50 Incredibly Cute Disney Nails That Add A Touch Of Magic

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Step into a world where magic meets manicure with these Disney nail designs, complete with your favorite characters!

Compared to Disney movies, the real world can seem dull and void of color, but with the right manicure, you can bring a sprinkle of that magic to your everyday style. And if you’re headed to one of the parks, even better!

While it’s tradition to dress up in Disney merch whilst in the park, getting Disney-themed nails isn’t quite as popular. However, if you’re a true fan, you should definitely incorporate a few of your favorite Disney characters into your nail art, whether that’s in the form of a simple design like Mickey Mouse ears, or more elaborate designs with characters from Stitch and Frozen.

With this in mind, we’ve gathered 50 of the most magical Disney nail designs that will add a touch of joy to your fingertips. All you need is a little creativity, and a whole lot of pixie dust (or a great nail tech!) to let your nails sparkle like Cinderella’s glass slipper!

50 Cute Disney Nails To Try

1. Rainbow Mickey ears

This rainbow design is just magical and incorporates the iconic Mickey ears into the design! The color palette of pinks, blue, and orange reminds us of the park itself, while the Mickey ears and little sparkles add a true Disney touch.

2. Toy Story characters

If the Toy Story movies are some of your most loved Disney films, why not include all your favorite characters on your nails? These cute and incredibly detailed nails include Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Rex, and Forky as well as more Toy Story details.

3. Stitch!

Stitch from Lilo and Stitch will always be one of the best Disney characters, and we just adore this adorable Stitch manicure.

Stitch and his ice cream are spread across three nails, on a shimmery white base so he really stands out, while the other nails feature leafy, glitter, and sequin elements.

4. Glittery Mickey’s

Cute and short light pink Mickey Mouse Disney nails with glitter

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For a more subtle Disney design, opt for this pretty pink glitter Mickey manicure. The white nails are decorated with big and mini Mickey silhouettes to create a beautiful and elegant Mickey design.

5. Mickey + Minnie

The detail on these Mickey and Minnie nails makes this manicure just irresistible! The middle and ring fingers are decorated with cute Minnie and Mickey faces, while the rest of the nails have a matte red base with dainty white hearts – perfect for a Valentine’s Day manicure!

6. Winnie the Pooh + Honey Bees

If you have always been a classic Winnie the Pooh fan, then these minimalist Winnie nails are just perfect for you! The bear’s little face features at the tip of each middle fingernail, while the rest feature buzzing honey bees or a simple French tip – just perfect!

7. Mickey Balloons

This sweet Mickey balloon design is the perfect way to add a subtle Disney touch to your nails. Start with matte, pale pink nails and add glossy white and black Mickey-shaped balloons to a couple of your nails – just gorgeous!

8. Adorable Eeyore

Eeyore is an underrated Disney character that we just adore, so here is an amazing Eeyore design to honor this beloved character. The design begins with his face on the index finger and then continues along the hand to finish with his tail bow on your little finger.

9. Ghostly Mickey + Minnie

If you happen to be visiting Disneyland anytime near Halloween, why not go for these cute ghostly Mickey and Minnie nails?

These chic Halloween nails have an iridescent base, with white French tips and cartoon Mickey and Minnie ghosts on the middle and ring finger.

10. Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda nail and Star Wars nails

via @home_of_deva

We love the sophisticated design of these baby Yoda nails that look just beautiful. There are so many incredible designs in these nails, including lots of green glitter, 3D gold stars, a crystal star motif, and an adorable baby Yoda too!

11. Olaf + Snowflakes

Light blue cute Disney's Frozen nails with Olaf

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How can you resist this loveable Olaf design?! This stunning manicure combines Olaf himself with intricate snowflakes and a sparkling silver glitter nail to create a gorgeous, wintery nail design – the perfect setting for Olaf.

12. Pink Marie

If you are a fan of some of the older, classic Disney films, then this Marie from Aristocats manicure is just perfect for you! This super glamorous design includes Marie in the center and lots of pink glittery and sequined nails that sparkle in the light and really catch your attention!

13. Belle French Tips

This manicure features the drapery of Belle’s iconic ball gown, and a French tip on each nail, while the middle and ring fingers are decorated with Chip and Lumiere – you can always swap out these characters and choose your favorite instead!

The thumb on this design is decorated with the enchanted red rose that sits in the Beast’s castle.

14. Sweet Stitch

This bright blue Stitch manicure has a more minimalist, simple look with just Stitch and delicate blue leaves decorating the nails, perfect if you love a paired-back Disney look. The Stitch nail really stands out among the glossy pale blue nails.

15. Purple + Chrome

We love the mixture of designs on these purple and silver chrome Disney nails!

The manicure combines gleaming silver chrome and lilac nails with a retro Mickey Mouse design and purple French tips, featuring tiny black Mickey ears – so sweet! You can mix and match the designs to really make this manicure your own!

16. Sparkling Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell really deserves a manicure with lots of glitter and sequins, like these pale pink and green nails. Tinkerbell’s face sits alongside pink glitter nails, green sequin nails, and white nails with green, sparkling French tips – just beautiful!

17. Disney villains

This is another Disney nail design that would be perfect for Halloween when all the Villains come out at the Disney parks!

This detailed design includes some of the most iconic Disney Villains, such as Ursula, Jafar, and Maleficent at the tip of the nail – so striking!

18. Bright Blue Skies

Light blue Disney nails

via @nailartbyjen

Emulate the skies at Disneyland with this stunning bright blue design. The blue nails decorated with fluffy white clouds give way to a nail decorated with bejeweled Mickey ear balloons that sparkle in the sun.

19. Romantic Mickey + Minnie

These romantic Mickey and Minnie nails are so sweet and really detailed too! The black, white, and red design features Minnie gazing lovingly at Mickey, ‘Love’ in cursive across one nail, and love hears, finished with a touch of gold glitter.

20. The Lion King

These Lion King nails are so irresistible with the nude and gold color palette and range of stunning designs. This manicure includes glossy and matte nails, gold cheetah print designs, glittering nails, and characters from this famous film.

21. Smoky Maleficent

These dark Maleficent nails really make a statement! A smoky effect is created with dark grey and black shades that fade as you move toward the base of the nails, finished with sparkling silver details. Maleficent sits grinning on the ring finger for a spooky finish.

22. The Evil Queen and the Poison Apple

These matte red nails are decorated with the face of the Evil Queen, dressed as the old hag, and alongside her is the poisoned apple that is eaten by Snow White. The apple has a subtle shimmer to make it even more alluring and desirable, just like in the film!

23. Monochrome Minnie details

Matte black Disney nails with polka dots

via @milenadizajn

Keep it simple with this paired back, monochrome manicure, decorated with iconic Minnie Mouse details. The matte black nails are decorated with a white Minnie bow and chic white polka dots – just stunning!

24. Floral Lilo + Stitch

This manicure is the perfect ode to the beloved Disney classic, Lilo and Stitch! The nails feature Stitch’s cute face, French tips that look like a grass skirt, the pattern from Lilo’s dress, hibiscus flowers, and Scrump, Lilo’s homemade rag doll.

25. Silver Mickey Ears

Cute white and silver Disney nails with glitter

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We love the clean and classic design of these sparkling silver Mickey nails. The glossy white base is decorated with mini Mickey ears and a larger Mickey on the index finger.

These are actually nail wraps that are available from Etsy so you can have these nails when you next visit Disneyland!

26. Tory Story French Tips

As a subtle nod to Toy Story, why not go for this cute Toy Story French tip manicure? The tip of each nail is a detail of one of the characters, including, Buzz, Woody, Jessie, and even the adorable little aliens.

27. The House from Up

Light blue Disney's UP nails from

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These Up-inspired nails are just gorgeous and the perfect way to honor this much-loved film.

The white nails, decorated with soft white clouds, then feature the house from Up on the thumb and the balloons that make the house fly on the ring finger – just incredible!

28. Iridescent Tinkerbell

Tinker Bell nail art ideas with glitter

via @ceunails

These super-glam Tinkerbell nails are just irresistible and ideal for your next Disneyland trip! The white nails, decorated with the silhouette of Tinkerbell and her name, really stand out among the sparkling pink and gold iridescent nails.

29. Gold Mickey

Short white and gold Disney nails with Mickey Mouse

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These glittering gold Mickey nails are so pretty, with the bigger and smaller Mickeys sitting atop a glossy white base and one gleaming gold nail on the ring finger. These nails will match any Disney outfit too!

30. Super Cute Stitch

Cute Stitch nails - Blue acrylic Disney nails

via @handc_academy

We love the range of designs on these gorgeous Stitch nails! The blue, white, and black color palette ensures a chic look, while the nails are decorated with detailed patterns, love hearts, 3D gems, and Stitch himself, all designs that you can mix and match in your own manicure.

31. Dumbo

Cute Disney nails - pink Dumbo nails

via @home_of_deva

These pastel pink Dumbo nails are just adorable! The light pink glitter and heart designs match perfectly with the light grey Dumbo that sits on the middle finger. These nails are finished with sparkling silver gemstones to add a glam touch.

32. Baby Pink + Glitter

Pink Disney nails

via @madeecarlson

If you want a more subtle Disney design, then we would recommend these baby pink nails, decorated with simple black Mickey Mouse ears. The pink and silver glitter on the ring finger is the perfect touch to these chic nails!

33. Black, Red + White Minnie

Short Disney nails with black, red and white.

via @the_nail_lounge_miramar

These black, red, and white nails are instantly recognizable as Minnie Mouse and are perfect for a classic Disneyland look! The manicure is kept simple with just white polka dots and a black Minnie Mouse, with a red bow, decorating these stylish nails.  

34. Blue + White Mickey Ears

Long light blue ombre Disney nails with Mickey Mouse

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We think these nails are perfect if you just want a little touch of Disney to your usual manicure. These nails feature iridescent glitter, blue to nude ombre, and a cute white Mickey ears print, embellished with little sparkling gems – the perfect, pretty Disney design.

35. Fall Winnie the Pooh

This manicure is perfect if you are heading to Disneyland in the fall months. Winnie the Pooh’s adorable little face sits alongside orange and yellow-toned leaves, while the gold speckles add a subtle glittering finish to the nails.

36. Mulan

Mulan nails on coffin acrylic nails

via @naild_by_nina

The detail that has gone into these nails is just incredible and they are ideal if you are a big fan of the cult Disney classic, Mulan!

There is a mixture of designs in this manicure, including Mulan herself, Mushu the dragon, gold leaf, florals, and Chinese characters, creating an astonishing design that perfectly represents the Mulan film.

37. Shining silver chrome

These silver chrome nails have a polished and refined look for a sophisticated Disney manicure. The nude nails feature a shining silver French tip, decorated with a little black Mickey Mouse for a subtle Disney touch.

38. White + Silver Olaf

White frozen nails, Olaf nails with acrylic stiletto design

via @home_of_deva

We love the winter, snowy vibes of these white Olaf nails. The sweet face of Olaf sits alongside a silver snowflake, a matte white nail decorated with a love heart, and white snowflake patterns, while the matte finish gives a frosty aesthetic to the nails.

39. Simba + Nala

The cute faces of Nala and Simba decorate these white and silver nails to create the perfect ode to adorable characters in The Lion King.

Simba wears a crown, while Nala has a flower crown, and the nails are finished with shimmering silver glitter.

40. Glittering black Minnie + Mickey

Short Disney nails with Mickey mouse

via @tiffanis_nails

Add a glam touch to a classic Minnie Mouse manicure with this black glittery finish! The three glossy black glitter nails mean the red polka dot middle finger and Mickey Mouse ring finger really stand out in this design – so pretty!

41. Tigger

Cute Disney nails - Tigger nails from Winnie The Pooh

via @clairelofthouse

Tigger is a classic favorite Disney character, which is why we love these Tigger-themed nails! Tigger’s little face decorates the ring finger, while the other nails have a yellow to ombre base and tiger stripes for that true Tigger look.

42. Spooky Villains

These spooky Villain nails are so clever since they don’t just feature the villain themselves, but what they use to catch the princess too. For example, there is the Evil Queen and the poison apple and Maleficent and the sharp spindle on a spinning wheel. These incredible details make the nails extra special.

43. Cruella De vil

This Cruella De Vil manicure is bold and striking, just perfect if you are heading to Disneyland near Halloween. Cruella De Vil’s face decorates the ring finger, while the rest of the nails have a Dalmatian-spotted French tip.

44. Cozy winter Olaf

White Olaf nails - cute Frozen nails

via @adriannawysocka

These cute and cozy Olaf nails are just irresistible and a great choice if you are off to Disney in the winter months. There are two sparkling silver nails, a cable knit sweater-inspired nail, and a cute plaid love heart nail, plus Olaf sitting right in the middle.

45. Mulan + Friends

Mulan’s sidekicks are a key part of the film, so why not add them to your manicure? This beautiful nail design features Mulan on one hand and then Mushu the Dragon and Cri-Kee the Cricket on the other.

The rest of the nails feature a pink and blue pattern and a 3D gemstone love heart.

46. Bambi + Thumper

Acrylic stiletto Disney nails - Bambi nails

via @naild_by_nina

These Bambi and Thumper-themed nails are just incredible and so detailed. The Bambi-themed hand has a beige and brown color palette and features Bambi, a fawn print, and gold studs, while the Thumper hand has silver studs, rabbit ears, and a fluffy rabbit tail alongside Thumper’s cute little face.

47. Ariel

We love the color palette and all the sequins in this Ariel manicure. Ariel sits on the middle finger, while the rest of the nails are decorated with green and gold sparkles, a gold shell charm, and green gemstones – just stunning!

48. Winnie the pooh + tigger

Yellow Winnie The Pooh nails in acrylic coffin nail shape

via @artisticnailsbymarsha

These gorgeous Winnie the Pooh and Tigger nails really make a statement! The glossy yellow nails are paired with a honey bee design and a honey pot nail, while Tigger and Winnie the Pooh’s faces stand out against the white background – so cute!

49. Silver sequin Thumper

Go glam with this adorable sequined Thumper design! Thumper’s smiling face decorates the middle finger, while the rest of the nails keep to a silver and white color palette, with the glamorous addition of plenty of gemstones, and sparkling sequins.

50. Matte black Mickey Ears

Matte nude and black Disney nails

via @crisamaro

This matte black Mickey manicure has a minimalist look but is still bold and eye-catching. The contrast between the black and the nude is striking, while the black Mickey ears really pop against the light-colored base. The matte finish is a fun change to the usual glossy finish on manicures.

Which of these cute Disney nails were your favorites? Do you prefer intricate nails, or nail art where the characters are more subtle?

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