10 Best Fake Plants To Adorn Your Home & Make It Cozy

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If you’re looking for the best realistic fake plants that will add a cozy ambiance to your home, look no further! We’ve rounded up 10 great faux plant choices for any home – apartments and bigger homes alike.

It’s true when people say that a touch of green in the home can help you relax and feel less anxious, but no one said that the plants in your home need to be real.

Let’s face it – caring for real plants isn’t for everyone. There’s a reason why some people have started to refer to themselves as plant mamas and plant parents – indoor plants require as much love and care as gardening, and we all know that can take up a lot of time, especially if your plant collection grows to a substantial size.

First and foremost, there’s the issue of everyday care for your plants – all of them require different amounts of water, sunlight, moisture and air temperature, and it can get difficult to remember what each plant’s needs are.

Secondly, there’s the issue of re-potting the plants. Every year, your plants grow bigger and taller, and you’ll need to replace their planters in order for them to survive. Your charming little office plant may soon be too big to display on the table, and you’ll have to spend extra on buying new ceramics for them.

If all of this sounds like too much hassle, check out our favorite faux plant picks below!


The Best Fake Plants To Add Instant Charm To Your Home


The best artificial plants, faux plants and fake plants for your home


Get the items here:
  1. Artificial Fern Arrangement in Pot
  2. Succulent Plant Arrangement in Pot | Great for the kitchen and small spaces. 
  3. Rubber Leaf Tree in Pot Green | Rubber trees look gorgeous on the floor in any living room or lounge area!
  4. Artificial White Cherry Blossom Flower Branch
  5. Faux Potted Maidenhair Fern
  6. Artificial Eucalyptus Arrangement | These work great as office plants on the table!
  7. Artificial Variegated Leaf Arrangement
  8. Artificial Potted Yucca | Another great find that you can proudly display on the living room or bedroom floor!
  9. Artificial Pampas Grass Bunch | If you suffer from hay fever, real pampas grass is not your best friend. Try these artificial ones instead! 
  10. Artificial Pothos Plant in Pot


I hope that this post was helpful and you got some ideas about which artificial plant to choose for your own home! If you do decide to go for real plants after all, I recommend checking out Bloomscape – they have the best selection of real plants, and the quality is excellent.


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