by Dec 19, 2016

What Are Your Stats? (Age, Height, Weight etc.)

My birthday is November 2nd 1992, which makes 24. I am 167 cm and weigh around 50 kg. I wear a size 6, sometimes 8 (EU 34/XS).



Where Are You From?

I live in London, UK, but I am half Finnish and half Estonian (dual nationality). We speak both languages in my family and my parents live in Estonia, which is where I grew up. I also lived in Belgium (Brussels) during my teens and finished high school there.
And no, I don’t speak French nor Flemish fluently, but my French is okay.


Who Takes Your Pictures And What Equipment Do You Use?


I started out taking most of my pictures myself with a tripod, using the Olympus EPL-7. I still use the same camera with the starter lens or 45 mm lens for all my travel photos, flatlays and random snaps.
When I travel, I ask my friends to take pictures of me, but I also work with photographers such as Jamie, Rebecca and Lydia, who use some form of Canon with many different lenses.


What Do You Do/What’s Your Job?



I studied chemistry at King’s College London and recently graduated with a Master’s degree in August. At the moment I’m looking for jobs in essentially three fields: 1) cosmetics formulations 2) social media/digital marketing 3) analytical roles within finance/the City.
Whilst job hunting I’m keeping up with my social medias and this blog, which have become a source of income for me (due to your guys’ continued support – thank you for that! ♥♥)


How Do You Edit Your Instagram Photos?

I use Millenial Presets to edit my photos on Lightroom.


Any Tips On Starting And Growing Your Instagram?


See my post on How to Grow Your Instagram for detailed tips.