40 Christmas Window Decorations That Add Magic To Your Home

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If you want a quick and easy Christmas decorating idea that will get you ready for the holidays, check out these gorgeous Christmas window decorations we found just for you!

Setting up indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations can be a daunting and time-consuming task. One easy and magical way to prepare your home for the holidays is to add decorations to your windows! If you have big or wide windows at home, then these are just the perfect additions that will instantly elevate your home.

Our favorite Christmas window decorations are window stickers or window clings. They’re super quick and easy to apply, and you can even have them customized to your liking. There are tons of festive window stickers that you can find online, and the best part is that they’re also very affordable – we’re talking as little as $15 in some cases!

If window stickers are not your thing, you can also use garlands or swags to decorate the corners on your windows. You can also add in some light fixtures like curtain lights, star-shaped lights, and more.

Below, we rounded up the best Christmas window decorations that you can take inspiration from. All of the products featured below are completely and entirely shoppable, so if you see something that you like, just click on the photo and it will take you right on the website to order.

Let’s get started!

The Best Christmas Window Decorations

1. Winter Window Snowflakes

Cute snowflake Christmas window decorations

Get these window stickers on Etsy

2. Cute Lights

Cute Christmas tree lights window decorations

Get these on Etsy

3. Christmas Gnomes

Cute Scandinavian style Christmas gnome window decorations

Get these window stickers on Etsy

4. Traditional Wreath Display

Beautiful red Christmas wreaths and garlands for window decor

Get these on Hammacher | Very similar ones also on Hammacher

5. Silent Night

6. Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas window decorating stickers

Get this on Etsy

7. Cute Penguins

Cute Penguin Christmas and winter window decorations

Get these window stickers on Etsy

8. Pinecone Decor

Simple and rustic pinecone Christmas window stickers

Get this on Etsy

9. DIY Candy Cane Decor

10. Holographic Angel Window Clings

Holographic Angel Window Clings For Christmas

Get these on Etsy

11. Cute Celestial Lights

Cute Celestial Christmas WIndow Lights

Get these stickers on Etsy

12. Swirly Christmas Tree

Swirly Christmas Tree Window Sticker Decoration

Get this sticker on Etsy

13. Grinch Window Decal

Christmas Grinch window decal decoration

Get this on Etsy

14. Cute Fairy String Lights

Cute Fairy String Lights For Christmas Window Decor

Get these on Overstock

15. Hanging Baubles

Christmas window decorating idea with stickers

Get these on Etsy

16. Merry & Bright

17. Sneaking Grinch & Max

Grinch Christmas window decorations

Get these decals on Etsy | Smaller version of this here

18. Christmas Gonks

Cute Christmas Gonk And Gnome window decorations

Get these window stickers on Etsy

19. Curtain Style String Lights

Curtain Style String Lights

Get these lights on Etsy

20. Small Individual Lights

Cute Christmas window lights decoration

Get these window lights on Etsy

21. LED Candy Cane

Cute candy cane LED Christmas window light

Get this on Etsy

22. DIY Light Up Garland

23. Macrame Snowflakes

Macrame Snowflakes

Get these ornaments on Etsy

24. Festive Trees

Festive Christmas Tree Window Stickers

Get these window stickers on Etsy

25. Winter Wonderland

Elegant winter wonderland Christmas window decorations

Get these window stickers on Etsy

26. Christmas Robins

Cute Christmas Robin Bird Sticker decorations for windows

Get this on Etsy

27. Red Baubles

28. Festive Pastel Curtain Lights

White Christmas bauble window stickers

Get these stickers on Etsy

29. Christmas Gonks

Christmas Gonk Window decoration stickers

Get these window stickers on Etsy

30. Christmas Window Stand

Christmas Window Stand

Get these on Etsy

31. Red & White

32. Nativity Scene

Nativity Christmas window sticker decoration

Get these lights on Etsy

33. Christmas Baubles

Christmas bauble window sticker decorations

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34. Santa & Cartoons

Cute Santa Christmas stickers for windows

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35. Nutcracker Men

Cute Christmas nutcracker window decorations

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36. Peeping Rudolph

Peeping Rudolph Christmas window decoration sticker

Get this window sticker on Etsy

37. Plaid Highland Reindeer

Plaid Highland Reindeer

Get this window sticker on Etsy

38. Peppermint Display

39. Snowflake Stickers

Cute and elegant Christmas window decorating stickers with snowflakes

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40. LED Curtain Light

LED Christmas curtain lights for windows

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Have you found your newest Christmas window decor from this post? We hope you did! If you’re still looking for more Christmas ideas, check the posts down below.

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