50 Best Coachella Outfits & Looks That You Need To See

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Are you looking for cool Coachella outfits and looks that you can recreate on a budget? If so, we’ve got you!

Once again, it’s the time of the year that kickstarts the entire festival season: Coachella time. Whilst the actual festival was cancelled this year, the outfits and aesthetics were still going strong on social media with people recreating the Coachella experience at home. 

Whilst it’s probably too early to start thinking about your Coachella fits for next year, no one says you can’t get inspired by the boho glam of Coachella and wear similar outfits to various other summer festivals. 

And if you want to really stand out from the crowd, make sure to combine your outfits with lots of glitter – whether that’s chunky glitter for the face, hair or your body.

One of the best places to get unique face glitter is Etsy. Here, you can find face gems and metallic glitters under $5! Some other great options include Pretty Little Thing for cute, cheap & versatile face jewels and rhinestone “tattoos” for the face, as well as NYX for professional quality vegan face glitter.


As For Affordable Coachella Outfits, These Are The Best Places:

Now, with that said, let’s jump straight into the outfits! 


 Best Coachella Outfits To Try:

1. White Tulle


Festival outfits with white dresses


Image Source: @Roses Cloud


2. Carefree Outfit


Coachella outfit with shorts


Image Source: Pinterest


3. Layered Tulle x Glitter


Tulle skirt outfit for festivals


Image Source: @ Go Get Glitter


4. Pink & Proud


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Retro outfits with pink trousers


Image Source: Pinterest


5. Boho Chic


Boho Coachella outfit


Image Source: Pinterest


6. Swimsuits As Outftis


Best Coachella outfits


Image Source: Ellie O’Donnell & Daisey O’Donnell


7. Star Struck


Black Coachella outfit with mesh material


Shop It Via Beginning Boutique


8. Glitter Baby


Caroline Einhoff Coachella outfit ideas with glitter


Image Source: Caroline Einhoff


9. Mesh Dress


Mesh dress with western belt


Shop it Via Beginning Boutique


10. White Lace x Space Buns


Coachella outfit with Coechalle hair and Coachella makeup


Image Source: Pinterest


11. Holographic x Pearls


Coachella outfit with bikini


Get the set at Etsy


12. Glitter Queen


Best Coachella outfits with glitter worn by Caroline Einhoff


Image Source: Caroline Einhoff


Best Coachella outfits with glitter by Caroline Einhoff


Image Source: Caroline Einhoff


13. Stripes & Denim


Vintage outfit ideas and retro looks with denim shorts


Image Source: Pinterest


14. Let The Curls Do The Talkin’


Coachella pictures with mesh dress worn by Caroline Einhoff


Image Source: Caroline Einhoff


15. Western Style


All black outfits for festivals


Image Source: Pinterest


16. Retro Look


 Retro outfit ideas and vintage outfits


Image Source: Pinterest


17. All Black


Edgy Coachella outfit in all black


Image Source: Pinterest


18. Boho Vibes


Boho Coachella outfit with frills and tassels


Image Source: Pinterest


19. White & Bright


White lace festival outfit ideas with shorts and doc martens


Image Source: Pinterest


20. Spread Your Wings


Cute Coachella outfit ideas with boots


Image Source: Gabby Epstein


21. Cute & Floral


Shorts Coachella outfit, Festival outfit


Image Source: Fashion Influx


22. Lace, Lace Baby


All black boho outfit for Coachella with fedora hat


Image Source: Pinterest


23. Black On Black


All black festival outfit with mesh material


Image Source: Pinterest


24. Harnessed Up


Cool festival outfits with fedora hat


Image Source: Pinterest


25. Free Spirited


Ehite Coachella dress, boho Coachella outfits


Image Source: Pamela_Rf


26. Lace Top x Denim Shorts


Best Coachella outfits with shorts and lace top


Image Source: Pinterest


27. Statement Sleeves


Boho Coachella looks, best Coachella outfits with white dress


Image Source: Pinterest


28. Drapes & Threads


Boho Coachella looks and dresses


Image Source: Gabby Epstein


Boho Coachella outfits and boho festival looks


Image Source: Gabby Epstein


29. Glitter & Corset


Glam festival looks with lace


Image Source: Gabby Epstein


30. Laced Up


Best Coachella outfits with boots


Image Source: Gabby Epstein


31. Hippie Chic 


Boho festival looks with fedora hat


Image Source: Pinterest


32. Pink x White


White Coachella outfits with lace


Image Source: Gabby Epstein


33. Denim On Denim


Casual festival looks with denim shorts by Caroline Einhoff


Image Source: Caroline Einhoff


34. Twinning With Glitter


Best Coachella outfits with glitter by Caroline Einhoff


Image Source: Caroline Einhoff


35. Boho Babes


Best Coachella outfits by Caroline Einhoff


Image Source: Caroline Einhoff


36. Golden Princess


Caroline Einhoff Coachella outfits


Image Source: Caroline Einhoff


37. Nature Child


White Coachella outfit with shorts


Image Source: @Mary Cake


38. Happy & Harnessed


Cute Coachella looks with skirts


Image Source: Helen Owen


39. Vintage Look


Vintage outfits and retro outfits with blue jeans


Image Source: Daniela Callee


40. Release Your Inner Tiger


Cute festival looks with boho style


Image Source: The Mad Grace


41. Festival Angel


Best Coachella outfits and Burning Man outfits


Image Source: Jamie Kidd


42. Glitter & Denim


Best casual Coachella outfits with Caroline Einhoff


Image Source: Caroline Einhoff


43. Touch Of Leopard


Best festival outfits with animal print dress


Image Source: Pinterest


44. Girl Gang


Coachella group outfits for women


Image Source: Pinterest


45. Hippie Vibes


Boho Coachella outfit with denim shorts


Image Source: Pinterest


46. Leather Lover


Best casual festival looks with shorts - edgy looks for summer


Image Source: Pinterest


47. Chokered Up


Festival looks with denim shorts and black top


Image Source: Pinterest


48. Pretty In Red


Caroline Einhoff festival looks with shorts


Image Source: Caroline Einhoff


49. Butterfly Wings


Butterfly wings festival look perfect for Burning Man


Image Source: Pinterest


50. Stars & Space Buns


Best Coachella outfits with mesh dresses


Image Source: Pinterest


Which of these outfits was your favorite? Are you going to copy any of these looks when you attend festivals this year, or will you come up with something of your own? Let me know in the comments down below!

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