5 Tips On Embracing Your Femininity This Year

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Femininity in something that is often so overlooked in the modern world. Other qualities that are normally attributed to masculine energy are tooted as ‘successful’ and ‘desirable’, such as competitiveness, logic, assertiveness and so on.

These characteristics are normally assigned to the go-getters, the business savvy people who actually do manage successful careers, whether or not they are men or women. After all, masculine energy is what drives our will to get sh*t done, and to move forward with our lives.

But with so many women focusing primarily on careers these days, it’s no wonder that we might feel exhausted from just leading our daily lives. When we’re at work, we’re predominantly in our masculine energy, which is great for our careers, but it’s not our natural state.

Ultimately, most women are naturally more feminine than masculine, and thus we are more stress-free when we are in our natural, feminine state. As with most things, balance is key! You can still be the boss-ass career girl at work, but also wear a dress and heels at the same time.



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Why Should You Care About Being Feminine?


Femininity is not only about feeling beautiful and confident in yourself, there are other great feminine qualities such as intuition, creativity, empathy and affection, which are essential not only for building relationships, but also in business settings, if you work in a creative field.

Moreover, when it comes to your love life, most of us probably know that being in our masculine energy does us no favours with the guys. If you’ve ever chased a guy, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Unfortunately guys don’t operate like promotions – chase a promotion and you’ll get it, but chase a guy and you’ll never hear from him again. Men are naturally more attracted to being the pursuers, so they generally appreciate it when a women let’s them do the chasing.

The same goes for already established relationships: from my experience, relationships are smooth sailing if your man feels like he’s the one who makes all the big decisions, like planning a getaway (or in my case, asking me to move in with him) and when I take on a more nurturing and affectionate role.

Who is actually in charge is irrelevant, what matters is that he feels important, like he’s “the man”. Cliche I know, but cliches are there for a reason.

Anyhow, hopefully I’ve convinced you that being in your feminine energy is important for not only your relationships, but also your creativity and mental well-being.

Tuning into your femininity does not mean letting go of your masculine when you need it (at work), however it’s important for us to find a balance between the two to avoid burning out from all the stress that we can accumulate in our mind. With that being said, here are my top tips for tapping into your feminine.



Make Yourself Feel Beautiful


One of the easiest ways to boost your feminine energy is to take care of your appearance – whether it be buying new clothes to make yourself feel fresh and rejuvenated, or simply by pampering your skin in the evening with a mask or taking more time to do you make up and hair in the morning.

Taking care of your appearance has a major effect on your mood and your presentation. Often times, we don’t notice it ourselves, but when we feel great about ourselves, we also appear full of life and joy to others, so don’t be afraid and be a little selfish by treating yourself to nice things – everyone benefits!


Dress More Feminine


Another thing that I’ve personally noticed that makes me feel more feminine and radiant is dressing in feminine colours and shapes. It’s a no-brainer, but sometimes we tend to gloss over the most obvious things in life.

My favourite way to boost my femininity is by wearing dresses – it doesn’t matter if the dress is a skintight bodycon dress or a flowy floral number, both work equally well!

Another great way of feeling more girly is by wearing ruffles and light colours, like what I’m wearing in this post. Pinks, nudes and even red are typically colours the best colors that will be able to elevate your mood if you’re feeling a little bit low on energy.



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Accentuate Your Beauty With Feminine Jewellery


Beauty is in details, and what better way to add a little bit of a feminine breeze into your day to day than with feminine jewellery. Dainty, small jewellery is the safest option to go with if you’re looking for something new to add into your wardrobe, as it goes with everything.

I’ve recently added a few new pieces into my jewellery collection, which include these gorgeous earrings and gold pendent necklace from Thomas Sabo. I was instantly attracted to the beautiful and unique design of the earrings – the rose gold silhouette of them compliments the rhinestones in a perfectly harmonic way.

As for the gold pendant, I wanted to choose something that was feminine, yet powerful at the same time. I went ahead and got the Taurus symbol from their charm club collection, even though I don’t believe in zodiacs. My own star sign isn’t even Taurus, it’s Scorpio!

Instead of attributing the characteristics of the Taurus sign to this pendent, I see the bull symbol as a symbol of power, success and the will to go onward and achieve better. After all, when stock markets are doing well, they call say it’s a “bull market” – everything is going upwards, onwards and gaining strength.

Thus, this little pendent is the perfect way to combine femininity with a hint of masculine energy – it looks elegant and graceful, but there is also a hidden message: don’t mess with the bull!

Thomas Sabo also offers engravable jewellery – the Generation Charm Club charms as well as many other pieces come with a complimentary engraving! In addition to my earrings and necklace, I have a personalised bracelet from them with a special customised engraving. I’m not going to give away what I’ve engraved just yet – unless you can guess?


Enjoy Being Spontaneous


While my top three recommendations for increasing your feminine had all to do with your appearance (hey, I’m a fashion blogger, of course I would focus on appearance!), it’s equally as important focus your attention on improving your mental state directly.

Spontaneity and playfulness are great ways to evoke more fun into your life, and sometimes they don’t come naturally, especially when you’re stressed!

It’s important to take time off, relax and truly enjoy the moment. A lot of us feel guilty when we do this, especially because we’re always busy and there’s always something that we could be doing instead of winding down. However, this attitude is short sighted and isn’t doing you any favours.

When you actually take time to relax, whether it be in the form of expertise, meditation, or simply fully being in the present moment, it always boosts your productivity levels at work. Thus, even if you don’t feel like being playful or spontaneous, try to say yes to more social invitations and you’ll notice feeling more revived.



Reflect And Tune Into Your Emotions


Another way to tune into your feminine energy is to pause and reflect about your emotions and feelings. Being in your feminine energy means that you are more responsive to your intuition, however we can sometimes feel a bit lost on our path if we are constantly stressed.

While masculine energy is all about logic and rational, feminine energy celebrates emotion – whether that be bursts of joy or uncontrolled sadness. If you’ve been feeling down lately, it helps to reflect on why you’ve been feeling this way, and then letting it out of your system.

On the other hand, if you’ve achieved something great, remember to celebrate it to its full potential.

Us humans tend to brush off our accomplishments too quickly and only dwell on the negatives, when in fact it should be the complete opposite way around. If you feel happy and accomplished, celebrate it and let your emotions flow!



What I’m wearing: Blouse, here/ Shorts, here (similar) / Bag: here / Watch: here (similar) / Sunglasses: here



If you’re struggling with stress or are feeling uninspired by your current work/life situation, I can guarantee you that these tips will help you feel more alive, more feminine and more inspired to take on new challenges both with your work and personal life. Which one of these tips are you going to try first?


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