It’s Official: These 10 Goyard Bags Are The Best Ones From The Brand

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Goyard handbags are completely stunning and unique, making them the perfect designer handbag. So, we’ve brought together the 10 best Goyard bags to help you decide which one to add to your collection.

Francois Goyard founded his eponymous brand in 1853 and since then it has become best known for incredible handbags and luggage. Many Goyard handbags are decorated with the eye-catching Goyardine print making them instantly recognizable and highly desirable.

In order to buy a new Goyard bag, you have to visit a Goyard store, or if you are looking for an easier method, there are lots of high-quality Goyard bags on the secondary market. No matter how you get your hands on a Goyard bag, you want to find the right one for you – so we have compiled this list of the best Goyard bags to help you pick the right one.

10 best Goyard bags

1. Saint Louis Tote 

The St Louis Tote, named after the French King Louis IX, is an iconic bag from the Goyard and a best seller due to its effortlessly stylish look and practical design – if you love the Louis Vuitton Neverfull tote bag but want something a little different, then Saint Louis is definitely the bag to go for.

This tote was originally designed in 1930 and was made to be used as a beach bag, with a spacious interior, and a water-resistant finish on the interior and exterior – now it is the most popular bag in the Goyard range. There are three different sizes of Goyard St Louis Tote available, PM, GM, and XXL, each with the same classic tote shape, leather trim, top handles, and a matching mini pouch to help you stay organized.

All St Louis Totes are decorated with the Goyardine motif, but there are lots of colors to choose from, including neutral black and white options as well as brighter green and blue tones to bring a pop of color to your look. This Goyard St Louis Tote would be a great addition to any wardrobe, with a practical, durable finish that will really stand the test of time and a sophisticated aesthetic.

Since Goyard bags are only available from a Goyard store, they are a great investment piece, especially the St Louis Tote which is in high demand and often resells for more than the original price.

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Green Goyard Goyardine Saint Louis PM

$2,600 at Fashionphile

2. Artois Bag

The Artois Bag is like the little brother to the St Louis Tote, even named after the little brother of King Louis, the Count of Artois, and is a great option if you are looking for something a little smaller, secure, and more structured.

The Goyard Artois has a similar silhouette to the St Louis, but features a top zipper to keep your belongings secure, as opposed to the open top on the St Louis Tote. The Artois is given more structure through the leather corners on the base of the bag to ensure it keeps its shape. There are three sizes available – the smallest is the PM, then the slightly larger MM and the biggest is the GM.

The Goyard Artois is crafted from the durable, water-resistant coated canvas fabric, decorated with the striking Goyardine pattern for a stylish look, then trimmed with leather for a luxurious finish. We love that this bag also features an interior pocket to help you keep your belongings well-organised. Like the St Louis Tote, the Artois is also available in plenty of different colours to suit any personal style.

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Black and tan Goyard Goyardine Artois PM

$2,360 at Fashionphile

3. Saigon Bag

If you are looking for something eye-catching and unique, then the Goyard Saigon is the perfect bag for you. The Saigon bag was the first part of the collection in the 1930s when a customer who was living in Indochina at the time wanted a custom Goyard that celebrated their love for travel and elegance.

After being discontinued, the Goyard Saigon bag was reissued in the early 2000s and has remained a staple in the collection ever since. The Saigon bag has an incredible trapezoidal shape with a hand-carved beechwood top handle to create a striking silhouette. There are also references to Goyard’s signature trunks in the Saigon bag, including leather corners, sparkling silver rivets, and wooden accents.

For practicality, the Saigon features a front flap, held in place with a leather tab, to keep all your belongings secured and a detachable leather strap so this bag can be worn across the body too. There are three different sizes available, the Mini, PM, and MM, as well as special edition Nano and Mini Trunks, plus there are loads of colors to choose from too!

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Grey Goyard Goyardine Structure Nano Saigon

$6,650 at Fashionphile

4. Anjou tote

The Anjou is another gorgeous tote in the Goyard collection, but this time it is much smaller and ideal for day-to-day wear when you just need a few essentials. The name Anjou refers to another little brother of King Louis IX, Charles I of Anjou, and is similar to the St Louis Tote in many ways. 

The Anjou tote has leather top handles, a classic tote silhouette, an open top, and a tethered pouch to help you stay organized, just like St Louis, but is reversible for a versatile finish. On one side, you will find the classic Goyardine patterned coated canvas, while the other side is luxurious leather, in the same color as the coated canvas, but without the pattern, meaning you can adapt your bag to suit your look.

The Anjou bag is available in the mini size, which is the most popular and ideal for everyday wear, and the GM size, ideal if you need more space to tote around your belongings. There are lots of different colors to choose from so you can easily pick the one that best suits your style!

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Green Goyard Goyardine Reversible Mini Anjou

$2,620 at Fashionphile

5. Belvedere II Messenger Bag

The Belvedere II Messenger bag from Goyard is a great option is you are looking for a crossbody bag that looks elegant and sophisticated but is practical enough for everyday use. The design of the bag was inspired by the bag log workers would carry to hold their food while the worked in the Morvan Forest, making reference to the Goyard family trade of log driving which they started before establishing their luxury goods brand.

The Goyard Belvedere II has a classic messenger bag silhouette with a boxy shape, curved corners, and a front flap to allow easy access to the spacious interior. There are a few patch pockets inside this bag so you can always find just what you need.

The leather strap that wraps around the base of the bag and extends out the top is adjustable so you can style this bag across the body or on the shoulder – just perfect! You can choose from two different sizes – the PM or the MM – the PM is ideal for day-to-day wear, while the MM would be great for work as there is much more space inside.

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Navy Goyard Goyardine Belvedere II PM Messenger Bag

$3,525 at Fashionphile

6. Alpin Backpack

The Alpin backpack was added to the collection in 2015 and at first, was only available in Japan, but the practical design and chic look quickly made this bag popular and it soon became available all over the world. The Goyard designers sought inspiration from the traditional backpack carried by hikers in the Alps in the early 20th century to create a practical bag that remained sleek and elegant.

The body of the bag is crafted from Goyardine canvas, but the top flap and base of the bag are made from smooth leather and then finished with silver hardware. The front flap is held in place by a buckle, underneath which you will find a drawstring top to keep all your belongings safe and secure.

There are two different sizes available, the MM and the Mini – the mini is ideal for your everyday essentials with a slip pocket to help you stay organized, while the MM would be great for work with larger slip pockets and a few exterior pockets too. The Alpin is fitted with a top handle and adjustable shoulder straps, you can even use the straps and the studs on the side of the bag to transform the bag into a crossbody, messenger bag style.

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Black Goyard Goyardine Calfskin Mini Alpin Backpack

$3,740 at Fashionphile

7. Cap Vert Bag

The Cap Vert from Goyard is another crossbody option, that is ideal for both men and women with a minimalist, sleek design and plenty of handy pockets. This bag was inspired by the Courier Trunks that were once created by Goyard – the creased leather panels on the sides of the bag are similar to the edges of the trunks, while the rectangular silhouette is reminiscent of the shape of a trunk too.

The timeless Cap Vert bag is crafted from Goyardine coated canvas, a pattern made up of interlocking Y’s and little dots that are a reference to the Goyard history as log drivers, then a leather trim and an adjustable leather crossbody strap finish off this stunning bag.

The top zipper allows easy access to the lined interior, which is fitted with a handy patch pocket, plus there is an exterior pocket too – the perfect size for your phone, wallet, and keys and ideal for day or night wear. There is only one size available but lots of colours to choose from, including neutrals and bright shades for a striking look.

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Yellow Goyard Goyardine Sac Cap Vert

$2,625 at Fashionphile

8. Vendome Bag

We love the stunning, domed shape of the Goyard Vendome bag, named after the Place Vendôme in the heart of Paris. Maison Goyard was actually the first Parisian designer to create a dome-shaped bag in the early 20th century, so this gorgeous bag is an important part of the Goyard archives.

The body of the bag is made from Goyardine-printed canvas, with a leather base and reinforced corners, while the studs on the base of the bag protect it and help it to hold its shape. The Vendome features rolled leather top handles, ideal for evening wear, while the PM size comes with a longer shoulder strap so this bag can be worn across the body too – you can attach the longer strap to the mini Vendome, but the mini size is not sold with the extra strap.

The top zipper that follows the curve of the top line of the bag, opens to reveal a surprisingly spacious interior, with plenty of room for your everyday essentials and a handy patch pocket. The silver hardware adds a glam touch, while the wooden batons that help to attach the top handles to the bag are a reference to the trunks made by Goyard.

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Grey Goyard Goyardine Mini Vendome

$3,685 at Fashionphile

9. Rouette Bag

We love the unique, chic design of this versatile Goyard Rouette bag. The name Rouette comes from the Goyard family trade of log driving – the rouettes were in fact flexible branches that were used to hold together the rafts that would transport logs all the way to Paris. There are two versions of the Rouette – the Rouette Structuré and the Rouette Souple – both have a similar silhouette and sliding strap that can be styled in different ways but there are also important differences between these bags.

The Rouette Structuré has a structured shape, formed by the coated canvas, with leather panels at the top and a leather shoulder pad on the chain strap for a comfortable finish. The silver chain strap slides through four eyelets, meaning you can adjust the strap to wear it across the body or on the shoulder, making it ideal for weekend, work, or evening wear.

The interior is spacious too, and well organised with a central zipper pocket separating the bag into two compartments. There are plenty of colors to choose from and two different sizes, the mini and the PM which is the larger but still have the same sophisticated, polished aesthetic.

The Rouette Souple is a little larger in size and has a softer shape, made entirely of coated canvas with leather trim; there is also a leather strap instead of a chain one and a magnetic leather front flap to secure the bag. The interior is more spacious than the Structuré, making it ideal for work, or if you have lots to carry around in your day-to-day life.

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Black and tan Goyard Goyardine Rouette PM

$2,085 at Fashionphile

10. Senat Pouch

The Senat is a super stylish pouch with an elegant and effortlessly chic look, perfect for weekend brunches or dinners out. This pouch from Goyard looks like a simple document pouch, with a zipper at the top, a rectangular silhouette, and made entirely from Goyardine printed coated canvas.

The name Senat also references these practical origins – the pouch is named after the French Senate which is the house of legislation in France, sitting in the center of the Luxembourg Gardens. The Senat is available in several different sizes, including MM, MGM, and GM – the GM is the largest, while the MM is the most popular since it is the perfect size to be a clutch for daytime or evening wear, with a handy card holder pocket fitted to the yellow lining.

There is also a PM, Mini Pouch, and Nano Key Pouch in the Senat collection if you are looking for something smaller. With 11 different colors available, there is something for everyone!

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White Goyard Goyardine Senat Pochette MM

$805 at Fashionphile

We hope you loved this article on the 10 best Goyard bags!

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