The Best BOYY Dupes & Where To Get Them (From $78!)

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This post is in collaboration with Eight 12 Studios. 

For this week’s designer dupe post I’m glad to announce that I’ve partnered with Eight 12 Studios.

They offer some amazing alternatives to designer bags for a very reasonable price – some start as low as $59!

For my bag, I picked up the chic & minimal BOYY bag dupe from their site, which I absolutely adore!

The resemblance between the designer’s and the alternative bag is uncanny to say the least.



Original BOYY bag, $1,025, here / BOYY Dupe $78, here (2 more colors available)


Although BOYY has been around for over a decade, not many heard of them before the launch of their famous Karl bag (aka the bag in this post!).

The brand originally started out in New York, but now has flagship stores in just two location: Copenhagen and Bangkok, which make sense.

Copenhagen clearly embodies the image that BOYY is trying to portray: clean minimal.



If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought that BOYY was a Scandi brand from Sweden.


The core philosophy of BOYY is that although women should look feminine, their accessories should be masculine: In this way, bag’s, sunglasses and other small goods bring the ying to women’s yang.


In my opinion, BOYY’s bag’s don’t look overly masculine, but I get where they’re coming from.

The minimal, classy bag wouldn’t look that out of place if it was worn by a man.






 Original BOYY bag, $1,025, here / BOYY Dupe $78, here (2 more colors available)


This is the BOYY bag dupe that I own. As you can see, the belt bag comes with a shoulder strap that you can wear either cross body or on your shoulder. 


I always have the strap around my bag, because it just makes every day life that tiny bit easier.

You can of course remove the strap for any party occasions, dinners and other events where you would rather opt for design than convenience.



 Dark red leather interior


I am soooooo  in love with this bag! The attention to detail on the dupe is immaculate, and I can’t believe that it only costs $78!

Design aside, the quality of this bag is 10/10. The leather that it’s made of is very supple, smooth and expensive looking. The inside of the bag and belt are a dark red color, which is a nice touch. 

I’m not sure if the original bag comes with it, but it definitely suits the design.






This bag is quite roomy, and it can fit all of my essentials except for a laptop.


It’s also the bag that I now reach for the most when I head out with friends for dinner or similar places, and every time I wear it I get compliments. 

It’s such a unique bag, even though BOYY is quite popular on social media nowadays.

People can tell that it’s a designer bag, but they can’t put their finger on which designer’s it could be. 




Another thing that I really like is the fact that this bag comes with metal support features on the bottom of the bag.

This is a standard pre-cautionary method for designer bags, but not all dupes come with it, so I was pleased to find out that Eight 12 Studios has put in extra effort to polish off the look of the bag. 


Let me know what you think of this beauty down in the comments!


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