40 Adorable Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas You’ll Want To Get ASAP

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Have you started decking your home for Christmas yet? Don’t forget the kitchen! Here are the cutest Christmas kitchen decor ideas that you should totally check out.

While the living room is usually the main center of attraction when it comes to holiday decor, we are firm believers that the kitchen must be adorned with decor as well.

As the popular saying goes, “the kitchen is the heart of the home“. It’s where much love is being put in while cooking a hearty meal for family and friends, so it is only right to add some holiday magic to your kitchen too!

Something as simple as a Christmas-themed kitchen floor mat or fridge handle covers can really set the tone for the kitchen. Add in a wooden sign, and you’re basically all set!  If you want to go all out for your Christmas kitchen decor this year, we scoured through the internet to find you the perfect Christmas Kitchen decorations of all budgets and styles. 

Whether you’re going for a Gingerbread / Candyland theme or a rustic farmhouse aesthetic, there’s something for everyone here. 

You can even make your own kitchen decorations if you’re into arts and crafts! However, since the holidays are quickly coming up and we’re sure that there’ll be many preparations in the next few weeks, we suggest purchasing ready-made Christmas decor to save you the hassle.

All of the kitchen decor listed below is completely shoppable, so if you see something you like, just click on the image and it will take you right on the website to order. The best part is that there are options where you can buy individual items or complete decor sets! We personally love tiered tray decor signs as they are super chic and adorable. You can either create your own tiered tray with different pieces or purchase one whole set.

Are you excited? We are! Let’s get started!


The Best Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

1. kitchen Cabinet Bows


Red kitchen cabinet Christmas bows


Get this on Etsy


2. Lambs Ear Cabinet Wreaths


Lambs Ear Christmas Kitchen Cabinet Wreaths


Get these on Etsy


3. Hot Cocoa & Wooden Book Stack


Hot Cocoa & Wooden Book Stack


Get this on Etsy


4. Holly Berry Beaded Placemat


Holly Berry Beaded Placemat


Get this on Etsy


5. Cookies For Santa Tiered Decor


Cookies For Santa Tiered Decorations for Christmas Kitchen decor


Get this on Etsy


6. Gingerbread Baking Co. Sign


Gingerbread Baking Co. Sign For Christmas Decor


Get this on Etsy


7. Christmas Tree Candles


Christmas Tree Candles For Kitchen Decor


Get these on Etsy


8. Snowman Fridge Decorations


Snowman Christmas Fridge Decorations For Christmas Kitchen Decor


Get this on Etsy


9. Gingerbread Tiered Tray Decor


Gingerbread Tiered Tray Decorations for Christmas kitchen decor


Get this on Etsy


10. Ho Ho Ho! Kitchen Towel


Christmas kitchen towel


Get this on Etsy


11. Christmas Mason Jars


Christmas Mason Jar Decorations For Kitchen


Get these on Etsy


12. Christmas-Themed Wine Bottles


Christmas-Themed Wine Bottles For Kitchen Decor


Get this on Etsy


13. Nutcracker Cake Stand


Nutcracker Christmas Cake Stand For Holiday Kitchen Decor


Get this on Neiman Marcus


14. Berry Mini Wreaths


Kitchen Christmas Cabinet Berry Mini Wreaths


Get this on Etsy


15. Drink Up, Grinches Booze Stand


Drink Up, Grinches Booze Stand


Get this on Etsy


16. Buffalo Plaid Tiered Tray


Buffalo Plaid Tiered Tray Decorations For Christmas Kitchen


Get this on Etsy


17. Christmas Tea Towel


Christmas Tea Towel


Get this on Etsy


18. Mini Christmas Scoops


Mini Christmas Scoops


Get these on Etsy


19. Red Truck Dish Towel


Red Truck Christmas Kitchen Dish Towel


Get this on Etsy


20. Gold Star Window Decorations


Gold Star Christmas Window Decorations For Kitchen


Get these on Etsy


21. Coffee & Music Sign


Coffee & Music Sign


Get this on Etsy


22. Gingerbread Cookie Recipe Sign


Gingerbread Cookie Recipe Sign For Christmas Kitchen decor


Get this on Etsy


23. Winter Farmhouse Tiered Decor


Winter Farmhouse Tiered Decorations For Christmas Kitchen Decor


Get this on Etsy


24. White Christmas Candles


White Christmas Pillar Candles


Get these on Etsy


25. Hot Cocoa Bar Decor


Hot Cocoa Bar Christmas Decor


Get this set on Etsy


26. Christmas Spoons


Christmas Spoons With hot chocolate ornaments


Get this on Etsy


27. Christmas Hand Towels


Christmas Hand Towels


Get this on Etsy


28. Wall Hanging Christmas Tree


Wall Hanging Christmas Tree Kitchen Decor


Get this on Grandin Road


29. Gingerbread Man Platter


Gingerbread Man Christmas Cake Platter For Kitchen Decor


Get this on Neiman Marcus


30. Personalized Christmas Cutting Boards


Personalized Christmas Cutting Boards


Get these on Etsy


31. Gingerbread Town Tiered Tray


Gingerbread Town Tiered Tray Decor For Christmas Kitchen


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32. Christmas Rolling Pins


Christmas Rolling Pins For Kitchen Decor


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33. Mini Christmas Serving Tray


Mini Christmas Serving Tray


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34. Gingerbread Family


Gingerbread Family


Get this on Etsy


35. Christmas Kitchen Towels


Christmas Kitchen Towels


Get this on Etsy


36. Farmhouse Cocoa Bar Decor


Farmhouse Cocoa Bar Decor


Get this on Etsy


37. Holiday Kitchen Mat


Christmas Kitchen Mat


Get this on Etsy


38. Milk For Santa Tiered Tray Decor


Milk For Santa Christmas Tiered Tray Decorations for kitchen


Get this on Etsy


39. Gingerbread Man Tea Spoons


Gingerbread Man Tea Spoons


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40. Personalized Movie Mug


Personalized Christmas Mug


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Have you found your new favorite Christmas kitchen decorations from this list? We hope you did! If you’re still looking for more Christmas inspiration, check the posts down below.


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