Brutally Honest Chicwish Review After $900 In Orders: Is It Legit?

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You’ve no doubt heard of Chicwish, an affordable women’s e-commerce store with tons of feminine clothing worn by influencers all over Instagram. But is Chicwish legit? How do the clothes fit? Find out all this and more in this Chicwish review! Note: This is a sponsored post, but the opinions are our own.

I’m always on the hunt for new online clothing stores to shop at, and when I came across Chicwish a few years ago, I was intrigued from the get-go. It’s a store that specializes in women’s clothing, and they have pretty unique, feminine designs that I’ve often seen on my favorite social media influencers, such as Anna Syren.

Chicwish review with white summer dresses

Wearing the Cutie Lemon Dress

You could imagine how delighted I was when the Chicwish reached out to me to ask if I wanted to review their clothing in a brutally honest review – heck yes!

Not only was it a great way to fill my wardrobe with new spring and summer clothing, but it was also a great way to test out the brand and to see if the quality matched up to the pretty images you see all over Pinterest and Instagram.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been wearing some of the clothing I’ve received on repeat to give you a full rundown of the Chicwish brand in this review, including….

  • What I ordered and what I think about the clothing
  • How long Chicwish shipping takes
  • What Chicwish’s quality and sizing is like
  • What Chicwish’s return process and policy is
  • Chicwish Vs Shein – how they compare

And more! So, let’s get started!

What is Chicwish?

Chicwish is an online store that specializes in women’s clothing, accessories, and swimwear, and they have a ton of different designs to choose from. The clothes are often feminine and feature unique prints or cuts that you don’t see everywhere else.

Where is Chicwish located & Where Does It Ship From?

Chicwish is based out of China, in Zhongshan which is near Macau and Hong Kong. However, Chicwish also has established warehouses in the United States, UK, and Germany.

Based on availability, some of the items on the website will ship from a warehouse that’s closest to you, whereas some pieces will ship directly out of China.

This is also the reason why some shipments will take less than a week to arrive, while others will take much longer.

Here’s What I Ordered & What I Thought About Each Item:

Fancy with Bowknot Knit Top in Black – This is such a cute statement piece! I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on this simple but rather unique piece already, and it goes with so many outfits.

Fancy with Bowknot Knit Top in White – While I prefer the top in black, the white version is very elegant too! My only issue is that I chose to size up for this (instead of XS I ordered an S/M), so it ended up being slightly large for me – I’m exchanging it.

Chicwish white skirt review
Chicwish white skirt review

Shimmer Metallic Pleated Tweed Mini Skirt in Cream – This preppy skirt is one of my favorite items in the order. Again, it’s so simple but goes with so many different looks.

Chicwish has so many similar high-quality skirts on their website, so even if this particular one is sold out in your size, I recommend checking out other skirts that they have!

Chicwish summer dresses review
Chicwish white summer dresses review

Cutie Lemon Branch Printed Tie-Strap Mini Dress – This dress looks exactly like something that Reformation would sell, and it’s the perfect summer dress. I especially love the straps!

Side Pocket Pleated Shorts in Black – I sized up for these shorts (I got size S) and they ended up being absolutely HUGE! They’re getting returned.

Cute Chiciwish leopard print mini skirt outfit with black sweater and combat boots
Cute Chiciwish leopard print mini skirt outfit

Stunning Leopard Jacquard Flap Mini Skirt – This beautiful skirt is another great piece! It has a slight rocker vibe to it and looks perfect with combat boots.

Chicwish review with cute white pants and top outfit

Ruched Side Tie-Bow Crop Cami Top in White – I already know I’m going to be wearing this top SO much this summer! It’s so simple but it works so well – it’s definitely one of my favorite pieces from this order! I’m planning on getting the same top in black, too.

Tie Waist Pleated Pad Shoulder Blazer Dress in Ivory – This was a little bit of an experimental, trendy piece for me to order. I don’t normally wear blazer dresses so it was a bit of a risk for me to get it, but I wanted to try regardless.

On the customer images, this looks so nice, but the fit was a little bit big for me. Also, the ivory color had an ever so slight yellow undertone, which I didn’t like.

Shimmer Contrast Line Buttoned Knit Dress in White – This was one of the pieces that I was most excited about, but unfortunately the fit was too big for me! I ordered it in a size S/M – had it been an XS it would’ve been perfect.

Chicwish contrast midi skirt fall outfit

Pleated Sheen Color Block Midi Skirt in Caramel – I’m normally not a big fan of midi skirts, but this one came in such a pretty color scheme that I had to try it! The quality of this is immaculate and it works well for both casual occasions and special events!

Extra Soft Fuzzy Knit Pleated Dress in Cream – This dress had so much potential, but it was a little too short for my liking, and one of the buttons wasn’t sown on well, so I sent it back.

Shimmer Leopard Asymmetric Mini Skirt in Brown – This is another cute skirt and I have no complaints about it, however, as it is so similar to the other leopard print skirt that I ordered, I decided to send it back.

Tie Waist Front Split Pencil Skirt in Cream – This is such a gorgeous and elegant piece, but I wish it was slightly smaller! If you’re in between sizes, definitely size down for it.

Snake Printed Asymmetric Chiffon Maxi Skirt – This was another experimental piece that was slightly out of my comfort zone. I ended up loving the print, but the skirt was a little too long for my personal taste – something to watch out for, especially if you’re petite!

Green Pocket Double-Breasted Tweed Blazer & Green Front Pleated Hem Tweed Mini Skirt – I got this combo as a set and while it was cute, I don’t think the color suited me very well. The skirt was nicer than the blazer, which I felt was too thin. Also, one of the buttons on the blazer wasn’t sown on well, which I wasn’t impressed by.

Crisscross Faux Leather Pleated Mini Skirt in Black – This trend skirt is actually a skort, which I was pleasantly surprised by. It looks great, but the sizing is on the larger side – I ordered an S and it’s definitely way too big for me!

How long does Chicwish shipping take?

Chicwish’s shipping times depend on where the original package gets shipped from.

On their website, they state that the total time for shipping varies from 3-4 business days for processing the orders, plus 5-6 days for express shipping ($22) and 10-12 days for standard shipping (free for orders over $50). However, this has not been true in my case.

My packages were sent in 3 different parcels, and the shipping time varied a lot. Some items were clearly shipped from either a UK or EU warehouse, as they took less than 10 business days to arrive, while the clothing that was shipped from China took almost a month to arrive, even with express shipping that cost an extra $22.

This is clearly an issue, and I hope the company does something about it. They should either communicate their true shipping times more accurately or work on meeting their self-imposed shipping times.

I would recommend opting for the standard shipping, as express shipping doesn’t seem to have an impact on the total shipping time.

What’s Chicwish’s quality like?

Now that we’ve covered some hurdles that I faced with shipping, let’s jump straight into reviewing the actual clothing.

I have to say: the items that I received were worth the wait. For the most part, the quality of the clothing is great, and I was honestly surprised by how well-made some of the pieces were, especially the skirts.

As Chicwish is a Chinese company, it’s often lumped in together with the likes of Shein and Romwe, but that honestly shouldn’t happen: Chichwish is levels better than any other Chinese clothing company I’ve ordered from before.

Even though most of the fabric used is polyester, it’s good quality: I would compare it to some pieces you can find at H&M.

With this said, there were a couple of garments where I had an issue with the stitching, for example. A dress and a blazer that I otherwise liked had a button that wasn’t sewn on very well, which looked like they were about to drop off at any time. Of course, you could mend it yourself, but I chose to return these particular pieces.

Compared to Shein or other Chinese brands, Chicwish’s quality is much better and more consistent – and it is a lot less hit and miss! Most of the clothing fits great, feels good, and looks good.

Chicwish Sizing – How Does Chicwish fit?

The clothing at Chicwish fits mostly true to size, which is great news for those of us who like to know what to expect before ordering something.

I normally wear a size XS, but for my order, I chose to get some pieces in XS and some in S (and S/M), because often Asian companies can have clothing that is on the smaller side.

However, I wish that I didn’t size up for tops, because the pieces that I got in S were ever so slightly too big for me. However, for most mini skirts, sizing up was definitely the right idea.

So, I would recommend going for your true size in most cases, especially for tops. If you’re between two sizes, think about the fit of the clothing: If you’re buying a short skirt, or prefer a slightly oversized fit, go for the bigger size, otherwise, I would err toward the smaller size.

With this said, I would recommend checking the sizing chart before jumping to order your usual size, as some items may vary in fit.

Lastly, I noticed that a lot of their popular items were sold out in multiple sizes, which was of course annoying. As it was my first time ordering from Chicwish, I wanted to buy items that had lots of customer reviews, and because many of them were either older pieces or frequently bought best-sellers, unfortunately, a lot of them only had a few pieces left.

I’m not sure if there’s much that the brand can do about this, but I hope that they’ll keep restocking their best-sellers continuously, and perhaps keep more stock in their warehouses.

What is Chichwish’s return policy?

Chicwish offers free returns for UK and US customers. You have 30 days to return the items from the date that you receive your order, with the tags still attached.

You can either receive your cash back to your bank account or choose to get Chicwish store credits.

What discounts does Chicwish offer?

Chicwish offers lots of discounts sitewide, ranging from seasonal discounts to discounts that can be unlocked after spending $X, to select limited-time discounts that appear when you’re shopping.

After you’ve ordered, you’ll also get additional Chicwish store credit towards your next purchase when you review the items you purchased.

I also noticed that I unlocked additional discounts with the free Honey Chrome extension, so I definitely recommend installing it!

Chichwish Vs Shein – How do they compare?

In my opinion, there is no comparison – Chicwish is the clear winner.

While it has been many years that I ordered from Shein the last time, every time I placed an order about half of the clothing was either the wrong size or the quality of the pieces was downright bad – only half was wearable. As the clothing was so cheap, I never returned any of the items, because it was too much of a hassle.

I stopped buying from Shein a long time ago, and the pieces that are still in my wardrobe don’t get worn anymore. They’re either too trendy, or they just don’t feel great against the skin.

On the other hand, Chicwish’s clothing is more expensive compared to Shein’s, but when you see the clothing in person you’ll know why. The fabric actually feels nice against the skin, the designs are great, and if there is something you don’t like, the returns are hassle-free.

I’m actually excited to wear the Chicwish pieces I got for this review, whereas with Shein, there was always a compromise between comfort and fashion, at least in my experience.

Is Chicwish a legit brand?

Yes, Chicwish is definitely legit! They’ve been around for over a decade and from my experience, they sell great clothing.

While looking at other Chicwish reviews online I noticed that some of the reviews are quite polarizing – there are positive reviews from people who love the products and people who have had a bad experience ordering from the brand.

From reading these Chicwish brand reviews, it seemed to me that the biggest issue was the shipping time, and I have to agree. The shipping took much longer than promised, and the time frame wasn’t clearly communicated.

Some people also seemed to have an issue with some clothing having a funky smell. While I don’t know what happened to their orders, one of my tops (the Fancy Bowknot Top in black) also arrived with a funky smell, which I couldn’t quite pinpoint. However, after washing the top, the smell disappeared and the item is perfectly fine.

Personally, I will definitely be ordering from Chicwish again, as they have so many cute feminine styles that I still want to try! Now that I know what size to get from the brand after my first order with them, next time will be much easier.

Do I Recommend Them?

Yes, I can definitely recommend them! My personal favorites were the Chicwish skirts and romantic tops that I ordered for this review, but I would also recommend checking out Chicwish dresses – they have such a good selection, especially for the summer.

Also, if you’re looking for a tulle skirt for a special occasion, I would recommend checking Chicwish’s selection in this department, as they carry a lot of them.


Is Chicwish ethical?

I wasn’t able to find any information regarding Chicwish’s ethical practices, so just to be safe, don’t consider it an ethical brand.

Is Chicwish fast fashion?

Yes, Chicwish is technically considered fast fashion owing to its affordable prices, the large use of fabrics like polyester, and the relatively quick turnaround of products.

I hope you enjoyed this Chicwish review! For more similar posts, make sure to check out the articles below.

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