December Pinterest Trends: What To Pin For Traffic & Profit

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A lot of people refer to this period as the most wonderful time of the year and I have to add – it’s also wonderful for online businesses and for Pinterest marketers. During November and December, ad spending is at an all year high and affiliate marketing and sales are booming too – everyone is rushing to buy Christmas gifts, decorate their house and bake tasty Christmas treats.

Pinterest, like any other search engine is heavily influenced by seasons and seasonal trends. As a content marketer and blogger, you can increase your traffic and income by a huge amount if you learn to leverage trends the right way. Personally, I’ve hit an all time high in my pageviews over the last month – currently, I’m at 127,000 pageviews, which is about 30,000 more than my monthly average!

In today’s post, I’m going to show you what you should be focusing on pinning and planning in December.

First and foremost, if you are new to this series on my blog, I want to point out the key part: Pinterest recommends that you start pinning seasonal content 4-6 weeks before its prime time. You should then of course continue pinning the content until the day of the event. When you are planning out new content for your blog, it’s good to keep this timeframe in mind to maximise your efforts on Pinterest.


What To Pin in December: Trending Ideas


Use these trending topics to maximise your reach and traffic on Pinterest!  Trending content is also good to promote with ads (if it fits your budget).



Christmas is by far the dominating trend in December. There are so many different topics around Christmas that you can pin about depending on your niche, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t leverage it in your Pinterest strategy.

Recipes, DIY and crafts are HUGE around December, but you can also go as specific in each niche as you want. Gift guides are also popular, as people start checking off their gift lists. Gift guides can also be a great revenue source, if you use affiliate links!

Some popular keywords include: Christmas tree ideas, Christmas crafts, Christmas decorations, Christmas wreaths, Christmas cookies, Christmas gift ideas and more.


Holiday Outfits & Holiday Beauty

Office parties are abundant around Christmas time, so now is the perfect time to pin pretty party dresses, anything red and anything sparkly.

Popular keywords around this time are Holiday outfits, Christmas party dresses, Christmas nails and Christmas gift ideas.

In the UK, Beauty Christmas advent calendars have also experienced a huge surge in popularity, as have other stocking filling ideas.


New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve might feel far away, but actually it’s closer than you think! After all, it’s only 6 days after Christmas eve.

Like I mentioned before in the post, it’s a good idea to start pinning content at least 4 weeks before the actual date of the event, so now is the perfect time to start pinning content around New Year’s Eve.

Trending keywords include: NYE outfits & dresses, NYE food and appetizers and New Year’s Eve Party ideas. With this said, I also have a different strategy that you could follow to leverage the same trends.

Instead of focusing on specific keywords such as New Years Eve outfits, you can go on and create blog posts about more broad topics, such as party outfits. Both of these keywords fit the description for New Year, however the keyword “party outfits” is more evergreen, and you can pin content from this blog post all year around.

The same thing goes for other keywords such as (New Year’s Eve) party appetizers & food, (New Year’s Eve) Party ideas, party planning and more. Both of these ideas (seasonal & evergreen) are worth trying!


New Year’s Resolutions: Healthy Eating, Goal Setting, Minimalism etc.

While it may feel weird pinning content about topics that are going to be big in January, keep in mind that Pinterest recommends pinning seasonal content 4-6 weeks before it’s prime time. This means that if you have blog posts that fit this mold, you’ll already want to start pinning them in early to mid-December, so that you’ can start January with a bang.

As this is a broad topic, I’m going to dive deeper into the keywords in the next paragraph where I give you more content planning ideas!


Content Planning Ideas: What’s Going To Be Big Next?


Pinterest recommends creating & pinning content 4-6 weeks before the “prime time” of your seasonal content, so now is a good time to start planning your blog posts for January and February! With this said, once you have created these


Healthy Eating

As soon as Christmas is over, people’s attitudes shift. Chocolate cakes, Christmas candy and eating everything you desire without guilt is no more. January is all about getting back to a healthy lifestyle, which of course includes dieting. Healthy food bloggers will see huge traffic spikes, so if you are monetizing your site through ads, now is a good time to take advantage of it.

Special diets, such as keto, paleo, gluten free, Weight Watchers, whole30 etc. are as popular as ever. Popular keyword combinations include any of the afore mentioned keywords + “recipes” (including breakfast, dinner, lunch, desserts recipes).


Healthy Lifestyle – Fitness, Productivity, Goal Setting, Mindfulness

Healthy eating isn’t the only thing that’s popular in January! Think back to your own New Year’s resolutions: what do you usually promise yourself that yo’ll do? The chance is, millions of others will also have the same resolution as you.

If you’re into personal development, a good idea is to leverage trends in this niche, whether that’s writing productivity tips, life hacks, or tips for business.

On the other hand, if you’re more interested in fitness, now is a great time to start writing articles relating to weight loss. If you’re up for a challenge, you could even put together your own exercise plan, or create videos that other people can follow along!


Budgeting + Minimalism

After a spendy few months, people will want to tighten their grip on their finances. Like other areas in their lives, they want to feel like they’re in control and that they’re starting off with a clean slate.

Searches relating to simplifying your life and minimalism are usually on the rise in January, as well as searches looking for ways to make extra money, work from home and budgeting in general.


Travel / Spring Break

Many people tend to plan holidays after the Christmas period and typically head somewhere warm, including myself! January is a huge month for travel bloggers for this reason, and typically January is one of the months with the highest amount of traffic. If you have an interest in writing about specific travel locations, budget locations, now is the time.

If you are a fashion blogger, you can also leverage this trend by focusing on travel outfits, beach outfits, best bikini picks, etc.

Popular keywords include: travel destinations, travel outfit, vacation outfits, travel essentials, travel quotes, packing list.


Super Bowl 

Super Bowl is a HUGE event in February. The most popular keywords around this topic are around hosting a Super Bowl party: think appetizers, decor and party ideas. 


Spring Fashion 

Although it may seem like we’ve just entered the Christmas season and it’s the middle of winter, if you want to stay ahead of the game, now is the time to start thinking about spring fashion trends.

Think keywords like spring outfits, spring fashion, spring outfits for work, casual outfits, etc. Additionally, vacations and travel are popular around this time of year, so consider targeting keywords such as travel outfits, beach outfits, best bikini picks, etc.


Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t a huge holiday by any means, but it’s still worth considering doing a couple of blog posts for Valentine’s day. The most popular search term for the day is by far Valentine giftsso consider creating a gift guides for both genders.

Other keyword ideas: Valentine’s day decorations, Valentine crafts


*Final Thoughts*


December is a HUGELY busy season for most people, and it’s also the month that the average person tends to splurge the most money on gifts. That’s why ad income, affiliate income and your sales can be a LOT higher than on your average blogging months. I hope this guide helps you navigate through this super busy month and to maximise your exposure and traffic on Pinterest.


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