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If you’ve ever wanted to buy bags like Fjallraven Kanken, you’re not alone. As cute as the eye catching fox logo is, there are many similar bags to Fjallraven Kanken on the market that aren’t as expensive as the $100 bag. In fact, you can get almost identical bags to Fjallraven from $25 – the only thing that you’ll be missing is the Fjallraven logo.

Before looking at Fjallraven look alike bags, let’s delve a little deeper into Fjallraven’s history to see why these bags even cost the amount that they do, and if it’s justified. The origins of Fjallraven date back to the 1960s, when the brand originally launched as a company providing a single rucksack that promised to distribute weight more evenly across the shoulders and back.

This backpack was the predecessor of the famous Kanken bag, and it’s appeal lied in the revolutionary frame that the founder himself had made as a 14-year-old in the 50s, which made it much lighter than competing bags. However, it wasn’t until the 70s that Fjallraven released its now iconic Kanken bag, which was originally targeted at children to be used as a school bag.


13 Best Bags Like Fjallraven Kanken (That Are More Budget Friendly!)

Image Via Shiny Thoughts / Bag, Here

What separated Fjallraven from its competitors was the lightweight design of the bag and the spacious interior that it offered. However, what really helped propel Fjallraven’s success was the vast amount of color choice that came with the bag – there was something for everyone, and the bag suddenly became a hit among teenagers, hipsters, and adults alike.

Since then, Fjallraven has become something akin to a household name – you just need to head to your local hipster area in town to be reminded of how popular it is. However, it doesn’t come cheap, and it seems like you are paying more for the logo and heritage of the company than its actual functionality.

There are definitely other alternatives to Fjallraven Kanken that you should consider before purchasing the $100 backpack. So, what are the best bags like Fjallraven? Let’s have a look.


Herschel Supply Co. Retreat Youth


mint green Bags Like Fjallraven Kankenpink Bags Like Fjallraven Kanken

Bags Like Fjallraven Kanken: Herschel Supply Co.

Check the latest price & more colors on Amazon HERE (US) / HERE and HERE (UK)


Herschel Supply is a relatively new company that doesn’t have much heritage attached to its name. This is great, because it immediately brings down the cost of the bags, and they retail for much cheaper than Fjallraven.

Herschel bags are created with functionality and fine detail in mind, and the brand strives to create products that will be timeless in design. There are a lot of color options for most of Herschel Supply’s bags – some even include hot dogs, pizza and Hawaiian dancers!





cute bags similar to Fjallraven Kanken

Bags Like Fjallraven Kanken: Himawari

Check the latest price & more colors on Amazon HERE (US) 


Himawari designs its bags in Japan, so you can only imagine how fashion forwards and different some of their bags are! However, the most similar bag to Fjallraven is the College Vintage Travel bag, which perfectly mimics the aesthetics and the functionality of Fjallraven Kanken.

This bag is available in multiple different colors and only retails for a third of the price of Fjallraven’s. It’s the perfect bag to take to school or college, or even go travelling with.





blue Bags Like Fjallraven Kankenred bags similar to Fjallraven Kanken

Bags Like Fjallraven Kanken: Lucky Z

Check the latest price & more colors on Amazon HERE (US)


LuckyZ’s backpack design is strikingly similar to Fjallraven’s: it has been made to look vintage and worn on purpose, much like some of the colors of the Kanken.

Dimensions wise, it’s the perfect bag to take on holiday or college – you can fit all your essentials, including a laptop and books in it. It’s best to be used to carry around items that are less than 6 lbs in total, as the canvas of this bag is lightweight and soft.


Hynes Eagle


black Fjallraven dupegrey Fjallraven dupe

Bags Like Fjallraven Kanken: Hynes Eagle

Check the latest price & more colors on Amazon HERE (US) 


Hynes Eagle stands out from the rest of the backbags on this list as they are the only ones catering to travelling business people. Granted, the bags can be worn by anyone, however they are ever so slightly sleeker than average in design. However, the main benefit of this bag is that it’s perfectly designed to fit all your every day essentials: it has a separate pocket for a laptop, a side pocket to hold a water bottle, and a huge interior compartment to hold any documents that you would need to carry.

The exterior of the bag looks almost identical to the Fjallraven Kanken, and it comes in many conservative colors.


Tom Clovers


beige Fjallraven look alikepink Fjallraven look alike

Bags Like Fjallraven Kanken: Tom Clovers

Check the latest price & more colors on Amazon HERE (US)  and HERE (UK)


Tom Clovers manufacture a number of different women’s bags, as well as mens travel bags. This canvas backpack has a striking resemblance to Fjallraven Kanken as its minimal in design, is composed of lightweight materials and available in a variety of cute colors.

Tom Clover’s backpack is a practical solution for those who appreciate minimalism.




grey Fjallraven look alike

Bags Like Fjallraven Kanken: Modoker

Check the latest price & more colors on Amazon HERE (US) / HERE (UK)


The Modoker vintage bag is hands down the most useful and modern bag on this list: with an external USB charging port & set-in charging cable, this backpack offers a convenient way for you to charge your electronics when out and about.

Unlike a lot of the bags on this list the Modoker bag is made of nylon, which makes the fabric resistant to scratches and water.





Bags Like Fjallraven Kanken: Arbag

Check the latest price & more colors on Amazon HERE (US) 


The Arbag has a similar design to Fjallraven on the first look, but it comes with a cool twist – you can wear the backpack as normal, or you can zip up the two straps to create a single strapped bag and wear it across your shoulders – sweet! 

The bag is available in a number of warm colors, which will be easy to match with a lot of different outfits, and the different compartments of the bags make it easier for you to store all essential items.


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