17 Free Top WordPress Plugins For New Bloggers

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Have you just started a blog and want to find the top WordPress plugins for new bloggers? If so, this list is all you need!

One of the best features of WordPress is that you have access to thousands of free plugins that make it super easy for you to customise your site and improve its functions.

Once you’ve started your blog, it can be overwhelming to know exactly what to do and where to begin. You want to make sure that your blog looks the best that it can, but you also want to make it fully functional.

That’s exactly why I’ve complied this list of the top WordPress plugins for new bloggers – these plugins will make sure that your website is optimised for social shares, Google rankings, speed, design & more.


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Have a blog already? Read on to see the top WordPress plugins for new bloggers!

You can go and download each and every one of them, or pick and choose according to your needs! To download, either simply go on the links provided, or search for the plugins in your WordPress dashboard. After downloading, click activate. Now you have your plugins up and running!


17 Top WordPress Plugins For New Bloggers (That Are Free!)


1. Yoast SEO.This is the go-to plugin for search engine optimisation. By utilising the tools that this plugin offers, you are more likely to rank higher on Google for keywords that matter to your niche. Yoast SEO also allows you to create meta tags, optimise your titles, and create a sitemap for Google.

(I know SEO can be a little bit hard to grasp, so if you have any questions, leave me a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can.)


Top WordPress plugins for new bloggers - the best free WordPress plugins that are essential

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2. W3 Total Cache. This Plugin will speed up your website by creating saved copies of your website, saving WordPress from having to generate them for every site. This cuts down the work that your hosting server has to do and ultimately makes your website run a lot faster.

3. EWWW Image Optimizer.Optimising images is essential for great website speed! Adding big images to your blog posts can slow your website a ton, so it’s essential to properly size and compress your images. If they aren’t properly formatted before you upload them to WordPress, they will take up more space than necessary. This plugin is so good that I’ve upgraded to the premium version!

4. Classic Editor.WordPress recently upgraded their platform to a new system called “Gutenberg”, which is quite confusing not only for new bloggers, but old bloggers who are used to having the classic WordPress look. Secondly, not all blog themes are compatible with the new Gutenberg, which can be very irritating.

The Classic Editor plugin takes care of all of this and provides a more seamless experience inside WordPress.

5. Pin It For  Button For Pinterest.Pinterest is an amazing traffic source for some bloggers out there, so you don’t want to miss out on the potential traffic that it might bring.

This plugin will enable your blog visitors to pin your content on their Pinterest boards more conveniently, which will in turn allow more people to discover your blog!

6. Lazy Load by WP Rocket. This plugin is essential for fashion bloggers who are planning to include a lot of images in their post. What this plugin does is that it only loads pictures on a post as the user scrolls down a page – speeding up the loading time a lot. 

This improves the user experience on your site and makes it less likely that people will click away from your site.

7. Akismet Anti-Spam. This plugin will provide protection against hackers and spammers – better be safe than sorry.

8.UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore.This one is a MUST. UpdraftPlus creates automatic backups of your site on autopilot, so that if anything goes wrong, you can just restore your website with the touch of a button. There’s nothing worse than losing your whole site to a cyber attack, or trying out something new with your website that ends up completely destroying it.

9.410 for WordPress.Have you deleted any posts or pages on you blog that you thought you no longer needed? That’s great for keeping your blog looking neat, but not so great for SEO and Google. This plugin will send a 410 (gone) message for those pages that don’t exist on your blog anymore to Google so that your site won’t get penalized in Google rankings.


Top WordPress plugins for new bloggers - the best free WordPress plugins that are essential


10. Google Analytics. Remember to sign up with Google Analytics and connect it to your website. This is by far the most detailed analytics data provider that there is. Once you have Google Analytics set up, go ahead and install Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights. This is a light plugin that won’t slow your site down.

11.Insert Headers and Footers.This is a great plugin for inserting text in headers. You will need it when you have to verify your site or when you want to put ads on your site, among other things.

12.Open in New Window Plugin.This is a great plugin to encourage people to stay on your site. It will open external windows in new tabs, meaning that your site will remain open.

13.Redirection.Want to redirect certain pages to other pages? Easy! This plugin can do that for you.

14.Pretty Links.This is a great plugin for creating custom short-links. The links that you create will look like this: http://yourwebsite.com/keyword.

Not only can you mask your affiliate links using this plugin, you’ll also see all the stats about how many times a certain link was clicked and by how many people. There’s a free and a paid version and the free version is enough for most bloggers.

15. Really Simple SSL. Don’t have an SSL certificate yet? No problem. This nifty plugin will take care of it for you.

16. OneSignal Push Notifications. This is not a necessary plugin, but it’s a very good one that I highly recommend.

It’s a browser push notification plugin, which prompts visitors to sign up for automatic notifications whenever you publish a new blogpost. It’s super easy to set up and it can have a huge impact on your traffic.

Some bloggers have revealed that OneSignal drives almost 10% of their blog traffic – completely on autopilot! To sign up, you will also need to create a free account on OneSignal.com.

17. WooCommerce.Want to sell your own products but don’t want to pay Shopify $9/month to get started with selling? No problem! You can sell your own products on your website completely free of charge using WooCommerce.

These are the top WordPress plugins for new bloggers to get you started growing and monetizing your blog. Remember that less is more – having too many plugins will slow down your site and that’s something you definitely do NOT want. 

Only keep the essential plugins for the best user experience!

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