February Pinterest Trends: What To Pin For Traffic & Profit

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In this post, I’m going to look at what trends are popular on Pinterest in the month of February and how you can leverage those trends to grow your blog traffic and income.

Every month, I go over the most popular trends on Pinterest and give you ideas about what to pin and how to plan your content for the next few months. As you know, Pinterest is search, trend and seasons based. If you plan your content correctly, you can tap into the trends and grow your audience accordingly.

Personally, I grew my blog traffic to 167,000 pageviews, or by 50% from October to December simply by tapping into Christmas content. (As for my income, that grew from $5,800 to $8,370, which was mind-boggling!)

Following Pinterest trends has really worked wonders for my blog, which is why I want to share them with you too. It does require you to do a little bit of extra work with planning out your content, but I promise you it’s completely worth it. And what’s better, usually the trends last for years, so in a year’s time, you’ll already have a lot of seasonal & trendy content to pin to your boards!


When To Publish & Pin Seasonal Content


Pinterest recommends it’s users to start pinning seasonal content 45 days, or about 6 weeks before the actual event. So, for Valentine’s day, you should’ve actually published & pinned your posts already on the first week of January. The reason why you should start pinning content so early is that it can take Pinterest 4-6 weeks to figure out what your content is really about and what keywords they should start indexing it for.

This way, more people will find your content and you can maximise your traffic.

With that said, personally I sometimes publish & pin content 30 days before the date of an event, if I’m running behind on my schedule and being disorganized. At other times, I will publish content way before the 45 days, for example if there’s a big holiday coming. (Case in point: I started writing and publishing Christmas content already in August – perhaps a little too early!).

Usually, both methods work fine, but if you are new to Pinterest trends, it’s better to stick to the 45 day rule.


What To Pin in February: Trending Ideas


Valentine’s Day 

It’s a little too late to start creating Valentine’s content, but if you have any left-over Valentine’s pins that you haven’t published yet, pin them at the beginning of the month. This way, your pins will have some time to get indexed, and you may be able to cash in on some of the last-minute Valentine’s day traffic.


Spring Fashion & Holiday Outfits 

Pinners are starting to look for outfits to wear during the warmer months, and many people are even looking for swimsuits and beachwear. After all, it’s that time of year that people are starting to take small holidays just to see some sunlight in the middle of the winter!

If you’re a fashion blogger, you can start preparing blog posts that feature key trends and colors of the season, such as whites, pinks and neutrals. You can also start incorporating ideas that will carry on being relevant and popular until the summer months, such as blog posts featuring the best sandals or popular bikini pieces to wear to the beach.

Personally, I’ve created a few post exactly like this two years ago, and they keep getting traffic ever since – the traffic usually dies out during the winter, becomes poplar around February-March and reaches peak popularity in July.

Bonus tip: If you want to be extra savvy with monetizing your fashion posts, focus on including evergreen fashion items from places like Amazon or Everlane that won’t sell out. I’ve done this with the majority of my fashion posts, and it’s one of the key reasons how I’m able to make up to $2,000 pretty passively every month from my fashion posts. (If you want more tips, I share them here!)


Spring Break & Holiday Ideas

As I mentioned, holiday apparel is starting to pick up popularity around this time of year, but so is EVERYTHING related to holidays. You can leverage this by pinning and posting about travel ideas, spring break destination ideas, how to save money while traveling / how to score budget travel deals, and more!


Healthy Recipes

Many people are still sticking to their New Year’s resolutions, so healthy meal ideas continue to be popular well into February and beyond. Popular sub-categories of healthy food include the keto diet, the weight watchers diet, slow cooker recipes, instant pot recipes and whole 30, among others.

If you want to leverage these trends, round-up posts that feature many popular recipe ideas are a great idea, and tend to be popular among both stay at home moms and working moms.


Spring Crafts & Home Decor Ideas 

In February, people will start getting into the spring cleaning mindset, and many will want to re-decorate their home with different spring colors, flowers and other spring ideas, such as wreaths (such as these tulip wreaths, how cute are they?!).

The same goes for crafts: many parents will want to do spring crafts with their children, and some are looking for more advanced crafts that they can do themselves.

Again you can create round-up posts that feature your favorite crafts & decor ideas, or you can create your own unique content that fits into the category.



The U.S. tax season spans from January 27th until April 15th in 2020, and if you know a thing or two about taxes, now is your time to help some readers out. You can write about things such as your top tips for filing taxes, the best services to use when filing your taxes, tax tips for the self-employed, and more!

By the way, you don’t need to be a CPA to write about these topics, just write from your personal experience and share any tips that you may have for your audience.


Content Planning Ideas: What’s Going To Be Big Next?


For best results, Pinterest recommends it’s users to start pinning seasonal content 45 days, or about 6 weeks before the actual event. The reason why you should start pinning content so early is that it can take Pinterest 4-6 weeks to figure out what your content is really about and what keywords they should start indexing it for.

Use this guide to brainstorm blog post ideas that you can create in February, and think to yourself if there are other key event in your niche that are happening in April and May.



There’s no doubt that Easter is the biggest upcoming event during spring on Pinterest. There’s so many different content opportunities that you can tie to Easter, such as Easter crafts, Easter decorations, Easter recipes, Easter cards, Easter gifts, Easter cards and even Easter nail art!

There’s still a lot of time until Easter Sunday, which is on April 12th, so I recommend creating as much content for Easter as you can.


Festival Outfits & Beauty (Coachella)

Coachella and other festivals are HUGE. On Google alone, the term “Coachella outfits” has 90,500 monthly searches. That’s a LOT.

Coachella will be held on the 10th of April this year and from there on after, it’s festival season until the end of the summer. I’m sure you know how seriously people take their Coachella outfits, so if you’re a fashion / beauty blogger, consider starting to create festival content already in February.

You can approach the topic of festivals and festival outfits from different angles too. For example, you can create roundup posts featuring the overall best outfit ideas, boho Coachella outfits, baddie outfits, edgy outfits, re-creating celebrity outfits, and so on.


Mother’s Day

Mother’s day in the US is celebrated on May 10th this year. There are several content creation ideas that you can leverage here, such as Mother’s Day gift ideas, Mother’s day crafts, cards and food ideas.


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