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8 Important Ways To Update Your Skincare Routine For Winter - How To Update Your Skincare Routine For Winter | The Chic Pursuit is wearing a satin pink teddy with black lace and a black satin robe

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8 Important Ways To Update Your Skincare Routine For Winter

Are you finding that you’re constantly dealing with a dull complexion as the winter months begin in full swing? Do you feel like some of the top moisturizers aren’t doing enough for you when it’s chilly outside?

No need to fret any longer! We’ll be providing you with some of the key ways to update your skincare routine for winter. Many individuals face dull complexion, excessively oily skin, and the product fails when the winter season is here.

Everything from natural remedies for the clearer skin to different ways to embrace products you might not have realized could actually help with your current skin ailments. We’ll give you the necessary tools so you can update your skincare routine for winter. After going through this list, you’ll feel refreshed and motivated to make the changes for healthy skin.

Wash Your Face With Lukewarm Water

Even though a hot shower sounds enticing, especially when it’s freezing outside, but trust us, it’s not the best choice. When you take a hot shower, it will strip your skin and hair of the needed moisture you need to have healthy and hydrated skin.

Stick to having a short, lukewarm shower; it will help you to retain that key moisture, so your skin doesn’t become too dry and flaky. You’ll notice a difference right away after getting out of the shower before you even moisturize!

8 Important Ways To Update Your Skincare Routine For Winter - How To Update Your Skincare Routine For Winter | The Chic Pursuit is wearing a satin pink teddy with black lace and a black satin robe

Moisturize All The Time

When you deal with an abundance of dry skin and patches, it’s time to choose a top moisturizer that will help bring some of that healthy moisture back. Find a moisturizer that works for you and your skin, and before you know it, you’ll have softer and less textured skin.

Stick to something gentle, something that adds the right balance back to your skin and you’ll notice right away that your dry and dull complexion will be put to rest for once and for all.


Stay Hydrated

Drinking water is probably the most simple choice you can make if you want your skin to stay as hydrated as possible during the drying winter months.  When you drink water, not only will you have better focus, but you’ll be able to maintain decent hydration that will add a natural glow to your skin.

Tinted Moisturizers

Spending so much time indoors can wash out your skin tone. A great way to add some color back into your face while also adding some much-needed moisture, you’ll find that adding a tinder moisturizer to your routine is a great choice. There are even great options for those who have oily skin normally.

These can be a great addition for those who struggle with dry skin or any skin type for that matter. Try an option that works for you with your other skincare routine essentials and you’ll feel like you have radiant and beautiful skin even in the throes of winter!

8 Important Ways To Update Your Skincare Routine For Winter - How To Update Your Skincare Routine For Winter | The Chic Pursuit is wearing a satin pink teddy with black lace and a black satin robe

Stock Up On Vitamin C

When you add a healthy balance of vitamin C into your diet, you’ll help aid your body when it comes to boosting how much your body creates collagen. Collagen will help to maintain skin and other tissues, not allowing for wrinkles and fine lines to form early on.

Try adding more citrus, darker vegetables, and a vitamin C supplement into your diet to see a difference without any chemicals or unnecessary products! Soon enough you’ll notice your dull complexion disappear!

Choose A Toner

A toner is a great way to make sure your skin stays clear and doesn’t break out either.  While many toners will help with those who have oily skin, there are toners out there that work great for those who have oily skin, while they still will strip the skin of dirt and toxins.

Finding a toner to add to your routine will make all the difference, especially in these cold months ahead.



Yes, exfoliating! You might not realize but using a gentle exfoliator can rid your skin of dry patches and can add moisture back into your skin. Exfoliating doesn’t always have to be an irritating and rough process to have in your routine. You just have to find the right option.

If you exfoliate weekly during the winter, your skin will feel fresh, moisturized, and clear of blemishes in no time!

We recommend using chemical peels with BHA/AHA, as they are more gentle on the skin when compared to harsh physical exfoliators.


DIY Masks

You don’t need to break the bank to get your hands on some helpful skincare masks. You can provide your skin with much-needed hydration by making some DIY masks in the comfort of your own home.

There are so many natural moisturizing ingredients that you most likely already have in your homes, such as avocado, olive and jojoba oil, yogurt, honey, bananas, aloe, and almond oil. All you have to do is choose the options you like the best and do a small skin test on your neck to see if they work well with your skin.

Once you feel comfortable with the results, you can apply the mixture on your face for about 15 minutes for the best results. You’ll end up having fresh looking radiant skin.

In colcusion, whether you have a dull complexion, oily skin, or you’re having trouble finding what products work for you. We’ve given you some of the most important tools to update your skincare routine for winter.

We hope that these tips will help you achieve smooth and flawless skin this winter without any dry or rough patches. You deserve to have smooth skin and you can make that happen by just getting out of your comfort zone and trying new products and tips that will help make your skincare dreams a reality.

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