50 Best Gifts For College Girls That Are Chic, Useful & Ultra Cute

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Is there a young lady in your life who’s starting a new year in college? Here are the best gifts for college girls that are super thoughtful and cute!

College is a time of new beginnings and independence. It can be hard to know what to get for your best friend, your daughter, or your niece who just started college, but we’ve got you covered!

Below are 50 gifts that any college girl would love: these items are chic, useful, and ultra-cute. From planners to home decor and more, these presents will make the perfect addition to her dorm room or apartment this fall and Christmas!

College girls have so many responsibilities during their first few years in college. They need clothes for class, they need toiletries for bathrooms, and they need things to decorate their room.

Tired of the usual boring gift cards? We made you a gift guide filled with the best gift ideas that every college girl needs. These practical gifts will help young ladies get through their studious years in college!


The Best Gifts For College Girls

1. Desk Organizer


Best gifts for college girls: Desk Organizer

Get this on Etsy

Every college girl needs a spot to put all of her college supplies, and this desk organizer will help her do exactly that! It can hold pens, pencils, highlighters, sticky notes, scissors–the possibilities are endless. It’s a college essential, no doubt!


2. Bath Bomb Set


Pink Bath Bomb Set

Get this on Etsy

Who doesn’t love relaxing in a nice warm bubble bath after a long day of classes? These luxurious bath bombs will help any girl unwind. Bath bombs are all the rage nowadays!

This set includes different scents: peach, white tea & ginger, cactus blossom, mango sorbet, vanilla, and black raspberry vanilla. Each bath bomb is made from natural ingredients that are good for the skin!


3. Apple Airpods

Best gifts for college girls: Wireless Earphones Apple Airpods Pro

Get this at Apple

No one wants to be caught on their phone or listening to music with wires dangling everywhere, right? These wireless earphones are an essential gift for young adults and college kids who are constantly on the go!


4. Personalized Starbucks Cup


The best gifts for college girls: Personalized Starbucks Cup

Get this on Etsy

This personalized Starbucks cup is perfect for any coffee or tea lover – it’s the perfect way to brighten up her morning. Plus, this gives her good reason to hydrate more often.


5. Lap Desk


Best gifts for college girls: Lap Desk

Get this on Etsy

This lap desk is perfect for any college girl on the move. It allows her to study or write papers while sitting in bed in her college dorm, lounging on the couch, or even during class! This lap desk includes a cup holder, an iPad stand, and storage for pens.


6. Fairy Lights


The best gifts for college girls: Fairy Lights for dorm room decor

Get this on Etsy

No dorm room or apartment is complete without fairy lights! They are the perfect way to add a touch of coziness and beauty to any space. It’s a fun gift to give to your favorite college girl.


7. Desk Lamp


Best gifts for college girls: brass desk lamp for dorm room decor

Get this on Anthropologie

Help your college girl stay focused with this cute desk lamp. From reading to writing papers, it will help provide the perfect amount of light so she can get through all her assignments on time!

This is probably the coolest gift you can give to her, and it will definitely add some personality to her college apartment.


8. Cute Desk Set


Best gifts for college girls: Cute Desk Set

Get this on Etsy

Every college girl needs some cute decor to spruce up her dorm room or apartment! This adorable set comes with everything she will need: pencils, highlighters, sticky notes, paper clips–the possibilities are endless. It is sure to add the perfect touch of chic to any space.


9. Cold Brew Coffee Maker

The best gifts for college girls: Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Get this on Target

For the coffee lover in your life, this cold brew coffee maker is a great idea to give and this will help her make her favorite pick-me-up right in the comforts of her room. It’s easy to use and it will be your college girl’s best friend during late-night study sessions together with her friends.


10. Hanging Jewelry Organizer


The best gifts for college girls: Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Get this on Etsy

This hanging organizer is ultra-chic and functional. College girls can store necklaces, bracelets, earrings–any type of jewelry she has! It’s a thoughtful gift that she will surely appreciate and love.


11. Trouser Set


Red Trouser Set

Get this on Hello Molly

Every college girl needs a good business casual work outfit to wear to professional interviews or tutoring sessions. This cute trouser set just screams #GirlBoss, don’t you think?


12. Smartwatch


Best gifts for college girls: Apple Smartwatch

Get this at Apple

This Apple watch is perfect for busy college girls who want to track their activity, heart rate, and answer phone calls without having to carry around a clunky cell phone. It also doubles as a fitness tracker!

It’s the latest technology, making this one of the best gifts for college girls that value practical gifts.


13. Cozy Blanket


Cute beige throw blanket with lion art

Get this on Anthropologie

Who doesn’t want to cuddle up with a warm blanket during cool winter months? Let your college girl keep warm and cozy at the same time with this soft cotton throw. This special gift also comes in different colors, and is completely machine-washable.


14. Lipstick Set

Lipstick Set

Get this set on Sephora

Every young lady should carry around a small lipstick in their bag – it’ll make them feel more confident when they’re out meeting new people or attending lectures all day long. 

If you don’t know exactly which shade your daughter or friend loves the most, why not get this set that contains 4 different shade variations at an affordable price?


15. Tapestry


The best gifts for college girls: Pink Babe Cave Tapestry

Get this on Etsy

This cute tapestry can bring so much personality to a plain college dorm room. It’s a cute, chic gift that you can give to the young lady who’s about to mark her territory in her new space!


16. Ring Light


Ring Light

Get this on Target

No girl should be without a ring light! For the social media junkie in your life, it’s the best way to give yourself that perfect glow when taking selfies in your dorm room, and it will help her look better than ever before.

Also, this portable ring light can also be useful if she likes making Tiktoks!


17. Cute Planner


Cute Sage Green Planner

Get this on Etsy

A planner is an ideal gift for busy college students. If your daughter or friend loves to stay organized or likes doing assignments in advance so she can have more free time at night (who doesn’t?), then she’ll love having an extra way to keep track of everything going on with her life.


18. UGG Socks


Get these on Nordstrom

There is nothing better than putting on a pair of cozy, fuzzy socks after a long day at college! While socks can be seen as a pretty boring gift, as long as you get her a pair that is extra-ordinary, like these pink UGG socks, she’ll appreciate your thoughtful gift.

These chenille socks will keep her feet warm as she heads back to her room to study or relax while watching re-runs of her favorite show.


19. Utility Cart


The best gifts for college girls: Utility Cart

Get this on Target

Help your college girl stay organized and look cool doing it with this awesome utility cart. It’s a useful gift for storing books, laptops, groceries – anything you can think of, making this one of the best gifts for college girls that love keeping tidy!


20. Silk Pillowcase


Silk Pillowcase

Get these on Etsy | Similar ones also on Nordstrom

Help your friend protect her skin and hair with this silk pillowcase. It’s great for fighting frizz, keeping acne at bay, and preventing wrinkles from forming when she’s sleeping each night – it’ll help her look her best all year long!


21. Fjallraven Backpack


The best gifts for college girls: Fjallraven Backpack

Get this on Nordstrom

This stylish Fjallraven backpack will help your friend stay organized and have a cute accessory at the same time, which is always a good idea. It’s perfect for carrying around all her books as she heads to class – this is one of the most useful gifts for college girls!

Plus, this bag comes in literally dozens of colors, so you’re bound to find a color that she’ll love!


22. Hydro Flask


Hydro Flask

Get this on Nordstrom

Help your friend stay hydrated with this awesome hydro flask. This cult-fave water bottle will help her bring along cold water on hot days, and it will keep juice or tea nice and cool during study sessions thanks to its insulated stainless steel – it’s the perfect gift for anyone who is always on the go! 


23. Phone Charger Cord Holder


Phone Charger Cord Holder

Get this on Target

This phone charger cord holder is perfect for any busy woman–no one wants loose cords lying around when you’re trying to get ready or pack up to leave for college each day! It will make life so much easier and more organized.


24. Scented Candles


Scented Candles

Get this on Etsy

We all know that candles are great mood enhancers – especially those scented ones! For those late nights studying or early mornings before class starts, these crystal-infused candles will be your college girl’s best friend.

Etsy has a great selection of unique handmade candles from small businesses, but Dyptique candles are also cult favorites. She won’t be disappointed with either of these!


25. Luxury Bag


Cream Coach pillow Tabby bag

Get this on Coach

Every woman needs a cute luxury bag in her closet. Help your daughter or friend add a little luxury to her life with this cute and stylish Coach Pillow Tabby bag. She’ll be able to take it anywhere she goes, whether that’s the library, a date night, or an all-night study session for that big test coming up!


26. Party Dress


Party Dress

Get this on Princess Polly

We all know that college campuses and frat houses hold the best parties. College life simply isn’t complete without a couple of parties! Naturally, a party dress is the perfect way to add some fun and color to your friend’s wardrobe.

It will look great on any girl, no matter her style – she’ll be able to wear it out with friends during a party night!


27. Wall Art


The best gifts for college girls: Aesthetic Wall Art for dorm room decor

Get this on Etsy

Your friend or daughter will love this cute wall art–it’s perfect for adding a little color and personality to her room. You can even buy it in different colors/patterns if she wants something more specific!


28. Instax Camera

Pink Instant Camera

Get this on Target

Every college girl needs a cute Instax polaroid camera – it’s the perfect way to capture memories and make sure she has something fun and creative to do in her spare time.


29. Essential Oils Roller


Essential Oil Roller

Get this on Etsy

Make your friend’s dorm room a little more fragrant with this essential oil set. It will help her keep their space smelling fresh and clean–even if she has to live in small quarters!


30. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Pink Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Get this on Target

Give your friend or daughter the gift of music with this waterproof Bluetooth speaker. She’ll be able to play her favorite songs wherever she is, whether that’s in the shower, on a walk around campus, or just hanging out in her dorm!


31. Chic Suitcase


Metallic Pink Chic Suitcase

Get this on Nordstrom

Help your friend travel in style with this chic carry-on suitcase. She’ll be able to pack up all of her things and keep them organized, so she won’t have any trouble getting through the airport!


32. Fuzzy Slippers


Best gifts for college girls: UGG slippers

Get these on Nordstrom

Every college girl needs a cozy pair of  fuzzy slippers that will help her stay warm on cold nights or rainy days! And if you’re going to go for warm slippers, you might as well go for the best of the best, i.e. UGG’s shearling slippers! 

These slippers are a little pricier than your average slippers, but they’ll last at least twice as long, if not more. They come in multiple different colors and styles, but if you want a slipper that’s classic, the Coquette model in chestnut (featured above) is a great choice.


33. Aesthetic Vanity Mirror


Aesthetic vanity mirror from Anthropologie

Get this on Anthropologie

A stylish wall mirror can also double as decor, so make sure to get one that’s not plain and boring! She can use this to take bomb selfies, or fix her hair and makeup before going out.

If this mirror is slightly out of your budget, Anthropologie has now launched a smaller, much more affordable version of this mirror that sits perfectly on top of drawers or vanities.


34. Press On Nail Sets


Daisy Press On Nails

Get these nails on Etsy

Help your friend keep her nails looking great with these press on nails (or any other press on nails set from Etsy!). They’re the quick and easy way to make sure she always looks cute!


35. Battery Pack


Battery Pack

Get this on Target

Help your friend stay charged on the go with this battery pack. It’s perfect if she needs to make some phone calls while out and about, or even just wants to keep her music playing!


36. Chic Loungewear


The best gifts for college girls: Chic Loungewear

Get the top and the shorts on Lulus

Your friend or daughter will love these chic loungewear options. They’re so comfortable she’ll want to wear them every day.

Plus, they’re perfect for those days where class is followed by a power nap at home!


37. Nutribullet Blender


The best gifts for college girls: Nutribullet Blender

Get this on Target

Make it easier for your friend or daughter to eat healthy with this Nutribullet blender. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a delicious smoothie on those hectic mornings.


38. Designer Perfume


The best gifts for college girls: Victor & Rolf Flower bomb perfume

Get this on Nordstrom

Every college girl needs a great perfume–help make sure your friend smells amazing by giving her the designer perfume of her choice! We love many luxury perfumes, but Flowerbomb by Victor & Rolf has to be one of our favorites (and we’re not the only ones!). 

Not only does this perfume smell deliciously floral, but the bottle looks beautiful too.


39. Neon Sign


The best gifts for college girls: Personalized Neon Sign for dorm room decor

Get this on Etsy

Let your friend put her personality on full display with this neon sign. She’ll be able to choose the color that matches her style best, and she can even use it as decor for when friends come over!


40. Chic Cosmetics Bag

Chic Cosmetic Bag

Get this on Nordstrom

Every college girl needs a stylish makeup bag–help make sure your friend or daughter is prepared for anything by getting them one of these chic options! It will hold everything they need while also looking great at the same time.


41. Skincare Set


The best gifts for college girls: Glow Recipe Skincare Set

Get this on Sephora

Your friend will love this best-sellers skincare set from Glow Recipe! It comes in cute packaging and has everything she needs to keep her skin clean and healthy:  a cleanser, a toner, a moisturizer, a sleeping mask and an eye sleeping mask.

Help your bestie live her best life and be their most beautiful self with these science-backed products.


42. Coat Stand


Coat Stand

Get this on Etsy

Give your friend the gift of organization with this coat stand. She’ll be able to easily hang up her bags or clothes so she can have them at hand whenever she needs them, but won’t have to worry about things getting dirty or wet on the floor underneath it all.


43. Pet Pillow


Customized Pet Pillow

Get this on Etsy

If your college girl is missing her pet at home, why not bring her favorite dog or cat to them… in the shape of a pillow? This way she’ll be able to hug their pet whenever she wants!


44. Cute Mugs


The best gifts for college girls: Cute Anthopology monogram mug

Get this on Anthropology

Help keep things warm (or cold) with these cute monogram mugs that are perfect for either hot cocoa or tea depending on the weather outside. Your bestie is going to love sipping out of them all year long.


45. Shoe Organizer


Shoe Organizer

Get this on Target

Keep things organized around the dorm room with this shoe organizer–your college girl can put it in her closet and use it for all of her shoes that might otherwise end up on the floor. Your friend will love keeping everything neat and tidy when you get her one of these!


46. Chic Yoga Mat


Chic Yoga Mat

Get this on Nordstrom

When your daughter or friend wants to relax after a long day at college, help her stay comfy while meditating or doing yoga with this yoga mat.


47. Scrunchies


Silk Scrunchies

Get this set on Etsy

Help your friend look cute with these silk scrunchies.  She’ll be able to give herself the perfect ponytail in no time, and add a fun touch to any outfit that she wears!


48. Makeup Brush Cleaner


Makeup Brush Cleaner

Get this on Sephora

Help her keep her makeup brushes clean by using this tool that helps remove dirt and bacteria while also breaking down product build-up. Your friend will love how easy it makes staying on top of her beauty routine.


49. Gel Manicure Kit


Gel Manicure Kit

Get this on Ulta Beauty

Help your college girl keep her nails looking good with this gel manicure kit. She’ll be able to do it all herself, and have fun doing so! This is also the perfect activity to do with her roommates or besties.


50. Dyson Air Wrap


The best gifts for college girls: Dyson Air Wrap

Get this set on Sephora | Nordstrom

Help your friend get ready faster with this hair dryer that’s cordless and uses air to get the job done. She’ll be able to easily do her hair in no time, with blowout hair that will make everyone think that she went to the salon before class!

We hope you found this guide for the best gifts for college girls helpful! If you’re still looking for gift ideas, check the posts down below.


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