Get The Look For Less: 17 Birkenstocks Dupes Under $25!

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Okay, I admit it. Birkenstocks are not the shoes that I would normally reach for if I wanted to step outside the house and impress people.

BUT, these shoes are remarkably comfortable, which has earned them a spot in many A-lister’s wardrobe, including the Olsen twins, Jessica Alba, Gigi Hadid…. well, essentially every celebrity under the planet.

And what’s best, these sandals are rather affordable for celebrity standards – the recommended retail price is usually under $100!

However, I’ve managed to find quite a few brands that offer the Birkenstocks dupes at an unbeatable price of only $12.90!

So, before you buy the originals, perhaps these brands are something for you to consider, especially since they offer the same amount of comfort as the designer’s original creations.


The color options are endless when it comes to these Birkenstocks dupes!

I’ve listed my favourite pairs here, mostly in black, white, metallic and nude, but the websites offer a wide array of colorful designs, including florals and bright colors which are great for the upcoming summer period.

So, if you see a design that you like but are not so keen on the color, check the website to see if more colors are available.


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The Best Birkenstocks Look Alikes: Montrey


Black Birkenstocks Montrey Dupes | Birkenstocks dupes

Birkenstocks, $450, here & $42, here / Birkenstocks Montrey Dupes, here (US)


white Birkenstocks Montrey Dupes | Birkenstocks dupes

Birkenstocks, $100, here / White Birkenstocks dupes, here (US)


black Birkenstocks Montrey Dupes | Birkenstocks dupes

Birkenstocks, $100, here / Black Birkenstocks dupes, here (US)


rose gold Birkenstock Montrey Dupes | Birkenstock dupes

Birkenstocks, $135, here / Rosegold Birkenstocks Dupes, here (US)


gold Birkenstock Montrey Dupes | Birkenstock dupes

Birkenstocks, $135, here / Gold Birkenstocks dupes, here (US)


silver Birkenstock Montrey Dupes | Birkenstock dupes

Birkenstocks, $110, here / Silver Birkenstocks dupes, here (US)


Find more Birkenstocks dupes in different colors here!


Birkenstocks Look Alike Sandals: Gizeh 


black Birkenstock Gizeh Dupes | Birkenstock dupes

Birkenstocks, $100, here / Black Birkenstocks Gizeh dupe, here (US)


white Birkenstock Gizeh Dupes | Birkenstock dupes

Birkenstocks, $100, here / White Birkenstocks Gizeh dupe, here (US)


nude Birkenstock Gizeh Dupes | Birkenstock dupes

Rose Gold Birkenstocks Gizeh dupe, here (US)


Find more Birkenstocks Gizeh dupes in different colors here!


But Wait, Why Should I Get Birkenstocks Dupes In The First Place?


If you are thinking of buying either the real Birkenstocks or Birkenstocks dupes, you’re probably most invested in buying in a comfortable shoe – appearance might not be as important. 

Comfort-wise, it’s best to read what other buyers have said about the products online.

The Birkenstocks dupes mimic the shape of the original orthopedic shoe very well, so technically there should not be a comfort issue when switching to these shoes.

You may also want to invest in Birkenstocks dupes that have been made using real leather, as that will soften with use and not cause discomfort.

Birkenstocks sandals usually come with a very small logo on the buckle, which is almost impossible to detect by eye. Most of these dupes have their own logo in a similar place, so the design looks almost identical.

And, because they are a fraction of the original price, you can get as many as 6 for the same price that you would pay for the designer. This way, you can try out more styles for the summer.


Birkenstocks Dupes: Yara & Mayari


Black Birkenstock Yara dupe

Birkenstocks, $125, here / Black Birkenstocks Yara dupe, here (US)


black Birkenstock Mayari dupe

Birkenstock, $125, here / Black Birkenstocks Mayari dupe, here (US)


Brown Birkenstock Mayari dupe

Birkenstocks, $125, here / Brown Birkenstocks Mayari dupe, here (US)


brown Birkenstock Yara dupe

Birkenstocks, $125, here / Brown Birkenstocks Yara dupe, here (US)


Looking for Yara & Mayari dupes in different colors? Find them here & here!


There you have it, the best Birkenstocks dupes for super cheap! Which one of these was your favourite?


What’s The History Behind Birkenstocks?


The Birkenstocks brand has been around since the 1770’s, and was originally started as an orthopedic brand to relieve foot pain for people who suffered from tired feet.

The footbed that is now famous was created in the 1930s, and comprises four different layers that complete the sandal.

The bottom layer is the shock absorbent sole, and on top of it lie two layers of jute fibers, along with a firm corked footbed. The final layer is a soft suede which makes up the footbed line.


How Did The Birkenstocks Even Become Fashionable?


The shoe doesn’t look like your typical “fashionista” shoe, so it’s interesting to see how this orthopedic shoe became one that celebs and fashionistas now covet over.

Birkenstocks are in style as strongly as ever right now, but before 2013 things were a little different.

The shoe was deemed as fashionable as crocs (which, btw, might be making a come back – have you seen Balenciaga’s new shoe collection??).


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In 2013, major fashion houses such as Celine and Givenchy came out with their own twist on the classic Birkenstocks (retailing for hundreds of course), featuring them on catwalks and even on Vogue.

Celebrities quickly caught onto the trend, and everyone won – not only did high fashion houses manage to sell these sandals for a lot more than what they looked like, the original Birkenstock was now a fashionable item to own as well. Since then, the trend has only continued!


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