Hi guys! Today’s post is a little bit different – if you click open this post you will see that I have actually posted my first ever YouTube video and it’s a Primark Haul! I’ve been meaning to start making videos for the past six months, but the courage just wasn’t there… Until now.

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This Primark haul was kind of a necessity for me to do because when I came back from Asia I didn’t have any warm clothes with me and it was getting quite chilly here in London. I rocked the sandals with socks combo for two days before finally deciding to just go ahead and buy a new wardrobe. SO, naturally I headed to Primark to skip the hefty price tags and came back with a ton of good stuff! I went in the Tottenham Court Road Primark, so everything that I’ve featured here should be still available there. If you can’t find your sizes in that particular Primark, I would recommend paying a visit to the Hammersmith Primark – it’s big, quiet and usually always carries smaller sizes.

Back to School Primark Haul

The theme of this haul is fall wear, but you can also find some inspiration for a back to school look. Everything I’ve featured in this Primark haul is something that I would wear to uni or to run my daily errands. My personal favourites are the burgundy  suede dress and the black backpack, which just so happens to be a Chloé dupe! Who knew you could find those in Primark, let alone for £9. All of the other prices and sizes are featured in the video, I hope you enjoy it!

P.S. As this is my first time editing or publishing a video, I would appreciate any feedback, good or bad! Also, please let me know if there are other videos you would like me to do, I’m open to any requests! xx


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