25 Best Dazzling Outdoor Christmas Lights You Can Buy In 2021

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Complete your holiday preparations with these dazzling outdoor Christmas lights, perfect for your front porch or yard!

Are the holidays even complete without Christmas lights? We think not.

Christmas lights are a very important staple in any holiday decor. Once night falls, lights instantly add a whole lot of magic both indoors and outdoors. Plus, colorful lights are just super fun to look at!

If you have a pathway or a driveway to your home, we suggest going for holiday-themed pathway lights. Our personal favorites are candy cane-shaped lights that you can easily find online. There are also lighted Santa hats or snowflake lights that you can hang from your trees or your front porch.

Below, we found the best Christmas lights decorations and ideas just for you. You can either use this for inspiration, or you can also purchase these off our favorite retailers! All of the products featured below are completely shoppable, so if you see something you like, just click on the photo and it will take you right on the website to order.

Excited? Let’s get started!


The Best Outdoor Christmas Lights Decorations

1. Lighted Outdoor Tree


Outdoor Christmas Tree Lights Decoration


Get this on Balsam Hill


2. Branched Leaves


Leaf branch Christmas lights


Get this on Wayfair


3. Multicolor Christmas Trees


Outdoor Multicolor Christmas Tree Lights


Get these on Wayfair


4. Multicolor String Light


Outdoor Christmas tree lights


Get these on Wayfair


5. Gingerbread Man String Lights


Gingerbread Man Christmas String Lights


Get this on Etsy


6. Rainbow Cone Tree


Rainbow Cone Christmas Tree Lights Curtain


Get this on Balsam Hill


7. Warm Tree Lights


Warm Christmas string lights for outdoors


Get this on Overstock


8. Juggling Snowman


Juggling Snowman Christmas lights for outdoors


Get this on Hammacher


9. Candy Cane Pathway Lights


Candy Cane Christmas Pathway Lights


Get these on Wayfair


10. Glowing Santa Hats


Glowing outdoor Santa hats Christmas lights


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11. Icing Lights For The Whole House


Christmas Outdoor Icing Lights For The Whole House


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12. Lighted Twig Tree


Lighted Twig Tree for the holidays


Get these on Grandin Road


13. Hanging Snowflakes


Hanging Snowflakes Christmas lights


Get these on Etsy


14. Christmas Curtain Lights


Christmas Curtain Lights for outdoors


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15. Candy Cane String Lights


Candy Cane String Lights


Get these on Birch Lane


16. Restive Rain Drop Lights


Restive Rain Drop outdoor Lights for the holidays


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17. Icicle Lights


Christmas Outdoor Icicle Lights For Stairs


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18. Snowman Decoration


Christmas Snowman Lights Decoration


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19. Rattan Ball lamps


Rattan Ball lamp lights for treed during holidays


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20. Lighted Wire Trees


Lighted Wire Christmas Trees for the porch


Get this on Balsam Hill


21. Snowflake String Lights


Snowflake String Lights


Get this on Etsy


22. Peppermint Stakes


LED Peppermint Stakes Outdoor Christmas Lights


Get these on Wayfair


23. Lit Up Reindeer


Lit Up Reindeer Outdoor Christmas decoration with lights


Get this on Overstock


24. Decorative Light Up Lamp Post


Decorative Light Up Christmas Lamp Post


Get these Wayfair


25. Snowy Bough


White Christmas wreath and garlands with lights


Get this on Hammacher


We hope you found a few ideas in this post! Tell us all about it in the comments section. If you’re still looking for more Christmas inspiration, check the posts down below.


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