40 Gorgeous Coastal Christmas Decor Ideas For A Chill, Beachy Vibe

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Are you a self-proclaimed beach babe? If so, check out these gorgeous coastal Christmas decor ideas so you can have your own beachy Christmas at home.

Did you know that the holidays don’t always have to be associated with loud, bright colors, and snow? GASP!

We bet you’ve often overlooked coastal Christmas decor. This fun, fresh take on holiday decor takes inspiration from tropical elements like the ocean, palm trees, sand, wood, burlap fabric, and anything that reminds you of the sunny coast. It’s pretty much the complete opposite of traditional holiday decor with plaid, red and green themes.

Coastal (or nautical) Christmas decor is almost always made with color blue or teal color palettes to represent the beach or the open sea. Ocean creatures like shellfish, starfish, and sand dollars are incorporated into the decor to make it even more authentic. Other elements like wood, or even fishnets are also present.

If you’re missing the beach this holiday season, bring it to your home instead by filling up the space with cool coastal Christmas decor! Teal and blue have a calming quality and are light on the eyes, which is something your guests will certainly appreciate once they step into your home. Plus, it’s a fun topic to talk about all night!

To make things easy for you, we rounded up the best coastal Christmas decor that you can take inspiration from. All of the products featured below are shoppable, so if you found something you like, just click on the picture and it will take you to the website to order!

Without further ado, let’s get started!


The Best Coastal Christmas Decor Ideas

1. Teal Glass bauble


Coastal and nautical Christmas bauble ornament with glass


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2. JOY Sand Dollar Sign


Coastal Christmas JOY Sand Dollar Sign with Wreath


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3. Nautical Wreath With Oysters


Nautical Lambs Ear Wreath With Oysters


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4. Abalone Shell Tree


Abalone shell mini Coastal Christmas tree


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5. Seashell Tree Ornament


Coastal Seashell Christmas Tree Ornament


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6. Coastal Christmas tree


Coastal Christmas tree ideas


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7. Santa’s Surfboard


Gone to the beach Santa's Surfboard Coastal Christmas decor sign


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8. Nautical Christmas Pillow Cover


Nautical Christmas Pillow Cover


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9. Beach Creatures


Coastal Christmas ornaments with seahorse and seashells


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10. Seashell Mini Christmas Trees


Coastal white seashell mini Christmas tree


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Nautical mini Christmas tree with seashells


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11. Let It Snow Somewhere Else


Let It Snow Somewhere Else Coastal Christmas pillow decor


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12. Noel Beach Sign


Coastal Christmas Noel Beach Sign


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13. Starfish Christmas Garland


Coastal Starfish Christmas Garland


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14. White Coral Cluster


White Coral Cluster Coastal Christmas ornament


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15. Beachy Kitchen Towel


Beachy Kitchen Towel


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16. Jellyfish & Shrimp Ornaments


Jellyfish & Shrimp Coastal Christmas Ornaments


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17. Starfish Mini Tree


White starfish mini Christmas tree for nautical holidays


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18. Nautical Christmas Signs


Nautical Christmas signs


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19. Teal Shell Tree


Teal Shell Coastal Christmas Tree


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20. Life Is Better At The Beach


Life Is Better At The Beach Christmas ornament


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21. Wooden Wall Christmas Tree


Coastal Wooden Christmas Tree


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22. Coastal Lightbulb Ornaments


Coastal Lightbulb Christmas Ornaments


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23. Shell Teardrop Swag


Shell Teardrop Swag


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24. Starfish Ornaments


Coastal Teal Starfish Christmas Ornaments


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25. Deck The Palms Sign


Deck The Palms Christmas Sign


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26. Seashell Garland


Seashell Garland for Coastal Christmas Decor


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27. Starfish Tree Topper


Coastal starfish Christmas tree topper


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28. Beachy Pillow Cover


Beachy Christmas Pillow Cover


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29. Seashells Rather Than Snowflakes


Seashells Rather Than Snowflakes Sign


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30. Christmas Beach House


Christmas Beach House decoration for outdoors


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31. Scallop Ornaments


Light blue scallop and seashell Christmas ornaments


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32. White & Blue Wreath


Coastal White & Blue Christmas Wreath


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33. Christmas Decoupage Oyster Ornaments


Christmas Decoupage Oyster Ornaments


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34. Have Yourself A Beachy Little Christmas

Have Yourself A Beachy Little Christmas Crate Sign

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35. Coastal Mini Christmas Tree


Coastal Mini Christmas Tree


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36. Festive Buoy Pillows


Red and white coastal Christmas Buoy Pillows


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37. Christmas Table Runner


Beachy Tropical Christmas Table Runner with flamingo


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38. Sea Urchin Ornaments


Sea Urchin Coastal Christmas Ornaments


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39. Coastal Santa


Coastal Santa figurine


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40. Seashell Door Hanger


Seashell Christmas Tree Door Hanger


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Have you fallen in love with this unique Christmas aesthetic? We hope you did! If you’re still looking around for more Christmas inspiration, check the posts down below.


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