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Balmain is one of those fashion houses that really emerged into the limelight a few years ago, much like Gucci. It was (and still is!) the brand that lots of celebrities favor on the red carpet and who’s designs never ceases to amaze fashion fanatics. Olivier Rousteing is the mastermind behind bringing more and more awareness to the fashion brand.

He has famously done some rather interesting things to garnish the attention of  the public eye – one of which was launching a lipstick collaboration with L’Oreal. Another trick which proved to be hugely successful was launching a collaboration with H&M.

Fans went crazy over the garments that then ended up reselling for almost the same price as the original Balmain designs on websites like Ebay. However, as the Balmain x H&M collaboration is long gone, today we’re focusing on Balmain dupes that sell for a fraction of the price for an equally impressive look!


The Ultimate Guide To Balmain Dupes

Images Via: Lydia Elise Millen


Balmain is known for two things in particular – the Balmain blazer and Balmain dresses, which are usually mini dresses with long sleeves and lots of embroidery. The Balmain blazer is a celebrity favourite as it is very classic, minimal and muted in color.

It’s easy to style with most outfits, if you are going for a boss business babe vibe. Here are some of the best Balmain blazer dupes that I could find for under $60, which is a fraction of the whopping original $2000 (omg!).


Balmain Blazer Dupes



Black Balmain blazer dupe | Balmain dupe

Balmain, $2000, here / Balmain blazer dupe, here (US)



Navy Balmain blazer dupe | Balmain dupe

Balmain, $2000, here / Balmain blazer dupe, here (US)



White Balmain blazer dupe | Balmain dupe

Balmain, $2000, here / Balmain dupe, here (US)



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Balmain dress dupes | Balmain dupe

Another celebrity favourite is of course the Balmain dress. Olivier Rousteig is well known to be good friends with the Kardashian clan, and the Kardashian sisters wear his designs on a very regular basis. Kendall Jenner has even opened Balmain catwalks on multiple occasions.

Balmain dress dupes are quite easy to come by in any retail store, as long as you search for embellished dresses with long sleeves. A lot of these tend to be quite expensive because of the amount of material that is used and the attention to detail that is required when producing the garments. I’ve listed a few of my favourites below but again, places like Boohoo and Missguided are great places to check out.


Balmain Dress Dupes



Balmain dress dupe | Balmain dupes

Pearl embellished Balmain dress dupe, here (US)


This on has got to be my favorite Balmain dress dupe! It’s so similar to the original Balmain designs and the price isn’t shockingly high either. This is the perfect dress for any special occasion from a birthday party all the way to a formal event.


Balmain dress dupe | Balmain dupes

Black Balmain dress dupe, here (US)


Again, this dress is shockingly similar to the dress that Miley Cyrus is wearing on the red carpet! This dress is not as wearable as the aforementioned ones, but if you’re looking for a perfect gala dress, this one might be worth checking out.


Dresses like Balmain on Missguided, here



Balmain dress dupe | Balmain dupes

Black & White Balmain dupes, here (US)


Now we’re getting more into wearable attire. The dresses that I’ve listed here are all in minimal colors, as black and white is what I normally prefer when I’m choosing a dress. However, the majority of these dresses are also available in red and other colors, so if you’re looking for something a little bit more eye catching, check the links to see if they have your color!


Balmain dress dupe | Balmain dupes

Long Balmain Dupe, here / Short Balmain dupe, here



Pretty Little Thing also have some great Balmain dress dupes available on their site. See the collection here!


Balmain dress dupe | Balmain dupes

Black & White Balmain dupes, here



Balmain dress dupe | Balmain dupes

Black & White Balmain dupes, here


Boohoo has some great Balmain inspired dresses for very cheap! These dress can be found here, but also have a look at their other Balmain-like dresses here!


Balmain dress dupe | Balmain dupes

Black & White Balmain dupes, here


     Balmain dress dupe | Balmain dupes

White Balmain dupe, here / Black Balmain dupe, here


So, there you have it – my current favourite Balmain dupes. Would you ever invest in a real Balmain blazer/dress or is it something that you don’t see the appeal of? Let me know!


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