Fashionable clothing for the winter-spring 2018 season is very diverse, and every woman can easily find something for herself. Those fashionistas who like to experiment in clothing combinations are especially lucky, as there are no strict restrictions in this season. This means that you can express yourself as much as possible, showing vivid imagination and creating truly unique images.

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Trendy Clothes for Winter and Spring 2018

Before you go to buy a new fashionable outfit, we recommend you to create your ideal basic wardrobe. It is absolutely necessary to every snappy dresser because the whole image is built on the ground of basic things. At the same time, the trend thing will make a bright accent, due to which such a combination will be harmonious.

Of course, the cold season is the period when you especially want warmth and comfort. Fashion designers contribute to this in the coming cold season. Fur coats of mink and sable look luxurious and beautiful, but for many women, they are too expensive or the principles do not permit wearing the natural fur. Therefore, fashionable coats for winter can be made of artificial fur as well. In the season of 2018 beginning, the artificial fur looks no longer poor and miserable due to the modern technologies. Therefore, the fur coats have flowers and stripes, a variety of geometric patterns of different shades and prints.

The Best Investment Pieces for Winter-Spring 2018 Season | The Chic Pursuit

    © Harper’s Bazaar

There are coats made of different pieces of fur, for example, by the patchwork technique. Colored fur coats are the most leading trends in the winter-spring 2018 season. Designers suggest painting the fur coats in the most unexpected colors, from yellow to bright blue.

The Best Investment Pieces for Winter-Spring 2018 Season | Micah Giannelli Featured On The Chic Pursuit

                © Micah Gianneli

         The Best Investment Pieces for Winter-Spring 2018 Season | The Chic Pursuit

 © Pinterest

As for the silhouettes, designers recommend voluminous outer clothes. In addition, in the new season, the shortened length of fur coats turned out to be more preferable, although designers do not refuse both the maximum and the average length. If you choose an oversized coat, you can combine it with almost all things in your wardrobe and create any images. No less important are voluminous jackets, warm sheepskin coats with fur inserts and, of course, fur coats. Look closely at artificial materials of a wide range of colors. You can choose the most suitable one that will complement your wardrobe.

The Best Investment Pieces for Winter-Spring 2018 Season | The Chic Pursuit

   ©  Fashionisers 

Women’s jacket made of genuine leather is a very practical thing. It serves for a long time, looks stylish and expensive, and besides that, the natural leather helps create an image of a confident and strong woman. Unlike many other clothes, women’s leather jackets never lose their relevance. Fashion trends give some models more popularity, change the style and dressing of leather, but in general, leather jackets are always in vogue.

The Best Investment Pieces for Winter-Spring 2018 Season | The Chic Pursuit

                      © Just Cavalli

In this season, high-waisted jeans, denim shirts, skirts, dresses, jackets, and coats are fashionable. The denim jacket and a pair of jeans were once inseparable. Today, they are together again. New trends in tops for jeans include short denim jackets and elongated combined coats. Such clothing is comfortable, stylish and extremely universal. Do you remember those jeans models with lots of appliqués and embroidery? They are in vogue again, only the number of prints per every square inch is doubled at least.

The Best Investment Pieces for Winter-Spring 2018 Season | The Chic Pursuit

                          © Dior

The Best Investment Pieces for Winter-Spring 2018 Season | The Chic Pursuit

       ©  Dolce & Gabbana

A variety of knitwear was presented on the fashion podiums. Depending on the style, you can choose simple or more elegant clothes. Both winter and spring fashion trends comprise the diverse set of sweaters at the same time. The fact is that both simple, fitted models of clothes, and wider, voluminous samples are perfect. Designers propose to combine oversize sweaters with light skirts made of thin material or leather. Due to this combination, the image will look well-balanced.

The Best Investment Pieces for Winter-Spring 2018 Season | The Chic Pursuit

                     ©  Gift Of Knitting

The business style conquers again the fashionable tops of clothing. At the same time, it is far from all known classical things. Stylists recommend stylish business suits with a touch of modernity. Pay attention to the trousers with a high waist, as they visually extend the legs and make the figure more proportional. Of course, narrow trousers are still topical and it is better to try on straight ones. They look very neat and great for the everyday life and office work too. The suit can be not only of usual material. The clothes made of velvet, tweed and other types of fabric look pretty and relaxing.

The Best Investment Pieces for Winter-Spring 2018 Season | The Chic Pursuit

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Do not forget the accessories to complete your image. For example, a long scarf made of artificial or natural fur will give your image a special chic, and in addition, this fluffy accessory will warm you in the cold weather. A long fur scarf of bright contrast color will suit confident and brave women, and a scarf of a muted shade will bring a fresh touch to the everyday image. A stylish hat, soft scarf, and gloves are necessary accessories for the winter image of any fashionable woman.

The Best Investment Pieces for Winter-Spring 2018 Season | The Chic Pursuit

   © Fashion Tasty

Many girls do not attach importance to fashion trends in jewelry. This is a serious omission because the ability to choose earrings from topical collections plays an important role in creating a fashion image. In the modern collections of winter women fashion brands, you can see just very long earrings. These can be garlands of small coins or sparkling objects, squares with crystals, beads on thin metal chains. Such decorations create a true fairy-tale image.

The Best Investment Pieces for Winter-Spring 2018 Season | The Chic Pursuit

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Current Color Scheme

In comparison with previous seasons, now designers offer to experiment not only with a combination of clothes but also with the texture and color of the fabric. This tendency can be traced in the collections of well-known brands. It should be noted that the usual classic things can now be in blue, burgundy, purple, and other colors and shades. The black color is used less, but it will be appropriate in combination with a bright accent at the same time. Fashionable colors of this season are also soft, light colors of lavender, beige, orange, and blue. With the right combination, they look appropriate and stunningly attractive. In addition, such images, compiled on their basis, look very light and feminine.

For many years, Pantone has been defining the main color of the year. In 2018 they chose a very unusual and complex color – ultraviolet.

The Best Investment Pieces for Winter-Spring 2018 Season | The Chic Pursuit

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We should also point to the importance of bright colors in the cold season. Designers advise women not be shy to use them in making a fashionable look. After all, it’s much nicer to wear bright clothes on a gray and rainy day. We recommend you pay attention to the bright red color. It looks stylish and very modern.  It can not only be combined with other shades, but also to be worn solo.

As for color prints, this season offers a great variety of them. The classical plaid shirts continue to be among the leaders for the year now. In addition, print drawings can be of absolutely any size and color. Each version looks interesting in its own way. The flower print and other floral motifs attract a special attention, as they appeal for femininity and lightness. That is why you can see coats and dresses on the fashion podiums of various fabrics, which look just amazing with such print drawings.

The Best Investment Pieces for Winter-Spring 2018 Season | The Chic Pursuit

                     © V Fashion World

Fashionable clothing, relevant in the winter-spring 2018 season, really surprises with its variety. This allows you to make experiments, try new combinations and remain in fashion at the same time.

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