7 Best Korean Eyebrow Pencils To Add To Your K-Beauty Arsenal

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Are you looking to add more Korean makeup products to your beauty collection? If so, here are the best Korean eyebrow pencils that you should consider investing in.

Eyebrows are one of the best ways to frame your face and draw attention to your best features. Shaping your eyebrows is a beauty trend that spans across cultures, but styling your eyebrows in the way that Koreans do theirs has become very popular in the last few years. It’s quite different than most Western eyebrow shapes and achieves a completely different look, highlighting different aspects of the face.

No doubt, beautiful eyebrows are a defining feature. From the shape to the color, there is so much that goes into getting them just right. Thanks to the Korean beauty industry, so many people around the world have been following Korean beauty trends for years and it’s not hard to see why!

Korean eyebrow pencils come in a wide range of colors and shapes and best of all, they’re really affordable! Below, we’ll go over the best Korean eyebrow products, as well as explain why and how  Korean women achieve their unique eyebrow look.


Korean Vs. Western Makeup Look


Koreans prefer a natural makeup look, which means no overpowering and thick products applied onto the face. It pales in comparison to the Western makeup look, which consists of a thick (and often matte) foundation, full eye makeup consisting of heavy eyeshadow and eyeliners, strong contour, overlined lips, and strong arched brows.

When it comes to eyebrows, Koreans go for straight brows. They apply the product in feathery light strokes which gives it a more natural look.

Why do they prefer this type of eyebrow shape? Apparently, straight brows (or natural brows) give off an illusion of looking younger and innocent, while Western brows with their strong arches are more designed to make you look older and mature.

For Western eyebrows, they are usually lined first before blending the color into the shape – which gives it a strong arched shape. You can see in the video above how different both makeup standards look.


Are Korean Eyebrows Better Than Western Eyebrows?


Honestly? It really depends on your preference and of course, your face shape. If you prefer a strong makeup look that makes you feel like an Instagram baddie, go for it. If you want a natural makeup look that feels lightweight on your face, you can also go for it. The best thing is, you can interchange both looks depending on your mood for the day! Don’t overthink it!

If you haven’t tried the Korean eyebrow look, we got you. We’ve included our top picks of the best Korean eyebrow pencils from the best K-beauty brands down below, as well as a guide on how to achieve Korean eyebrows that will last you the entire day.

One thing that’s unique about Korean eyebrow pencils is that they come with an angled tip or a thin tip for easy application. Most of them also come in a retractable feature so that you won’t have to go through the hassle of sharpening them every time. For ultra-convenience, these Korean eyebrow pencils also come with a spoolie brush on the other side of the stick so you can easily blend in your eyebrows!


The Best Korean Eyebrow Pencils In 2021

1. Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Pencil


Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Pencil for the best Korean eyebrow pencil


Of course, no Korean makeup product list is ever complete without at least one Etude House product! The Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Pencil is our top choice for the best Korean eyebrow pencil, as it comes with an angled tip that will help you draw precise lines, as well as a spool brush on the other end that is super convenient. 

This eyebrow pencil is pretty hard and not too creamy (which is actually a good thing – you can use it to build up your desired intensity!). It comes in 7 colors, making it ideal for most people to find their perfect shade. It’s also super affordable at under $3, making it the perfect product for anyone who loves a good bargain.


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2. Pony Effect Sharpening Brow Definer Pencil


Pony Effect Sharping Brow Definer Pencil for the best Korean eyebrow pencil

First off, the Pony Effect Sharping Brow Definer Pencil comes in such cute packaging – the pencil itself is a sleek, thin stick with a metallic rose gold design.

Secondly, what makes this eyebrow pencil actually so great is its “ultra-skinny” 1.5mm end that allows for ultimate precision, while the spool brush gives a natural finish. 

The pencil has five shades, namely: Bronze, Natural Brown, Deep Brown, Ash Brown, and Crimson. Reviews say that it can be compared to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz,  and if you’ve heard of ABH, you know that is a huge compliment, especially since Pony’s eyebrow pencil is 70% cheaper.

The texture of the pencil is not creamy, in fact, it has a harder, slightly powdery texture which makes it ideal for eyebrows. 

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3. Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Skinny Eyebrow Pencil


Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Eyebrow Pencil for the best Korean eyebrow pencil

The Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Skinny Eyebrow Pencil comes in six gorgeous shades, and like the Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Pencil, it has a retractable feature with an angled top so you won’t have to sharpen it for every use. Its six shades consist of Ash Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Ash Brown, Choco Brown, and Red Brown for those with red hair. 

As the name implies, this is an ultra-precise eyebrow pencil with a very skinny tip. It’s perfect for mimicking the look of natural hairs, and it easily blends into your own eyebrows. 

It also has a spoolie brush on the other end so you can blend out your eyebrows for a more natural look. The product lasts long and doesn’t smudge easily, making it perfect for everyday wear. 

Like Etude House’s eyebrow pencil, this product is super affordable too: at just $6.50, it’s a better price than most Western eyebrow pencils.

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4. CLIO Kill Brow Auto Eyebrow Pencil


CLIO Kill Brow Auto Eyebrow Pencil

The CLIO Kill Brow Auto Eyebrow Pencil is a little different than the two eyebrow pencils we’ve mentioned thus far. Instead of having a simple angular tip, its tip is shaped like a slim hexagon, which facilitates easier (and quicker) application of the product.

Unlike the others featured before this, the CLIO Kill Brow Auto Eyebrow Pencil actually comes with a sharpener – just pull the cap and you’ll see a screw-like hole, where all you need to do with gently rub the tip of the pencil. So while it’s already an angled tip, you can take an extra step further by sharpening it. 

The formula is specifically made to glide better over foundation, so you can achieve a deeper look by priming your eyebrows first. If you prefer a more natural look, the eyebrow pencil will leave a softer look over your natural brows. 

Since the formulation is hard, expect your eyebrows to last long until the night since it’s not as oily as other brow pencils. 

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5. 3CE Brow Pencil & Cushion


3CE Brow Pencil & Cushion

Next, we have quite a unique product. Unlike the rest of the products featured, the 3CE Brow Pencil & Cushion does not come with an angled tip and a spoolie brush – instead, it comes with a thin tip and a cushion on the other end which can be used to blend out the eyebrows. 

It has garnered many 5-star reviews on the Style Nanda website, many of which have said that it’s their new “holy grail” eyebrow pencil since it lasts the whole day without smudging, even in hot weather. Plus, many of the reviews say that the colors match their eyebrows perfectly!

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6. Missha Perfect Eyebrow Styler

Missha Perfect Eyebrow Styler

The Missha Perfect Eyebrow Styler is perhaps among the most affordable ones out of this list for only $5 per pencil. Like the others, the pencil comes with a slanted tip and a spool brush.

The product glides easily, making it easy to draw precise outlines. It is water and sweat-proof, and it comes in five different shades (Black, Grey Brown, Red Brown, Dark Brown, Brown, and Light Brown). 

One of the most unique and interesting colors of this eyebrow pencil is the Grey Brown color. It’s unlike other ash browns, instead being quite close to a true grey. So, if you are rocking a salt & pepper hairdo (or know someone who is!), this product is worth trying!

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7. Aritaum Matte Formula Eyebrow Pencil


Aritaum Matte Formula Eyebrow Pencil

The Aritaum Matte Formula Eyebrow Pencil comes in five different colors (Light Brown, Brown, Ash Brown, Red Brown, and Black Brown). 

Like the previous eyebrow pencils before this, the Aritaum Matte Formula Eyebrow Pencil also comes with a retractable angled tip and a spool brush on the other end and is very similar to Etude House’s eyebrow pencil. in all aspects.

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How To Achieve Korean-Style Eyebrows


Step 1.  Choose your perfect shade. Koreans like to apply a lighter color to their eyebrows, which is about 2-3 shades lighter than their hair color. Of course, if you have blonde hair, match it to your roots instead.

Step 2. Create a soft outline for your natural eyebrows. If you haven’t plucked or waxed your eyebrows yet, this is great since you can follow your eyebrow’s natural shape. Ditch the curves and go for a straight line, with a slight angle at the end following your brow’s natural arc.

Step 3. Fill in your outline using light, feathery strokes. You want to make them as light and natural-looking as possible, so avoid pressing the eyebrow pencil down too hard. You can also use a brush (most Korean eyebrow pencils conveniently come in with a spoolie end, making it their best feature!) to blend in the product around the sparse areas, creating a natural finish and a fuller brow.

Step 4. An extra step would be to touch it up with brow mascara to make the look last the whole day. Like before, apply it in with light strokes. Don’t use brow gel as this will cake up your eyebrows. To clean up any sharp edges, apply some light concealer along your eyebrows using an angled brush for best results.


Commonly Asked Questions:

Why are Korean eyebrows straight? 

Koreans like straight brows as it gives you a more youthful, innocent look. 

How are Korean beauty standards different than Western beauty standards?

Korean people prefer a more natural makeup look that doesn’t draw too much attention to the face.  They prefer a natural look, almost as if you weren’t wearing any makeup at all. On the other hand, Western makeup looks have a stronger emphasis on creativity, color and uniqueness, which is more popular in our current society.   

Do Koreans pluck their eyebrow hairs?

Since Koreans prefer their eyebrows to be as natural-looking as possible, they only pluck their eyebrows minimally, and they only pluck stray hairs outside their eyebrow area. Fun fact: Groomed eyebrows on Korean men is a sign of masculinity in their society! 

We hope you’ll achieve the perfect eyebrows from this list of the best eyebrow pencils! If you’re still looking for more beauty ideas, check the posts down below.


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