45 Cute & Funny Cat iPhone Wallpaper Backgrounds (Free Download!)

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Are you looking for cute and quirky cat wallpapers that will melt your heart? Then you’re in the right place!

Invite your love of cats into your phone with one of these adorable free cat wallpaper backgrounds and designs. From silly cats doing things that only cats know how to do, to adorable cats snuggled up sleeping to cute cartoon cats, there’s cat wallpapers for every taste! All of them are free to download.

Feel free to save as many wallpapers as you like, I know it can be hard to choose just one!


To save the wallpapers for your background:

On mobile: Hold down on picture and save image or screenshot it.

Desktop: Right-click to save, save to your downloads and airdrop to your phone or email them to yourself to save on your phone.


45 Adorable Cat Wallpapers & Lock screens



Snuggle bug



Aah I love you



High five



Om nom nom



Surprise, bish



The black sheep



Fluff to the rescue



The best angle



Cutie cat



Cuddle me



Not today









Big happy family / Image Via Case4You – Buy the case here



Oink oink



Deep thoughts



Who’s a good boy?



Pet me, slave



Cat love



Not a morning cat






Grey on grey



Surprise visitor









Love you, human / Image Via GoCase – Buy the case here






Fear me



Sleeping buddies






Look atchu



Hide and seek



You’re my meow meow



Hello, human



Don’t touch my phone



Tiger inside






Tiny but mighty






Where’s the food?



Am I cool now?












Grumpy forever








Which of these wallpapers is going to be your next home screen or lock screen background? Let me know in the comments!

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