40 Creative 4th Of July Decorations To Celebrate Patriotism At Home

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The 4th Of July is the time to celebrate patriotism at home, so check out this list of our favorite 4th of July decorations that bring the festive feeling to your house!

The Fourth of July is one of the biggest holidays in the United States, and definitely a day that everyone looks forward to in the summer.

Patriotism is at its highest during this time as families get together and cook out in the back yards, watch fireworks shows, and set up flags outside to commemorate America’s independence from the UK.

To celebrate, it is important to decorate your home with appropriate decorations to get you excited for the upcoming holiday, especially if you’re planning to host friends and family. The colors of the American flag are always great to incorporate into your decor in whichever way, which means using red, white and blue both indoors, outdoors, and even in your food and clothing, if you want to go all out.

Below, we rounded up a list of our top 4th of July decorations that you can use to spruce up your home. All of the products featured below are from small businesses on Etsy, so if you see a couple of pieces that you like, simply click on the photo and it will take you directly to the product page for easy purchase.

Excited? Let’s get started!

The Best 4th Of July Decor Ideas

1. 4th Of July Tiered Tray Decor

Colorful 4th of July tiered tray

Get this tiered tray on Etsy

2. Minimalist Table Runner

Minimalist 4th of July table runner with stars

Get this burlap table runner on Etsy

3. American Porch Sign

4th of July porch decor with wooden sign

Get this porch sign on Etsy

4. Wooden Fireworks

4th of July wooden firecrackers

Get these decorations on Etsy

5. Minimalist Wreath

Minimalist 4th Of July wreath with stars

Get this porch sign on Etsy

6. Balloon Garland

4th of July balloon garland for outdoors

Get this garland on Etsy

7. Gnome Tiered Tray Decor

4th Of July tiered tray decor

Get this decor on Etsy

8. Patriotic Stars

Cute white, red and blue stars decorations for 4th of July

Get these stars on Etsy

9. American Flag Pillows

4th Of July decorative pillows with American flag

Get these pillows on Etsy

10. Red, White & Blue Stars

Patriotic wooden red, white and blue star decorations

Get these wooden stars on Etsy

11. Clothespin Wooden Wreath

4th Of July Clothespin Wooden Wreath

Get this wreath on Etsy

12. Mason Jars

Cute 4th Of July mason jars

Get these mason jars on Etsy

13. Blue Door Hanger

Blue wooden 4th of July door hanger

Get this door hanger on Etsy

14. Garden stakes

4th of July garden stakes outdoor decor

Get these stakes on Etsy

15. Wooden Firecrackers

Wooden patriotic 4th Of July porch hdecorations

Get these on Etsy

16. God Bless America

God Bless America sign for 4th of July

Get this vintage sign on Etsy

17. Flag Table Runner

4th of July table runner

Get this table runner on Etsy

18. Burlap Table Garland

4th of July table garland

Get this table garland on Etsy

19. Rustic America

Rustic 4th of July tiered tray

Get this rustic tiered tray on Etsy

20. Patriotic Wreath

Patriotic 4th Of July wreath with American flag colors

Get this wreath on Etsy

21. Tiny Wooden Slippers

Tiny 4th of July wooden slippers

Get this tiny wooden flip flops on Etsy

22. 4th Of July Swag

4th of july door swag

Get this door wreath on Etsy

23. Vintage Sparklers

Vintage sparklers wood blocks

Get these blocks on Etsy

24. God Bless America Wood Blocks

God Bless America wooden blocks

Get this on Etsy

25. Wooden Garland

Wooden bead garland for 4th of July

Get this wooden bead garland on Etsy

26. Burlap Wreath

Patriotic burlap 4th of July wreath

Get this wreath on Etsy

27. Stars & Stripes

Pretty 4th of July wall decorations

Get these wall decorations on Etsy

28. Star Banner

Star banner

Get this on Etsy

29. Star Door Hanger

Red, white, and blue star door hanger

Get this door hanger on Etsy

30. Mini Cloth Flags

American mini cloth flags

Get these mini flags on Etsy

31. Farmhouse Hanger

God Bless America circular wooden door hanger

Get this door hanger on Etsy

32. Patriotic Popsicle

Patriotic popsicle stick

Get this on Etsy

33. Circus-Style 4th Of July Garland

Circus style 4th of July banner

Get this vintage banner on Etsy

34. American Gnome

American gnome

Get this gnome on Etsy

35. Patriotic Gnome

Colorful patriotic gnome

Get this gnome on Etsy

36. Boho Style Prints

Bohemian America print frame

Get this on Etsy

37. Fireworks Doormat

4th Of July doormat

Get this door mat on Etsy

38. Red Farmhouse Truck

Red farmhouse truck for 4th of July

Get this red truck on Etsy

39. Wooden Independence Sign

American flag porch sign

Get this porch sign on Etsy

40. Patriotic Porch Banners

4th of July porch banners

Get these banners on Etsy

And there you have it! If you starting out on your 4th of July preparations, we hope this list of the best decorations has given you a couple of ideas. If you’re still looking for more home decor inspiration, check the posts down below.

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