flips the usual bright and vibrant florals on its head.

14. Cartoonish flowers

These colorful, cartoonish florals are so cute and look like they have just been pulled from the illustrations of a book. The glossy, nude base really allows the bright colors to pop.

15. Daisies + Bees

This springtime nail design is just beautiful and will add a little brightness to your day. The white and yellow daisies sit alongside black and yellow bees, with tiny white wings, to create a fun and playful design.

16. Pink + White

This beautiful pink and white nail design ensures an elegant and sophisticated look and will suit a wide range of spring and summer outfits. The simple white and pink flowers ensure a minimalist look.

17. Bold Monochrome

via @pippypolish

These chic monochrome flowers have an eye-catching look and are a fun and unique way of doing a floral design. The bold floral tips alternate between black and white for a striking look.

18. Mini Flowers

The mini flowers that feature only at the edge of the ring and little finger are a delicate way to add a floral touch to a classic glossy neutral nail design.

19. Ditsy Floral Print

The nude nail decorated with a lilac ditsy floral print really stands out among the shiny purple nails to create a stunning nail art design that is perfect for the spring and summer months.

20. Aura Florals

Aura nails are a favorite design for this year and feature as the base of this floral design. The base begins as a darker pink in the center and fades out to a paler shade at the edges, while delicate white flowers sit atop this aura base.

21. Blue flowers

Decorate your classic glossy nude nails with mini flowers in a range of blue tones that curve around the pink of the nail – so pretty! You don’t have to choose blue, you could pick your favorite color for these tiny florals.

22. Nude + Gold

Simple floral nail art designs

via @feliciadeeeauty 

These floral nails have a polished and refined look, while the glittering gold and neutral shades make it the perfect nail design for your wedding day! These exquisite flowers are just beautiful, while the gold adds a glam touch.

23. Fall florals

The darker, richer color palette of this nail design makes this manicure perfect for the fall and winter months. Dark green, mustard yellow and burgundy red are the perfect shades that remind you of falling autumn leaves.

24. Sunny Yellow

These vibrant and fun daisy nails are perfect for the spring months to add a bright and sunny touch to your life! The white daisies bloom from the base of the nail, while the yellow French tips are the perfect finishing touch to this gorgeous design.

25. Cherry Blossoms

Cute light pink cherry blossom flower nails

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Add a 3D element to your next nail design for a distinctive and attention-grabbing look. These pale pink nails are decorated with dainty cherry blossoms and a 3D pink and gold flower – so beautiful!

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