How I Made $4,811 Blogging In August | Blog Income Report

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Welcome to another income report on the blog! This month has been crazy good on The Chic Pursuit and I’m super excited for Q4 to roll around.

I haven’t posted many income reports in the last few month because even though I’ve earned a decent amount ($3,100 on average), I haven’t felt motivated to share those numbers with you because they’re nothing out of the ordinary.

However, in August I ALMOST hit $5k in income from my blog, which is really exciting! It’s the most amount in a month that I’ve made from my blog yet. 

With Thanksgiving, Halloween, Black Friday and Christmas just around the corner, I’m really aiming for my income to go above $6k during one of these months. We’ll see if I can make that happen! 


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What’s Up In August?


For the last few months, I’ve been suffering a little from shiny object syndrome. I’ve started a couple more projects, such as my investment blog and a Shopify Dropshipping store.

The Chic Pursuit is still my favorite child, so I’m not putting that much effort into the other projects and it probably shows. Every entrepreneur who I follow says that you should only ever have one business at a time and be laser focused on what you do. Well, oops!

The investment blog doesn’t require that much time, so that’s not a problem. However, if I want to scale the Shopify store, that will take lots of time and effort. So, I’m not sure if I should keep it or sell it. We shall see.



But now, let’s get into the blog income report! 


Some screenshots:


Affiliate Marketing


Amazon US & UK = $1277.18 | Amazon has been consistently among my Top 3 revenue sources in blogging. Many of you have asked for me to share my secrets, and I’ve finally listened.

I’m sharing all of my strategies that I use to make up to $2,000/ month with Amazon in my new ebook, How To Make A Living With Amazon Affiliates.

Other Amazon Accounts = $63.79

RewardStyle =$203

Shopstyle – $12

Hosting – $720

Haute Stock – $28

Shareasale – $5

Awin – $27


Total Affiliate Income: $2,335.97


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*RewardStyle commissions aren’t accurate and tend to change before they are paid out. Often, returns are made and these are not yet accounted for. This doesn’t affect the grand total a huge amount, but it does change.


Display Advertising


Mediavine -$955 (See How To Use Display Ads To Make Money)

Youtube – $100

Total Ad Income: $1055


Own Products


Millenial Presets, Explosive Traffic With Tribes & #Sponsored– $492




Instagram Collab – $307 (See 100+ Sponsorships for bloggers for more tips!)

2nd Instagram Collab – $516

Total: $823




My Shopify Store – $75

Affiliate income on my investment blog: $30 (This doesn’t include income from investments themselves.)

Total: $105

Total Income: $4,811 ($3,776.2 After Expenses)



WeWork Office: $671 (£555)

ConvertKit: $49

Tailwind: $40 (I have the SmartLoop & Tribes Unlimited options!)

Hosting: $25

SendOwl: $15

Canva: $12.90

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing: $197

Affiliate Payouts: $14.80

EWWW Image Optimizer Pro: $10


Total Expenses: $1,034.80


Disclaimer: I haven’t included fees associated with PayPal, currency exchange rates conversions (I live in the UK) and taxes.


August Pageviews


Monthly Pageviews: 96,257

Monthly Sessions: 68,061

Blog Posts Published: 4

Pinterest Followers: 14,582 (+1k, thanks to TailwindNote: These figures are based on my own results. Have a look at the typical results across all Tailwind members here!)

Most bloggers who I follow always say that the summer time is particularly quiet and that everyone is outside enjoying the hot weather. Well, apparently my audience doesn’t like hot weather, because my traffic was better than ever!

Even though I’ve hovered around 80-90k pageviews for almost a year now, I haven’t yet broken the 100k pageview mark. I was SO close in August, yet so far. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the next few months!


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With 100 pages of hands-on, no BS strategies that WORK,  Explosive Traffic With Tribes is an awesome step-by-step blueprint for bloggers to reach 90,000 pageviews with just 30 minutes of work per day. I highly recommend Explosive Traffic With Tribes if 1) You’re looking to increase your traffic 2) You’ve tried everything with Pinterest and nothing’s worked.

(Note: These figures are based on my own results. Have a look at the typical results across all Tailwind members here!)

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What Worked In August: Tailwind SmartLoop


I started using the Tailwind SmartLoop in August and so far, I’ve been SUPER happy with it. For those who don’t know, Tailwind SmartLoop is an automated Pinterest scheduler. You can create different loops for your pins, assign them to Pinterest boards and Tailwind will take care of the rest.

It’s a game changer!

Prior to trying it out, I really didn’t understand what the big deal about it was (and I didn’t want to pay another $10 per month for a blogging service!), but after trying out their free version, I saw the value in it.

Above all, the SmartLoop feature will save you SO MUCH time and that’s invaluable for me. You can loop ALL of your blog posts on Tailwind SmartLoop, so that you’ll never forget to pin season content, your best performing blog posts or your old content.

I’m pretty confident that Tailwind SmartLoop added a few thousand pageviews to my blog this month too!

What’s Next? 


Like I mentioned, I’m super excited for Q4 to roll around and I’ve already started preparing gift guides for different audiences. I’ve never actually published gift guides on my blog before, so I’m excited to see what kind of an impact they’ll have on my earnings!

Also, I’ve been thinking about turning my Youtube from a fashion channel to a blogging tips channel! The next few months will be particularly busy for me, so I’ve been thinking about doing it either in January, or just November onwards. This way, I could provide the same information that I write on my blog weekly in a video format for those of you who prefer to watch videos instead of reading blog posts (I know I’m guilty of that!)


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  1. Thanks for the amazing post, Maria! 🙂 I’m learning so much from your Explosive Traffic with Pinterest course – it’s been so informative and easy to understand. Your course videos on YouTube are great too, I especially enjoyed learning how to create viral pins with Canva. Can’t wait to read more!

    1. Maria Julia says:

      Hi Bianca, thanks so much for dropping the comment! It’s so good to hear that the book has been helpful for you!! 🙂

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