17 Best Boots Like Doc Martens That Are Shockingly Similar

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If you’re looking for affordable alternatives to Doc Martens, or even cheap Doc Martens look alikes, these boots with an edge are for you!

A pair of Doc Martens makes a great addition to any outfit. From a laid-back look with jeans and a tee, to rocking with a summer dress; there’s a look for everyone.

The problem with buying yourself a pair? The price.  A pair will set you back at least $150 which might be just too much for the piggy bank to handle!

What about a pair of boots that look like Doc Martens? With retailers making their own similar versions all the time, you are more than likely to find something you love that is within your price range.

Don’t know where to start looking? I’ve got you! Here are some ideas to help you find the perfect alternatives to Doc Martens boots that fit your style.


Lace Up Boot Alternatives to Doc Martens


The best cheap Doc Martens lace up boot look alikes


Atten-tion! If I told you these were from Target, would you believe me? Well, you should… because they are!

And better than that… They are a Target bargain at only $34.99, coming in both black and brown.

These combat boots have a cool, army style aesthetic, lacing up to about half-way up your calf. They come with a memory foam sole which will keep you comfortable no matter what your day might bring.

Looking for a way to “edge-up” your look while not breaking the bank? I think you’ve found the answer!


Get the boots on Target here

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If these Target boots aren’t quite for you, a few other retailers also offer super affordable cheap Doc Martens look alikes, such as these ones below – both available for under $35! 


The best alternatives to Dr. Martens boots The best cheap Doc Martens lace up boot look alikes 


Get the boots here / and here



The best alternatives to Dr. Martens bootsThe best black alternatives to Dr. Martens boots


These Steve Madden beauties in distressed leather and with studded rhinestones are great alternatives to Doc Martens if leather is a must for you.

The thick white stitching is definitely giving off Doc Marten vibes while having their own style, too.
These lace-up boots are a true testament to both eras of rock and roll and punk. The zip is at the back of the shoe, making them easy to put on and take off.

They look super comfy to wear, coming a bit higher up the leg than an ankle boot.

Think army-chic!

These boots are the perfect mixture of pragmatism and style that your wardrobe is missing. They are going to last you forever, as they will only get better with age!


Get the Steve Madden boots on Nordstrom / on Macy’s


The best patent boot alternatives to Dr. Martens


Can you beat a pair of black patent shoes? I don’t think so.

They look sexy, sleek and super-shiny.

These Faux Leather Combat Booties are an affordable alternative to Dr. Martens and are currently sold for just $32! 

That’s an absolute steal for these lace-up boots!

If the black patent isn’t for you (it’s okay, I forgive you) these beauties also come in white, burgundy, brow, and army print.

FYI, the black plaid is every punk rocker’s dream!

The price of these boots is just incredible for the amazing styles they have in store…you should definitely take a look. I think you’ll agree.


Get the patent boots here


Colored Alternatives To Doc Martens 


 The best cheap Doc Martens lace up boot look alikes Burgundy Doc Martens look alike boots


These white beauties and maroon booties are $39.99 and come in an array of different color options.

This white pair gives me huge Doc Martens vibes. They have a chunky black sole which also helps add to the look!

Luckily for you, they also come in camo, burgundy and a gorgeous patent black (amongst others) so you’re spoilt for choice.

At this bargain price, you could even treat yourself to a few different pairs!

Pair these up with a mini dress or some sweet dungarees for a girly yet grungy look that adds a statement to any outfit.


Get the boots here


The best crocodile patent alternatives to Dr. Martens boots


Who doesn’t love a bit of crocodile print? I can’t resist, can you? Especially in this gorgeous burgundy color which makes an exciting change from black. 

The Haskell Combat Boots by Michael Kors are half price at Macy’s right now at $129.99 and I am obsessed.

These lace-up burgundy beauties have a zipper edging instead of stitching, but it still serves up that Doc Martens look.

The crocodile print finish will look amazing paired up with some black jeans for a girls’ day out that will take you from shopping to cocktails.

If you are looking for something really special…these boots are the ones for you.


Affordable flower print Chelsea boots Affordable white Chelsea boots


Look at these beauties! You can get these at DSW.

I think you’ll agree they are too die for and bring all our childhood shoe dreams to life. At $49.99, they are similar to the Doc Martens pattern, but at a slice of the price.

No matter what you wear, these are going to make the statement you have been looking for.

Perhaps even better than the Doc Martens option, these are a Chelsea boot style which makes them easy to get on and off and super comfortable.

You could pair these with a black dress as a statement piece…or you could even clash it with another pattern for a super cool look!


Get the Chelsea boots here


Chelsea Boots


The best alternatives to Dr. Martens Chelsea boots


These Chelsea Boots by Caslon are a great place to start. With the brown trim and stitching detail, these are a great boot for everyday wear.

They are an easy pull-on style, just like the Doc Martens Chelsea boots. These are a simple, yet stylish and fashionable addition to your wardrobe.

They come in either a black or a burgundy and have that same thick sole you’d find with a pair of Docs. They are a sturdy, water-resistant pair of Chelsea boots for a modern yet grungy style.

These boots are only going to get better with a bit of wear and tear for a more “lived in” look!


Get the Caslon Chelsea boots here


The best cheap Doc Martens Chelsea boot look alikes The best cheap Doc Martens Chelsea boot look alikes


If the Caslon boots are a little bit out of your price range, these two cheap Doc Martens look alikes from DSW and Shein might be a better fit for you.

The highlight of these Chelsea style boots has to be their all-around black stitching, which makes them effortlessly easy to style with most clothing.

These also come with stretchy fabric detailing, which makes them quick and easy to put on. The wet look boots from Shein also have added depth on the sole of the boot, which gives them an edgy look, very on par with the current military trend.

You are going to be able to pair these beauties with anything you like, and it’ll work!


Get the black Chelsea boots on DSW  / Get the wet look Chelsea boot on Shein


If you’re after a more sleek Chelsea boot with higher ankles, check out the boots below – these cheap Doc Martens look alikes were made for long dog walks and getaways in nature!


The best cheap Doc Martens Chelsea boot look alikes


Get the minimalist Chelsea boots here


Gucci look alike Chelsea boots with embroidery and jewelry


There’s just something a bit different with these jewelled Chelsea boots. To me, they scream Gucci with the gold embroidery detail and jewels. Luckily, they are sold for just a fraction of the price!

They’re quite unlike anything else on the market which makes them an interesting choice for a unique look.

They are a bit lower on the ankle, meaning they would work great with a pair of angle grazer jeans. The small heel will also add a bit of height, but won’t make the boots uncomfortable to walk in. 


Get the jewelled Chelsea boots here


Fancy something a bit different?


Taupe suede and shearling walking lace up boots


These suede and shearling boots from Marc Fisher are all the rage, and have been a best seller during the pandemic, when many of us have been looking for comfortable walking shoes.

With only a few pieces left, now would be a good time to stock up on a similar pair at an affordable price.

These boots are so great because they’re technically flat so you can walk in them all day long…but they also give you a bit of height.

They also look super comfy, don’t they?

Again, these will look amazing with a cute fall dress or romper

I might have to get a pair of these myself!


Conclusion: Any Alternatives To Doc Martens Take Your Fancy?


Once you start looking, there are so many options on the market for a pair of boots that can be considered alternatives to Doc Martens.

There are some great deals for affordable versions and places like Shein and Target, making it feel more acceptable to buy a few pairs in different colors! Shein also updates their product catalogue on a daily basis, and I’ve noticed many new lace-up boots and Chelsea boots pop up in the last few weeks.

While some of the other options above are not as cheap, it’s good to think of them as an investment.

There’s not going to be a time when you can’t wear these boots and they only look better once they have been well-worn. As with a good pair of Docs, the more worn they are, the cooler they look (and the more comfortable they are!)

If you are determined to get your hands on a pair of boots like Doc Martens, take a look at the links above and have a search around.

I think you are definitely going to find something that’s right for you.


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