15 Black & Pink Nails For That Rocker Chic Vibe

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If you’re looking for a perfect balance between edgy and feminine, here are the best black and pink nails that we think you’ll love!

Who says you can only settle for one aesthetic? That’s right! You can be feminine but also look badass at the same time. Black is an edgy color that is in stark contrast with pink, which embodies femininity. Combine the two together, and you’ve got a perfect balance that will give you a serious rocker-chic look.

Whether you’re going for dainty minimalist nails or a full-out design with tons of rhinestones and details, there’s something for everyone’s personal preference.

15 Unique Black & Pink Nails

1. Pink Aura

For the most on-trend manicure this season, go for an aura manicure. This innovative style shows a contrasting color fading into the other from the center of the nail. Usually, this is done with one statement color but the combination of black and pink looks perfect for fall.

2. Half & Half

This intricate manicure is a play on a classic French tip. It’s a great opportunity to add some sparkle to your manicure in the form of crystals or glitter.

3. Cosmic Sky

Stars and moons are popular motifs on manicures. They are dainty and add a mystical mood to your nails. You can also swap out these colors, and go for a black base and pink nail art for a gothic-style manicure.

4. Love Polka

If you’re a hopeless romantic or just love love hearts, replacing polka dots with hearts on any manicure is a stunning addition to any Valentine’s look.

5. two personalities

Cute short light pink and black nails with silver polka dots

via @nailartist_natali

If your style changes like the weather, go for a half-and-half approach to your nails. This half-black, half-baby pink manicure perfectly reflects both your personal styles.

6. hearts up

Just like the Love Polka’s manicure, hearts lend themselves to the combination of pink and black. While it could be a super girly manicure, the black tones it down, making it appropriate for every day.

7. Halloween, but still cute

Halloween nails are a great way to celebrate the holiday, without going all out. The only problem is that most manicures can be too gruesome; this cute manicure solves that dilemma!

8. the artist’s stroke

A great way to incorporate multiple colors into your manicure is with abstract designs like this. They are super easy to do at home. Simply make random brush strokes and splodges with your favorite colors and top off with a clear polish.

9. beetles

This manicure is reminiscent of a beetle, but not in a creepy way. It’s a great fall or spooky season manicure, and certainly makes a statement.

10. abstract art

Another at-home manicure is this abstract one. It does require a steady hand, but making black strokes over a baby pink base coat is a fantastic color combination.

11. naturally nude

If you prefer one statement color on your manicure, go for a pink base coat close to your natural nailbed color. You can add small black details like a black French tip or a stroke.

12. mixed manicure

A mix-and-match manicure is all the rage among the fashion girlies. Just choose your favorite shapes, and downsize the designs to fit on your fingers!

13. Pink skies

Just like dusky skies, this manicure reflects the shades of pink and stars you’ll see in the dead of night. To make it appropriate for the spooky season, add mini bat motifs to the manicure.

14. Spot on

Animal prints lend themselves to any manicure with a bright color. To add some glam, you can incorporate some gold or glitter too.

15. Go WILD

Much like the Spot On manicure, this zebra-style nail art design looks great with a touch of pink. You can also recreate this by replacing the white base coat with the pink.

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