25 Classy Jumpsuits For Weddings That Make You Stand Out

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Are you tired of wearing dresses to all of your friends’ weddings? If so, have a look at these beautiful, classy jumpsuits for weddings!

Jumpsuits are a great outfit option if you want to dazzle during the day, but not outshine the bride. We all know that a knee-length dress is possibly the safest option to wear to weddings, but if you really want to stick out from the crowd, you should consider choosing a pants suit or a jumpsuit instead.

When you look at the list of wedding guest don’ts, you will quickly realize that it’s a good idea to say goodbye to short dresses, tight clothes, and anything that will compete with the bride. Classy jumpsuits are almost always the exact opposite of the wedding don’ts: they are airy, long, and sophisticated – win, win, win!

Plus, you’ll be wearing pants, so you won’t accidentally wear something similar to what the bridesmaids or bride are wearing.

So, with that being said, today, we wanted to share our favorite affordable and classy jumpsuits that are on the market right now. All of these jumpsuits are available online, so if you find something that you love, simply click on the image to be taken to the retailer’s webpage!


10 Websites To Get Classy Jumpsuits For Weddings:

1. Lulus


Burgundy wedding guest jumpsuit

Get this on Lulus


Elegant backless black jumpsuit for wedding guest

Get this on Lulus 


We all know that Lulus is pretty much the go-to website for everything wardrobe-related, and that’s also true in the case of dressy jumpsuits for weddings. Not only can you find a jumpsuit in any color that you want, you can also find jumpsuits in any price range that you want: Lulus has many jumpsuits from different price points and covers all budgets!

Our favorite wedding jumpsuits on the website are the backless jumpsuits as these are flirty and classy at the same time!


See More Classy Jumpsuits For Weddings On Lulus HERE


1. Nordstrom


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Blue classy jumpsuits for weddings Flowy and classy jumpsuits for weddings Light pink classy jumpsuits for weddings

Price range: Mid range, $50-$150+


Nordstrom offers an excellent choice of wedding guest attire that come in a variety of different colors, fabrics and fits. Even though some of the garments can get pricy, there are many affordable options as well.


See More Classy Jumpsuits For Weddings On Nordstrom  HERE


3. Revolve


burgundy jumpsuits for wedding guest  powder grey jumpsuits for wedding guest

Jumpsuits For Wedding Guest: Revolve


Price range: Varies according to the designer. Upwards of $70.

Revolve houses many upcoming highstreet and designer brands, so it has always something interesting to offer. Dressy jumpsuits for weddings are no exception: you can find some great classy pieces, as well as some that have been designed with a little bit of a twist in mind.

Revolve also has the largest variety of jumpsuits on their website from all the retailers on this list!


See More Classy Jumpsuits For Weddings On Revolve HERE


4. Express


Light blue classy jumpsuits for weddings    Strapless classy jumpsuits for weddings

Jumpsuits For Wedding Guest: Express


Price range: Highstreet, $70 onwards.

Express is a great option for those looking to spend a little money on special occasion jumpsuits, but not too much. The brand offers chic designs with great fabric and many of the jumpsuits have a clean, minimal look to them.

At the moment, Express has quite a colorful collection which is perfect for those of you who want to embrace a bold wedding guest look.


See More Classy Jumpsuits For Weddings On Express HERE


5. Pretty Little Thing


    blush affordable dressy jumpsuits for weddings

Jumpsuits For Wedding Guest: Pretty Little Things


Price range: Very affordable, $20 onwards.

Pretty Little Thing make great special occasion jumpsuits for those on a budget. The prices of these pieces start at merely $20, and sometimes even less than that! From my experience, you can find some amazing pieces from the website, but not everything that they have is classy: you might need to flick through a few questionable designs in order to find the jumpsuit of your dreams!

With that being said, if you order from Pretty Little Thing, it may be a good idea to sample a few outfits before wearing them out, just to check the quality. They do free returns, so anything that you don’t want will be easy to send back!


See More Classy Jumpsuits For Weddings On PLT HERE


6. Missguided


Jumpsuits For Wedding Guest: Missguided


Price range: Affordable, $30 onwards.

Missguided is yet another affordable option for those who do not want to splurge on their wedding guest outfit – the price of classy jumpsuits for weddings starts at $30, which is amazing considering the quality that you are getting.

Missguided and Pretty Little Thing are often compared with one another, but personally I believe that Missguided offers more higher quality items – I have never been disappointed with anything that I’ve bought from them!


See More Classy Jumpsuits For Weddings On Missguided HERE


7. Red Dress Boutique


Jumpsuits For Wedding Guest: Red Dress Boutique


Price range:  Highstreet, $40-$50


See More Classy Jumpsuits For Weddings on Red Dress Boutique HERE




beige silk classy jumpsuits for weddings grey classy jumpsuits for weddings  grey silk classy jumpsuits for weddings

Jumpsuits For Wedding Guest: Reiss


Price range: Premium Highstreet, $250 onwards.

Reiss is the favourite store of many classy fashion bloggers like Lydia Elise Millen and Josie from Fashion Mumblr, and for good reason! The brand offers classic, timeless pieces that you can wear for many years and that will keep in immaculate condition throughout that time.

The price of Reiss items is on the higher side, but the pieces you are getting are worth every penny – the materials used feel luxurious on the skin, and the designs speak for themselves.


See More Classy Jumpsuits For Weddings On Reiss HERE


9. Showpo


Jumpsuits For Wedding Guest: Showpo


Price range: Highstreet, $30-$60

Showpo is an Australian highstreet brand that makes super stylish occasion wear for those who don’t want to spend excessive amounts. The wedding guest jumpsuit designs are strong but also very feminine, and none of them reveal more skin than necessary.


See More Classy Jumpsuits For Weddings On Showpo HERE


10. Forever 21


blue jumpsuits for wedding guest pink jumpsuits for wedding guest 

Jumpsuits For Wedding Guest: Forever21


Price range: Affordable, $30 onwards.

Forever21 is another great place to look for special occasion jumpsuits if you’re on a budget. These designs rarely cost more than $50, and the quality can be surprisingly good. However, sometimes the quality can fall into the ‘hit or a miss’ situation, so it’s a good idea to test out your jumpsuit at least a week in advance of the wedding, as the last thing that you want to happen is to feel like you’re wearing a cheap looking item to a fancy occasion!


See More Classy Jumpsuits For Weddings On Forever21 HERE


Now, before you decide to buy a certain jumpsuit for a wedding, let’s have a look at a few questions that you should consider before buying, such as….


Can You Wear Black?


Although many say that it’s perfectly okay to wear black as a wedding guest, check with the bride first. This color can be a little controversial at weddings, because people from the older generation regard wearing black to a wedding as bad luck – it’s meant to be left for funerals.

However, I’ve personally worn black as a wedding guest and it was fine by everyone (my family isn’t very religious!). So, it’s safest to stay clear of the color if you can and opt for something navy instead, but if you absolutely want to wear black, go for it.


What Is Not Okay To Wear As A Wedding Guest?


White. Nowadays, there are only a few things that are still considered taboo when it comes to wedding guest attire, and the most prominent fashion no-no is to wear white. It’s considered rude to the bride, as the color of your outfit competes with that of the bride.

An outfit that shows too much skin. You should always avoid miniskirts at weddings, as these draw attention for all the wrong reasons – staying on the conservative side is smart. If you want to wear a short dress/jumpsuit at a wedding, choose one that finishes an inch above your knee at max.

And also, avoid showing too much cleavage – covering up is classier. This is especially true if you’re attending a wedding in a religious place, such as the church!

An outfit that is too tight. We get it, you want to look your best at a wedding, and you should! However, don’t show up looking like you’re about to hit the clubs – this isn’t the occasion for that. If you absolutely insist on wearing something tight, it’s best to combine the outfit with coat, scarf or a blazer – that way you aren’t attracting too much attention.


Do I Need To Cover My Shoulders?


You don’t need to wear a jumpsuit that covers your shoulders – strapless and strappy jumpsuits are completely fine, as long as you bring along a scarf or a blazer that you can put over your shoulders during religious parts of the wedding. A lot of churches frow upon showing shoulders, so it’s always best to come prepared.


I hope this post helped you out if you are looking for new ideas and retailers to shop for wedding guest attire! Let me know in the comments if you have an important wedding coming up soon and what you’re thinking about wearing there.


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