25 Cute & Practical Easter Gifts For College Students

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Easter is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate it than with family and friends. However, some college students might not be able to make it home during this special occasion, so make them feel you remember them by sending one of these practical Easter gifts for college students!

If you’re sending an Easter gift to a college student, they might request that you skip the stuffed toys or overload of sweet treats. Instead of potentially embarrassing them in front of their “cool friends”, give them something that they can use for school or just anything that that will make them think you’ve thought about them. 

Perhaps they enjoy electronics, phone accessories, or maybe something that could be useful while they’re staying at the dorm or apartment. Whatever it is, make sure that you’re thinking of them when you pick out the gift. 

In case you still don’t have any idea what to give your college student during Easter, here is a list of some great Easter gifts for college students that should help you decide. 


Best Easter Gifts For College Students

1. Easter Bath Bombs


Best cute Easter gifts for college students: colorful egg bath bombs

Get this from Etsy

Spoil your college girl with some Easter bath bombs, perfect for when she needs to relax a little after her school work. These cute little bath bombs that look like colorful Easter eggs are made from all-natural ingredients.

When you order from the shop, you can make a request to the seller for a specific scent. 


2. Egg Cooker 


Practical Easter gifts for college students: Elite cuisine egg cooker

Get this from Walmart

Any college student would appreciate all the help they can get especially when preparing meals. Because they barely have enough time to cook a proper meal, we have a hunch they’d really like the practicality of this egg cooker.

It’s a simple way to make your eggs however you like them: soft, medium, or hard-boiled. 


3. Some Bunny Loves You Candle 


Cute Easter gifts for college students: cute bunny scented candle

Get this from Etsy

Remind your college student just how much you love them with this Some Bunny Loves You candle. They can keep it by their bedside table or on their desk and light it up every time they need to take a moment to relax.

Each candle has a cinnamon and vanilla scent, so if they’re a fan of these scents they will absolutely be thrilled to receive this. 


4. Bunny Necktie


Fun Easter gifts for guys: Easter bunny necktie

Get this from Etsy

What’s the point of Easter if there are no bunnies? Give him this cute and fun bunny printed neck tie just for the spirit of Easter.

Yes, he might hesitate in wearing it during formal events, but it’s always a nice novelty piece to keep that might come in handy one day. 


5. Easter Socks


Fun Easter gifts for college students: Easter bunny socks

Get this from Etsy

Now that we’re at it, why don’t you include a pair of socks like the ones we found on Etsy? Although your college kid or friend might not end up wearing the tie when he goes out with his friends, we’re sure that he won’t mind wearing this pair of cool bunny socks. 


6. Easter Inspired Chopping Board


Personalized Easter bunny chopping board

Get this from Etsy

Your college friend might be doing some cooking or has learned a recipe or two while they’ve been studying away from home.

Add a nice touch and quirkiness to their kitchen with this Easter-inspired chopping board. It comes with a laser engraved cute little bunny and they can also add personalization by adding the recipient’s name. 


7. Headphone Stand


Personalized headphone stand

Get this from Etsy

This personalized headphone holder made from birchwood and plexiglass is sure to become a favorite on any college student’s study desk.

The seller even gives you the option to choose the colors for the wood finish and for the plexiglass. All in all, this is another solid gift that any student will truly appreciate. 


8. Wireless Charging Station Lamp 


Wireless charging station lamp

Get this from Target

In case your college student has a phone that has wireless charging capability, you can send them this cool and minimalist charging station hub that doubles as a lamp.

It’s a sleek and convenient way to charge their phones. Meanwhile, the arch lamp has an intuitive light switch so you can touch it anywhere and it lights up.


9. Bunny Slippers


Cute Easter gifts for college girls: Pink bunny slippers

Get this from Etsy

Give your college student a pair of these adorable fuzzy bunny slippers that we found on Etsy. They’ll be perfect for wearing inside their dorm rooms or if you just want to give them something cute.

However, since the sizing can run a tad small, we suggest going one size up if you decide to order one. 


10. Hunny Bunny Shirt


Cute Easter gifts for college girls: pink bunny Easter t-shirt

Get this from Etsy

If you’re still indecisive, then give your college student a cute Hunny Bunny shirt like this one on Etsy. Aside from its cute design, she will surely make lots of use of this.

Plus, she might even end up wearing it on Easter day as you celebrate it together or if she decides to go out with friends in case she can’t be home. 


11. Bamboo Shelf Organizer


Bamboo shelf organizer

Get this from Walmart

Because of the one too many things college students have to do during college, it’s sometimes hard to keep things organized.

This is why giving them a desk organizer like this 3-tier bamboo shelf would help in compartmentalizing their things. Plus, it will be easier for them to find whatever it is they need if their knick-knacks have a proper storage area. 


12. Resin Floral Coasters


Cute Easter gifts for college students: Dried flower resin coasters

Get this from Etsy

This truly unique set of four floral resin coasters is incredibly pretty. The irregularly shaped edges of each coaster make it even more interesting.

It would be an elegant addition to the kitchen or living room of any college girl’s apartment or dorm room. These particular coasters are handmade and use beautiful dried flowers and gold flakes. 


13. Truffles assorted box


Practical Easter gifts for college students: assorted Easter truffles

Get this from Etsy

Nothing says Happy Easter better than a box of premium chocolates. This box of truffles found on Etsy looks like a work of art, anyone would feel a little guilty eating it.

The chocolates come in an assortment of flavors and are packed in an exquisite botanical box which is also such a beauty. 


14. Panini Press


George Foreman panini press

Get this from Walmart

Again, any kitchen appliance that will make their life a bit easier while in college is always welcome. This George Foreman panini press would be handy during those days that they’re rushing out the door but would need to make something to eat first. Besides, it’s always nice to eat your sandwich while it’s hot. 

15. Hand-painted Wine Glasses


Practical Easter gifts for college students: hand painted wine glasses

Get this on Etsy

This is another beautiful and personal gift to remind her of Easter and spring. This pair of hand-painted wine glasses would put a smile on any college girl’s face once she opens it.

This is a unique and fantastic idea that’s truly fitting for the occasion. 


16. Chunky Knit Throw


Grey chunky knit throw blanket

Get this from Walmart

There will always be room in a college student’s dorm for an additional knit throw. They can just take it out and use it when the weather is chilly or when they have to pull an all-nighter. 

Alternatively, it could just be an added layer, especially if the weather is particularly cold around where they go to school. 


17. Self-Care Gift Set 


Easter and spring self care package for men

Get this from Etsy

Sometimes it’s hard to make time to pamper yourself when you’re in college. So, send your college student friend or child a self-care package to remind them that it’s okay to take a few minutes in a day to just relax and take care of themself.

This package contains a few grooming products that your college student will appreciate. 


18. Neck Compress Wrap


Neck shoulder compress wrap

Get this from Etsy

This is another practical and useful gift to give any student who is always whining about having neck or back pains. This neck compress wrap could ease any sign of discomfort when put around the shoulder area.

They can also use this just in case they need to destress a little bit from all the school work. Plus, it gives off a nice and relaxing smell. 


19. Gel Nail Polish Set

La vie en bloom nail polish set for Easter

Get yours from Ulta

Easter also means it’s springtime, so it’s time to play with different colors of nail polishes. If your college student likes painting their nails, consider giving them this Le Mini Macaron “La Vie En Bloom” gel manicure set.

The set includes a cute LED lamp in a pretty “Cherry Blossom” color. It also comes with four mini gel nail polishes in different colors which are perfect to wear during spring. 


20. Spring Wreath


Spring and Easter dried flowers wreath

Get this from Etsy

It’s almost compulsory to include a spring wreath if you’re planning to give someone a gift this coming Easter.

If your girl can’t be home to celebrate Easter, then bring the spirit of the occasion to her with this beautiful wreath made of fried flowers. It’s beautiful, vibrant, and truly hard to miss especially when hung on the door. 


21. Desk Mat


Personalized grey felt desk mat for college students

Get this from Etsy

Make your college student’s desk table pleasing to the eyes by giving them a personalized desk mat.

This one is made from high quality felt mat, you’ll definitely feel the superb quality just by touching it. They can even personalize the mat for you and include their name on it. 


22. Essential Oil Diffuser


Color-changing essential oil diffuser

Get this from Target

Make sure that her dorm or apartment is always smelling nice with this essential oil diffuser that also doubles as a lamp.

This is a color-changing diffuser that will make any boring space more inviting. It has a 9-hours run time and also provides ultrasonic humidification in the room. 


23. Birth Flower Notebook 


Birth month floral notebook

Get this from Etsy

If she likes writing, you can give her this thoughtful birth flower notebook. Depending on her birthday, you can personalize what flower goes on the front and if you’d like, you can also add her name to it.

The seller also gives you the choice of the paper type, if you’d like it dotted, lined, or plain. 


24. Lava Lamp


Orange lava lamp from Target

Get this from Target

This lava lamp from Target would be a cool addition to your college student’s dorm room or apartment. It’s filled with bright orange lava and clear liquid which instantly give you such good vibes just by looking at it.

This lamp produces a subtle glow which helps you relax after a long day. 


25. Floral Jewellery Box


Wooden handmade jewelry box with flower design

Get this from Etsy

If your college girl likes jewelry, you might as well give her a jewelry box to keep all her accessories in one place. This cute and dainty handmade wooden box from Etsy has wildflower designs on it.

It’s truly unique because the seller uses a technique called pyrography which means they’ve free-handedly decorated or drawn on wood using burn marks. 

So, there you have it! We hope that this post gave you an idea of the best Easter gifts for college students. If you want to browse more gift guide articles, check some of our related articles below!


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