10 Best Chunky Knit Blankets To Glam Up Your Bedroom

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Are you looking for the best chunky knit blankets that will instantly elevate the look of your bedroom? If so, you’ll love these cozy blankets!

If you want to jump on the trend of having big, chunky blankets decorate your bedroom or living room, I can totally relate! These beautiful blankets in various colors instantly add a little bit of something something to an otherwise ordinary room. They also work as a great way to add a statement color into a neutral apartment, if that is your vibe.


Dusty pink chunky knit blanket

Get this chunky knit from WoolHugs on Etsy


The chunky knit blanket trend first became popular in 2014 and one of the first to emerge with the trend was Anna Marinenko, who made headlines for all the right reasons across major news outlets. Her brand, Ohhio, sold a fortune of these handknit blankets that she made just with her own hands.

The prices of the blankets went up to $900 and the company has now expanded to selling even cat and god baskets – so cute!  What I love about Ohhio is that in addition to selling their own products, they also have a YouTube channel dedicated to DIY tutorials, in case you wanted to make your own chunky knit blanket or maybe even a cloud-shaped cushion?

Their website also has a selection of DIY supplies if you wanted to make your own blanket instead of buying one. (DIY prices start at $45.00, so it’s still not the cheapest option to go with. Note, you can also find the yarn used for all chunky knit blankets on Etsy – this one in particular is a best seller!)

Ohhio’s selling point is the quality of their materials – all chunky knit blankets are made exclusively with yarn that contains wool. The blankets are destined to keep you warm!

Ohhio use a few variations of different yarns for their products, but the most popular one is by far the Merino Wool. This is also very likely the material that you will see across Pinterest when you type in “chunky knit blanket”.

With that being said, I would dare to say that most of the images that you see floating around on Pinterest that feature beautiful chunky knit blankets actually come from a company called WoolHugs.

I remember seeing a post on Marianna’s blog about these blankets, and ever since she made that post people have been ruthlessly stealing her images and plastered them all over their product pages and presented the product as their own.

The original, however, comes from a brand called WoolHugs as stated in her post. WoolHugs have since then collaborated with a ton of different influencers, which has lead to them having wonderful images to work with.

My personal favourite is the blush pink chunky knit blanket featured below, which is such a nice touch to any feminine room.


The best chunky knit blanket - blush pink chunky knit throw


WoolHugs, starting from £50


The best chunky knit blanket - blush pink chunky knit throw


WoolHugs, starting from £50


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The best chunky knit blanket - grey chunky knit throw


WoolHugs, starting from £50


The popularity of these wonderful blankets has prompted a lot of knitters to get their hands busy and start knitting. Etsy, everyone’s favorite place for everything handcrafted is full of these dreamy throws.


White chunky knit blanket, blue chunky knit throw

Chunky knit blanket from ShepsWool


The beauty of Etsy is that not only can you find chunky knit blankets at any price points, you know you are supporting an independent business by purchasing from there.

In the case of chunky knit blankets, the business in question is very likely run by a woman, perhaps even a mom, which makes it that much more special.

When it comes to price points, there really is everything to choose from: you can go with a blanket that is the price of a lunch meal, all the way up to thousands of dollars, depending on the size of the blanket!


White chunky knit blanket, white chunky knit throw

One of these independent businesses is ShepsWool


One of the top dogs on Etsy is ShepsWool, which has sold more than 22,000 blankets and throws and has an average rating of 5 stars. Not too shabby. The company currently sells 180 items, but their most popular products are grey and white chunky knit blankets in various sizes.

If you’re into DIY, you can also get high-quality merino wool yarn through them – it’s currently the best selling merino wool yarn on the entire website.


The best chunky knit blanket - white, grey and blue chunky knit throw


Get these chunky knit blankets from ShepsWool


There are also a couple of best selling chunky knit throw producers from Eastern Europe that are popular on Etsy, most notably Wool Experts and PinkUnicornStudio. These companies offer their products for slightly less than companies based in America, and both of them have a five star rating for their products. Below are a few of my favorite picks from them! 


The best chunky knit blanket - grey chunky knit throw


Chunky knit throw from WoolExperts


The best chunky knit blanket - charcoal / dark grey charcoal chunky knit throw


Chunky knit throw from WoolExperts


The best chunky knit blanket - grey chunky knit throw


Chunky knit throw from PinkUnicornStudio


All of the images and products that I’ve featured here are made of wool, but there are other alternatives for people who might be allergic to wool or who just don’t want to spend hundred of dollars to buy a chunky knit blanket that they might end up not enjoying as much as they would have thought.

Chunky knit blankets are also made out of synthetic materials, and you can find plenty of affordable acrylic throws here on Ebay.

Another option for those of us who are on a bit of a budget is to make their own chunky knit blanket! It’s not too difficult as there are plenty of YouTube tutorials on the subject. You can find the yarn for your blankets here.


What do you think of these fuzzy warm chunky knit blankets? Is it on your to-buy list or would you happily just skip this trend?


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  1. Caity FitzGerald says:

    I literally had never heard of these blankets until two days ago so it’s funny that you posted about it right now! I love them, they look so cozy!!! Thanks for sharing so many images in this post because it helps me to see more examples and now I’m convinced that I need one, haha.

    1. Maria Julia says:

      Haha no problem! I want one too, just haven’t decided what colour to get yet! xx

    1. Maria Julia says:

      Mine would too! xx

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