30+ Stunning Bikinis Like Triangl Under $25 That You’ll Love

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Have you coveted the distinctive neon bikinis with bold black seams from Triangl but haven’t been able to get your hands on a set? Here are some bikinis like Triangl that come at a more affordable price.

Triangl was created by the Australian couple Craig Ellis and Erin Deering, who launched their neoprene bikinis in 2012 after Erin was frustrated at the lack of stylish yet practical swimwear.

Deering spotted a gap in the market for a practical yet stylish swimwear line made from technical fabrics like neoprene, after failing to find her ideal bikini for a beach date.

Due to economical limits the brand started and have stayed online only. Their intention was to sell one swimsuit a day to cover their rent, years later they sell over 45,000 bikinis a month. In 2013, after their Instagram grew a cult Kendall Jenner posted an image wearing one of their looks, this kicked off their American sales.

Their mid-range bikinis soon became an Instagram favourite, with their outfits being worn by the likes of Beyonce and Miley Cyrus, their own Instagram soon gaining millions of followers. 

The staple design is simple and not overly skimpy but it’s distinctive, practical and modern. The bra top is made from a sturdy scuba-suit neoprene and the bottoms offer coverage which allows women’s bodies to look smooth and supported. Their sets come in bold and bright colours with distinctive colour blocked seams.

The price point, which is under $73 USD is affordable but expensive enough to be considered good quality. Their latest collection includes tartan print bikinis, motto emblazoned bandage tops and sporty cut-out one pieces.

However, for those of you who don’t want to spend $70 on a bikini, there’s a still multitude of options you can choose from. Below, we’re showing the best bikinis like Triangl that are currently available on the market.


30+ Bikinis Like Triangl (For Cheap!)


neoprene bikinis like triangl neoprene bikinis like triangl

Bikinis like Triangl, Here Here



neoprene bikinis like triangl neoprene bikinis like triangl

Bikinis like Triangl, Here Here



neoprene bikinis like triangl

Bikinis like Triangl, Here Here



orange bikinis like trianglpink bikinis like triangl


Bikinis like Triangl, Here Here



pink crochet bikinis like trianglhote pink bikinis like triangl

Bikinis like Triangl, HereHere



grey bikinis like trianglpurple crochet bikinis like triangl

Bikinis like Triangl, Here / Here 



red bikinis like triangl

Bikinis like Triangl, Here Here



floral bikinis like triangltropical palm tree bikinis like triangl

Bikinis like Triangl, Here Here



Bikinis like Triangl, Here Here



Bikinis like Triangl, Here &  Here



Bikinis like Triangl, Here Here



Bikinis like Triangl, Here & Here



neon bikinis like trianglgreen neon bikinis like triangl

Bikinis like Triangl, Here Here



orange and purple bikinis like triangl

Bikinis like Triangl, Here Here



Bikinis like Triangl, Here Here


We love Botobkn’s perfect neon alternatives to Triangl’s neon patchwork design with the bold black seams, all hand sewn and in a multitude of eye catching colours.

Little Hunter’s sexy pastel coloured crochet bikinis are girly and flattering whilst Tengweng offer bold and bright crochet two pieces. Cindysmile offer bold patterned versions of the bold seamed bikinis in tropical prints and delicate florals – there’s something for everyone!


What Is Neoprene Swimwear?


Neoprene is a material related to scuba diving wetsuit fabric. Recently neoprene has become a fashion designers best friend, due to its flexible, sporty and sexy appearance, and we’ve seen it used in crop tops, skirts and bodycon dresses.

Neoprene is highly elastic and flexible which means it moulds to the body for a perfect fit without the worry of the material sagging or stretching out.

Most bikinis are made from spandex nylon but neoprene is softer and more comfortable to wear. The additional bonus is that the soft material won’t leave indents and marks on the skin after wear.

Neoprene is durable and able to withstand vigorous and adventurous activities without slipping off. The colour is etched into the rubber compound so it will not fade when washed and will not rip during deep sea diving or other strenuous activities.

The elasticated material creates a support system around your body which not only flatters it but it also helps the bikini from sagging and slipping during wear.

The waterproof material is also easy to wash and store as well as having anti-bacterial properties, this means you can sit around in your bikini without feeling wet and harvesting bacteria.

Makes sure you rinse the swimsuit properly after use and hand wash them like you would a delicate piece of clothing. If the neoprene bikini is especially dirty soak it overnight with mild detergent.


Is Neoprene Vegan?


Neoprene is a vegan man-made material. Neoprene material is a type of foamed synthetic rubber, it is produced through a chemical reaction using chloroprene, this binds all the molecules of the reaction together and forms chips.

These chips are melted and mixed with pigments leaving a smooth sliced bread like neoprene sheets. This neoprene fabric can be laminated to nylon fabric for extra strength.

Whilst it is vegan it is not the most eco-friendly material out there as it is a petroleum and limestone derivative. While neoprene itself is not environmentally harmful the production of the material involves mining and drilling. Some swimsuits are fabricated using limestone neoprene made from natural rubbers and recycled fibres.


Is Neoprene Breathable?


Most neoprene materials are not breathable, this has its pros and its cons. The open cell foam type of neoprene is breathable, however the closed-cell foam is not breathable but that makes it  waterproof and insulated. 

Neoprene is often used to make wetsuits and  waders due to its insular properties and are lower in price than expensive waterproof fabrics than are made with more breathable membranes.

Whilst neoprene is not the most breathable of swimwear materials it is quick drying and has anti-bacterial properties. The lack of breathability means wearing swimwear made from neoprene will not leave you with those post pool cold chills and it will fit perfectly to your body.

Over the years there have been many attempts to produce high performance breathable fabrics, like for example a breathable neoprene.

There are ventilated neoprene materials which have holes punched through it, but this lowers the insulation value, resulting in condensation of sweat and significantly changes the material’s compressive and elastic qualities. 


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