The Best Affordable Clarisonic Dupes To Try Today (Under $75!)

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If you’re looking for the best affordable Clarisonic dupes, you’ve come to the right place! Below you’ll find a detailed comparison of each of the 7 best-selling Clarisonic alternatives on the market right now.


7 Fantastic Affordable Clarisonic Dupes To Try Now (Under $75!)

My Clarisonic dupe which I’ve been loving! You can also get this in pink. Curious to read about my results? Scroll down below!


The original Clarisonic Mia currently retails for about $99 and the replacement heads start from $27, which is quite a lot of money to spend  considering that you don’t necessarily need the product in your daily routine!

Fortunately, there’s plenty of affordable Clarisonic dupes that currently have a higher rating and more reviews on Amazon and only cost a fraction of the price!

 So without further ado, let’s get right into them. 


1. ProX By Olay Advanced Cleansing


The Best Cheap Clarisonic Dupes And Clarisonic Alternatives Under $75: Olay ProX

Alternative to Clarisonic: ProX by Olay Advanced Cleansing


Waterproof? Yes, fully waterproof. Can also be used in the shower.

Speed: 2 speeds

Brushes: 1 brush

Charging: Wireless charging

Additional: Affordable Replacement heads + You get a free Olay Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser with the purchase!


This facial cleansing brush by Olay is an amazing option if you want to buy a Clarisonic dupe from an established brand. The product retails for about a third of the price of an original Clairisonic and there’s virtually no difference to how the two perform!

As an extra, you also get an Olay Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser with your purchase, which works perfectly with this Clarisonic alternative.

There are now over 5,900 reviews positive reviews for the product on Amazon with an average rating of 4.1, which is actually higher than the original Clarisonic Mia!


Check the latest price on Amazon Here


2. PIXNOR Portable 7-1 Facial Cleanser 

 The Best Cheap Clarisonic Dupes And Clarisonic Alternatives Under $75: Pixnoir Facial Brush

Alternative to Clarisonic: PIXNOR Portable 7-1 Facial Cleanser


Waterproof? Yes, fully waterproof. You can use it in the shower too.

Speed: 2 speeds (Low speed is gentle – suitable for fragile and very sensitive skin; Mid speed is for normal daily use – suitable for all skin types)

Brushes: 7 brushes (3 small brushes for facial cleansing,  A sponge head for makeup removal,  a massage brush for massage your face, and a polishing brush and pumice head for removing calluses,)

Charging: Wireless charging

Additional: One Year Money Back Guarantee!


The Pixnor is the #1 best-selling facial cleansing brushes on Amazon right now. The electric cleansing system comes with 7 different possible attachments for a complete cleansing and massaging experience. It’s almost like a mini-spa!

Not only will this brush take care of your face, you can also also use it to remove calluses on your feet with the two separate heads attaches.

This Clarisonic dupe is an absolute steal when you compare its features to the price. Not only does it exfoliate and cleanse your skin, it also has two different speed options depending on the sensitivity of your skin. 

My favorite feature about this brush set is that it comes with a massage head: doing facial massages is a very important but often overlooked step of anti-aging skin care in the West. Massaging your skin increases the bloog flow to it and helps to maintain proper collagen function. With this brush, you can even massage your face while you watch TV!


Check the latest price on Amazon Here


3. Essential Skin Solutions Face Brush

The Best Cheap Clarisonic Dupes And Clarisonic Alternatives Under $75: Essential Skin Solutions Facial Brush

Alternative to Clarisonic:  Essential Skin Solutions Face Brush


Waterproof? Water resistant (not fully waterproof)

Speed:1 speed

Brushes: 4 brushes (2 for the face and 2 for the body)

Charging: Wireless charging


What’s unique about this product is that this Clarisonic alternative also doubles up as a body cleanser – it’s the perfect way to exfoliate your body in the shower and especially great if you use fake tan. This brush will give you the perfect clean surface to apply fake tan and also help you out when you want to remove it – genius! 

The facial brushes in the set are made of smooth microfibers to provide a deep cleanse, and are especially designed for people with acne or acne scarring.


Check the latest price Here


4. KOOVON Electric Cleansing Brush


The Best Cheap Clarisonic Dupes And Clarisonic Alternatives Under $75: Kovoon

Alternative to Clarisonic: KOOVON Electric Cleansing Brush


Waterproof? Yes, but do not fully immerse under water.

Speed: 2 speeds (High and low)

Brushes: 3 brushes (Includes one silicone brush!)

Charging: Powered by 2 AA batteries (not included)

Additional: Comes with a case


The KOOVON Electric Cleansing Brush made it to the top 4 on the Clarisonic alternatives list due to the fact that it comes with a travel case – genius! Minus points for the fact that you need batteries for the apparatus to work, and it’s not fully waterproof.

Another interesting fact about the product is that you receive a silicone brush head, which will provide a different cleansing experience to the soft bristle brushes.


Check the latest price on Amazon Here



5. ETEREAUTY Facial Brush


The Best Cheap Clarisonic Dupes And Clarisonic Alternatives Under $75: Eteureauty

Alternative to Clarisonic: ETEREAUTY Facial Brush


Waterproof? Yes, fully waterproof.

Speed: 2 speeds (High and low)

Brushes: 5 brushes (Long ultra fine brush for every day cleansing; short soft brush for deeper cleansing and exfoliation; large brush for cleansing the body; sponge head for make-up removal; pumice head for removing calluses)

Charging: Wireless charging

Additional: One year warranty


This Clarisonic alternative comes with a lot of nifty brushes that are suitable to be used all over the body. My favourite thing about it is that it comes with a brush holder for the bathroom – super practical for storage!

The price is also very affordable at under $20 and that it has 5 different brushes to choose from. It’s a great alternative to the Pixnor brush if you are looking for a slightly different shaped brush that is small and gentle.


Check the latest price on Amazon Here


6. MiroPure Sonic Facial Brush


The Best Cheap Clarisonic Dupes And Clarisonic Alternatives Under $75: MiroPure

Alternative to Clarisonic: MiroPure Sonic Facial Brush


Waterproof? Yes, fully waterproof. Can also be used in the shower.

Spin Cycle: 20 sec x 2

Speed: 4 speeds (High and low for both face and body)

Brushes: 2 brushes (Normal brush, which uses extremely fine, high-quality Dupont hair that is gentle on the face and body; sensitive brush suitable for fragile and tender skin)

Charging: Wireless charging


Although this is the Clarisonic alternative that I’ve used and loved, I have to put it as number 6 on the list. Other products simply have better reviews of them on Amazon, and there aren’t too many things that set it apart from its competition!

The set comes with two brushes and 2 speeds for different skin needs, but I personally found that it was easiest to use these two brushes for two different needs: I would use one for removing makeup and the other for cleaning my skin without makeup.

I wouldn’t use both of them during the same day – they were both reserved for different days depending on if I was wearing makeup or not.  Super convenient!


Check the latest price on Amazon Here



7. Hangsun Electric Face Brush

The Best Cheap Clarisonic Dupes And Clarisonic Alternatives Under $75: Hangsun Facial Brush

Alternative to Clarisonic: Hangsun Electric Face Brush


Waterproof? Yes, fully waterproof. You can use it in the shower too.

Spin cycle: 30 sec and 60 sec

Speed: 3 speeds (Low speed is gentle – suitable for fragile and very sensitive skin; Mid speed is for normal daily use – suitable for all skin types; High speed is perfect for deep cleansing – suitable for a more intensive cleansing.)

Brushes: 3 brushes (Sensitive brush head specially designed for sensitive skin; Normal brush head for normal, combination or oily skin; Body brush head for exfoliating the body).

Charging: Wireless charging


The Hangsun Electric face brush is a perfect alternative to Clarisonic because it has three adjustable speeds, comes with 3 unique brush heads and it comes in three different colors. However, it’s quite pricy which is a negative!

The design of the device looks elegant and stylish, and will make a great addition to any bathroom.


Check the latest price on Amazon Here


Which Of These Clarisonic Dupes Are You Going To Try? Let me know in the comments!


My Experience With Clarisonic Dupes


I’m personally no stranger to Clarisonic dupes: I’ve been using them to help clear out my acne prone skin and invigorate my blood flow to fight aging.

One of the main reasons why I love my Clarisonic dupe is because it clears my skin of any excessive makeup better than any other alternatives that I have used before. My nighttime routine is something to look forward to whenever I use the Clarisonic dupe – it’s that fun to clean my face!

With that being said, I don’t use my Clarisonic alternative on a daily basis. Rather, for me it’s a weekly thing  or an every-other-day thing during a pamper sesh.

Why? Because I use a Vitamin C serum and Retinoids on a daily basis, which are fantastic for the skin, but also strong exfoliants. I don’t want to go for an overkill with my skin, because I know that it can lead to broken capillaries, dryness and overall irritation. 

After writing this post, I’m really tempted to buy a Clarisonic alternative for the body – I’m an avid user of fake tan and I really think that one of these brushes could help me apply my fake tan more easily. (If you’re curious,  I’m using a glycolic acid tan eraser spray from TAN-LUXE to prep and remove my tan before and after I apply fake tan, along with some basic exfoliating gloves.)




Clarisonic brushes aren’t cheap, and quite frankly there are plenty of alternatives out there that produce exactly the same results as a Clarisonic while also costing only a fraction of the original. 

Many of these Clarisonic dupes even sell additional brushes for more diverse cleansing, and come with different nozzles to remove calluses, exfoliate the body, or massage the face. 

My best advise when choosing which Clarisonic alternative to go with is to think about how vigorously you want to cleanse your skin. If you have sensitive skin, it’s important to choose one of the Clarisonic dupes that has a brush specifically designed to fragile skin. You don’t want to be too harsh on your skin because it can lead to dryness, broken capillaries and irritation – yikes!

The safest bet is to go with a brand that has multiple speed settings and multiple brushes, so that you can rest assured that one of these will be suitable for even the most sensitive of skins. This way, you’ll also get more bang for your buck!


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