14 Must Have Camping Essentials To Take On Your Outdoors Trip

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With summer comes additional time outdoors, which means more time exploring nature, going on hikes and camping. This can be an amazing adventure, but things can also turn sour pretty quickly if you don’t have the right equipment.

When you go camping, there’s much more to think about than taking a tent and some sleeping bags. Of course, these are the bare bones, but if you want to have the best time ever, you need a few extra things on the trip – especially if you’re travelling with kids!

Below, you’ll find all the best camping essentials and ideas that you should pack for your next camping trip. Some of these are downright necessities, whereas others are a great addition if you already have everything you need. (For example, you probably don’t need to buy all of the games that I’ve recommended, but getting at least one will definitely keep your kids happy!)


14 Camping Essentials That Will Save Your Summer


Camping Essentials


Get the items here:
  1. Outdoor Collapsible Utility King Wagon | Folds for easy storage, 225 lbs capacity.
  2. Yard Games Wooden Ladder Toss | Games are always a good idea to bring to a long camping trip!
  3. Wooden Yard Dice Lawn Bowling Set
  4. Reclining Padded Camping Chair
  5. 2-Burner Camping Stove | Ideal capacity to feed large groups
  6. Waterproof Flashlight
  7. Backpacker Camping Hammock | Get closer to nature with this single-person hammock!
  8. Cold Weather Sleeping Bag | Built to last a lifetime!
  9. Wood Cornhole Outdoor Lawn Game | Another out-of-the-box game to try!
  10. Fjallraven Kånken Backpack
  11. 4-pc Camping Cook Set | Make delicious meals with this easy-to-clean pots, pan and kettle set.
  12. White Arctic King Cooler | To keep your perishables cold!
  13. 8-Person Tent | Ideal for a big family + helps to protect against low temperatures.


I hope that you got some great ideas for your next camping trip! Of course, make sure to take warm clothing, as well as plenty of food and water!


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