12 Must Have Kitchen Essentials For Your First Apartment Under $100

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If you are looking for affordable and trustworthy kitchen essentials for your first apartment, check out this list of essential kitchen gadgets that no one should live without.

Moving out for the first time can feel daunting and scary but let’s face it… Nothing else is more exciting than moving into your very own space – which means you get to decorate it however you want!

Soon, your fear and anxieties will be replaced by excitement as you scroll through shops to find chic home decors and furniture.

One of the most important parts of a home is the kitchen. The kitchen is a great space for when you want to let off steam by cooking and have some much-needed time for yourself. Cooking is therapeutic, which is why it is important that you get the right kitchen essentials for your first apartment. 


What to look for in kitchen essentials

If you’re on a budget, your kitchenware needs to be affordable yet durable at the same time. Bed Bath and Beyond has a wide selection of amazing gadgets and other kitchen essentials that you’ll need for a very affordable price.

If you’re going to be cooking a lot, then it’s wise to buy a whole set of pans and pots, as well as glasses, utensils, and plates if you’re planning to have people over for meals on a regular basis.

Always buy kitchenware in sets so you’ll get more out of your money. For example. for less than $20, you can get a whole set of plates! It’s economical and a sure fit for your budget.

Avoid buying kitchenware piece by piece, as it’s better to get everything in one go. You might not need it now, but you’ll definitely need it later.

Below, I’ve compiled my top picks of first kitchen essentials, all under $100! You’ll find all the things you need here. 


12 Best Kitchen Essentials For Your First Apartment


The best feminine kitchen essentials for your first apartment


Get the items here: 
  1. Keurig Compact Coffee Maker | Super important if you can’t live without coffee and you’re always on the go!
  2. 16-Piece Dinnerware Set | For less than $20, you can get an amazing 16-piece set!
  3. Blender | You’ll never know when you’ll crave a smoothie, or when you’ll puree a tomato soup!
  4. Portable Can Opener
  5. Oven Mitt And Pot Holder Set | This silicone holder set will save you from burning yourself, plus it’s much more durable than the cloth ones.
  6. 12-Piece Cookware Set | Three words: What. A. Steal. This set has everything you need, from frying pots to boiling pots! It even comes with a spatula and a ladle.
  7. 14-Piece Cutlery Set | You can never have too many knives. This set is great for cutting up meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, and everything else.
  8. Trash Can | This step-in trash can is hands-free, so you can throw in your food scraps without touching anything gross.
  9. 12-Piece Glassware Set | This 12-piece glassware set is stackable, so you can store this in your cabinet and still have more space for other kitchenware sets!
  10. 12-Piece Flatware Set
  11. Pink Dishcloths | Kitchen towels are an essential part of any apartment. Get yours in a cute pink color scheme to brighten up your space!
  12. Water Pitcher | This comes with a filter inside it!


We hope you’re excited to fill up your new place with these amazing and affordable kitchenware items because we are! Take your time in choosing essentials for your new place, because moving out is a big milestone in your life. Have fun, and good luck! 

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