9 Best Websites To Get Gorgeous Dresses Like Abyss By Abby

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After seeing how much you guys like my post about dresses like House of CB, I thought it would be a good idea to hunt down dresses for another amazing evening gown brand: today we’ll be talking about dresses like Abyss by Abby.

In case you aren’t familiar with the brand, Abyss by Abby is known for it’s incredibly sexy designs that highlight the beauty of the female silhouette. Typically, the dress designs include a lot of thigh high splits to show off legs. Other times, the dresses may be backless, plunging or feature a lot of sparkles.

The brand caters to women who love being the centre of attention for the right reasons, and aren’t afraid to look sexy and sophisticated at the same time. Nothing about these dresses is basic, but that is also reflected in the price.

Most of the dresses on Abyss by Abby website begin from $200 USD and go all the way up to $600 USD. Auch.

There are also other complications with the brand, such as the fact that the dresses aren’t sold in retail locations (at least outside of Australia), and the only way to get the dresses is to order them online and try them on. As the brand is based in Australia, shipping costs could end up being quite high, especially if you’re ordering from abroad!

Returning dresses to the brand isn’t an easy task either – after receiving your order, you only have 3 days to decide if you want to return your order. And to do that, you need to contact one of the staff by email, before you’re actually given ‘permission’ to send back your dress.

The cost of shipping (and returns) isn’t reimbursed, and you are only given 12 days for your order to reach the office (5 days for Australia), before they turn around and say sorry, it’s been too long, you can’t have your money.

So, even if you decide to not keep the dress, you will need to commit at least $37 USD towards your shipping costs as stated on the website. In today’s day and age, paying for shipping sounds borderline unacceptable, and paying $37 USD is really stretching it.

If you are a 100% convinced that you need to get a dress from Abyss by Abby, of course go ahead and get yourself one. However, there are plenty of other retailers that offer very similar dresses for a much lower price. If you’re looking for a striking, sexy dress to either take to prom or a special evening occasion, I highly encourage you to look at some other brands that offer dresses like Abyss by Abby, before committing to pay the full price for an Abyss dress.


Websites That Offer Dresses Like Abyss By Abby:

1. Dress The Population



Dress The Population is known for their sexy, subtly revealing dresses that still leave room for imagination. They have two signature dress looks: the first one is their silhouette with a thigh high gap, and the second signature look is tastefully sparkly.

Once again, this brand is a little bit pricier than the rest of the brands listed here, so if you would rather buy a gown on a budget, this brand may not be the right one for you.


See more dresses like Dress The Population HERE


2. Pretty Little Thing


dresses like abyss by abby - pretty little thing 


Pretty Little Thing to the rescue, once again! PLT offers a variety of evening gowns that resemble the ones of Abyss by Abby. You can find sexy pieces with extreme thigh splits, satin robes with a plunge detail, and everything in between. The best part is that dresses start as low as $10!


See more evening gowns like Abyss By Abby HERE


3. Nordstrom



At any given time, Nordstrom stocks about 1000 different ball gowns and evening dresses on their website. Among them, there are plenty of elegant dresses that exaggerate womanly curves.

The gowns listed on Nordstrom are a little bit more expensive than other gowns listed here, but if you’re on a mission to find an affordable gown, it’s not impossible to do that either.


See more dresses like Abyss by Abby HERE


4. Showpo


rose gold prom gown, prom gown brands - showpo


Showpo is an Asutralian retailer that offers dresses for all occasions, but we also found a lot of gowns that could pass as Abyss by Abby dresses! The price point of most of these dresses hovers around $60 USD, and their collection is incredibly large. At the moment, they have about 200 dresses that are suitable for the prom, or any other special occasion. Check them out below!


See more evening gowns like Abyss By Abby HERE


5. Beginning Boutique


   thigh high split prom gown, prom gown brands - beginning boutique


Beginning Boutique is an Aussie brand that features a lot of sparkles and thigh splits when it comes to their dresses. They have a dedicated ‘prom’ section on their website, where they sell sexy and sophisticated pieces for the woman who wants to make an unforgettable entrance to the parties that she attends. Prices of these pieces hover around $70 USD.


See more evening gowns like Abyss By Abby HERE


6. Windsor


 nude evening gowns like Abyss by Abby


With over 280 evening gowns on their website, Windsor is bound to have the perfect evening dress to match your taste. All of these dresses on Windsor’s website are floor length and very elegant, so this store is the best option for you if you are looking for a full on glam look. The prices of dresses start from $35 USD, so they are some of the most affordable prom gowns on the list.


See more evening gowns like Abyss By Abby HERE




nude dresses like abyss by abby  

Lipsy is a UK based brand that offers special occasion wear and evening gowns for fancy occasions. They regularly invite celebrities to style and design collections for them, and their recent hit collections include ones with Ariana Grande and Kate Upton (featured above!). Lipsy is sold on the high-street, however the prices of dresses often hover around $100 USD.


See more evening gowns like Abyss By Abby HERE




orange satin extreme split dresses


In The Style is another UK based brand that mostly offers going-out clothes such as clubbing outfits and dresses suitable for cocktails, however they also have a few options for dresses like Abyss by Abby for special occasions and/or prom. You may need to flick through a few pages before finding the perfect dress for your occasion, but it will be worth it – the prices start as low as $11 USD!


See more evening gowns like Abyss By Abby HERE


9. Boohoo


cheap dresses like abyss by abby   

Yes, even Boohoo offers some dresses similar to Abyss by Abby. Your best bet is to search the site for dresses with a thigh high split or a side split when searching for the perfect gown. These dresses are as sexy as Abyss by Abby, but the prices are a fraction of the original designers – some outfits start as low as $7 USD!


See more evening gowns like Abyss By Abby HERE


So, there you have it – these are my top websites to get dresses like Abyss by Abby. How do you feel about these picks? Are you still convinced that you need to buy a dress from Abyss, or would you rather get a similar dress from one of the retailers that I picked out for a fraction of the price? Let me know in the comments!


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