100+ Best Tailwind Tribes To Kickstart Your Pinterest Popularity

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By now you probably know that Pinterest is one of the best ways to promote your blog: it’s quick, it’s fun, and you can automate it.

But what people often don’t tell you is that it can be HARD to see success with Pinterest. All you ever see online is posts about how Pinterest has changed peoples’ lives and how you can do it too. And yes, that’s absolutely possible, but it’s not always as easy as people make it out to be.

Take my story for example. I was blogging for 1,5 years before I truly experienced the powers of Pinterest. Don’t get me wrong – I always knew Pinterest was important for blogging, but it wasn’t until l I discovered Tailwind Tribes that I ACTUALLY got the traffic that everyone was raving about.

Thanks to Tailwind Tribes, I was able to take my blog from about 100 visits from Pinterest a day to 1,000+ visits from Pinterest every single day. (Note: These figures are based on my own results. Have a look at the typical results across all Tailwind members here!)



In the beginning of 2017, I had barely 10 sessiona a day coming from Pinterest. At the end of 2018, I had more than 1,000+ Pinterest sessions every single day. In terms of pageviews, that translated to getting 80,000-90,000 pageviews per month on average and it hasn’t stopped since.

Naturally, I’m a HUGE fan of Tribes and I think that every blogger should give them a chance in their blogging strategy.

If you have never heard of Tribes before, I highly suggest that you check out my post on How To Use Tailwind Tribes To Explode Your Traffic, and then come back to this post to join as many Tribes as possible. If you’re already familiar with the power of Tribes and just want to see the best Tribes possible, great, let’s get to it!


Free 4 Day Email Course: Explosive Traffic With Pinterest


Before getting into the best Tailwind Tribes, I have a special FREE 4 day eCourse that covers everything related to Pinterest marketing. Unlike other Pinterest marketing courses, I’m not simply going to be talking about the basics – I’ll also dive into more advanced subjects like how to use Tailwind, Tailwind Tribes, Pinterest SEO and so much more!

You can sign up to the course below!


How To Evaluate Which Tribes To Join?


When you apply for Tribes, I highly recommend going for highly active, BIG tribes. This way, your pins will be in front of more people, and they’ll have a higher probability of being shared by your tribes mates!

I also recommend checking the virality of each tribe before joining. By virality, I’m referring to how many re-pins each pin that is submitted to the tribe gets. This means that either people have stopped pinning from this tribe or they are simply pinning to very low quality boards (hint: that’s not good for anyone, including them). There’s nothing worse than wasting your time and pins or tribes that don’t generate the results that you want and need.

To check the virality of a board, simply click on “Preview Tribe” in the upper lefthand side corner.

For example, if we click on #ManagingMommiesTribe, we’ll see that for every 43.6 k pins submitted, the pins get 45.8k repins, or 1.05 re-pins per pin on average. This is okay, but there’s better tribes than that too.



For example, if we preview Practical Mommy Lifetsyle, we’ll see that for every 49.2k pins submitted, the pins get 88.8k repins, or 1.80 re-pins per pin on average. 



I recommend only joining tribes that have a virality of 1+ to get maximum results!


100+ Best Tailwind Tribes To Join (With 1+ Virality)


To join, simply click on the link and accept the invitation!

P.S. New to Tailwind? If so, you can get a FREE $15 credit + access to Tribes for an entire month using my partner link


All Niches



Adrian’s Tribe – All Niches

All Niches! Promote, Grow and Learn (not 1+ virality if you look at all the stats, but personally for me, the virality is 4+, which is even better so I’m including it)

Bloggers Come Together (100+)

Bloggers For Pinterest & Instagram

Blogging Friends Pin

Bloggers Killing It On Pinterest

Bloggers Unite Tribe

Caffeinated And Conquer

Pinterest Friends

Team Work Pinning

Striving Bloggers

The Millenial Life




Beauty Bloggers Tribe

Fashion & Beauty Instagram Influencers

Fashion & Beauty Tribe

Beauty & Makeup

Fashion, Beauty, Style

Hairstyles, Makeup, Nail Designs & Outfits

Steal The Style: Fashion & Beauty



Blogging & Online Business


Action-Taking Business Owners Community

Adrian’s Blogging And Social Media Tribe


Bloggers & Creative Infopreneurs Tribe

Blogger’s Chalkboard

Blogging for business: Promote your blog

Blogging Friends Pin

Blogging + Income Tips

Bloggers Pinning

Blogging Resources

Blogging Success

Blogging Tips

Bloggers Unite Tribe

Business Bloggers Share the Love

Caffeinated And Conquer

HerPaperRoute Blogging Hive

Small Business

Striving Bloggers

Profitable Blogging Tips





Christian Bloggers: Book Club 


Crafts / DIY / Bullet Journaling


All Things Crafty


Crafts & Decor

DIY Bloggers

Organize Your Life

Viral craft pins 1000 repins+




Christian Bloggers

Faith Blogger Pins




Chic Sisters

Fashion & Beauty Instagram Influencers

Fashion & Beauty Tribe

Fashion, Beauty, Style

Fashion Boutique

Fashion Forward

Fashion & Style

Fashion And Style Bloggers

Ladies Fashion Bloggers

“Over 40” Fashion Bloggers

Wear It. Style It.

Womens Fashion Affiliate Links





Balanced Bloggers: Healthy Recipes & Wellness

Fabulous Food Pinners

Favorite Food Bloggers

Healthy Food Tribe

Kicking It With Kelly Tribe

Mmmmm Recipes

Paleo and Gluten-free Lifestyle

Slow Cooker / Instant Pot Recipes


Health, Wellness & Fitness


Create a Healthy Lifestyle

Everything YOGA

Healthy Eats/Fitness

Health & Fitness Bloggers

Fitness Tribe


Home Decor


All Things Beautiful Home Decor & Art

Blogger Home Decor

Colour Color Home Inspiration Lovers

Farmhouse Rustic Decor

Home Design & Decor

Home Design & DIY





FNW Homeschool

Secular Homeschool Happy




Adrian’s Money, Parenting, and Organizing Tribe

Baby & Kids Clothing & Fashion

Baby Registry and Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Everything Baby

Natural birth, breastfeeding and the fourth trimester

Oh, Baby Baby!

Practical Mommy Lifestyle

Special Needs Parenting


Personal Finance


*Millenial Lifestyle

Adrian’s Money, Parenting, and Organizing Tribe


Budget Travel & Lifestyle [Mappin Monday Tribe]

Everything Money

FREE Stuff, Savings, and Frugal Living

Frugality and Personal Finance

Money Matters




#BloggersGetSocial Travel

Budget Travel & Lifestyle [Mappin Monday Tribe]

Dream.Pin.Go. [Mappin Monday Tribe]

Travelling around the world

Travel Tips and Destinations


Wanderlust & Foodie lovers Tribe





DIY Wedding Bloggers


My Results With Tribes


You probably know that Pinterest is the holy grail of traffic for many bloggers, but it’s not always so easy to get started with successful Pinterest marketing.

That was also my case – I thought that I was doing everything right with Pinterest, but the traffic just wasn’t there…Until I discovered Tailwind Tribes. After that, my Pinterest traffic REALLY took off, like you can see here:



Tailwind Tribes has really been my ultimate secret to not only reaching 5 million monthly Pinterest views, but also getting 80,000-90,000 monthly pageviews on my blog consistently. Before I started implementing Tribes into my Pinterest strategy, my pageviews hovered at around 50,000 /month, and 5-6 weeks after I started implementing Tribes, it shot up to 91,000 / month.


And that wasn’t all – Tailwind Tribes actually helped to boost the popularity of my ENTIRE Pinterest account! Before Tribes, I was virtually getting no traffic to my blog from Pinterest (2,000-16,000 pageviews / month), and after Tribes it shot up to 50,000 pageviews / month from Pinterest!

I also tested out if my Pinterest traffic would suffer if I paused my Tribes strategy. I went on a 5 week hiatus in November/December time and didn’t post anything to Tribes. The results surprised me in a positive way: my traffic from Tribes dropped as expected, but my organic Pinterest traffic picked up where Tribes left off. So, the net result was that I still had as much traffic as before.

So what does that mean? Well, Tailwind Tribes helped to kickstart the flow of organic traffic to my blog too!

I dive deeper into my Tailwind Tribes strategy in my 90+ page e-book Explosive Traffic With Tribes which goes over my exact strategy that I used to get 90,000 monthly pageviews to my blog and make my content spread like wildfire.



The Explosive Traffic With Tribes e-book is super affordable and contains no fluff – In it, break down my exact strategy on how I get 3-5 million Pinterest views each month. Tailwind Tribes are my main source of traffic and I highly recommend this e-book if you’re serious about getting huge traffic from Pinterest.


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