My Blogging Goals For 2018 / The Future Of “The Chic Pursuit”

The Chic Pursuit is wearing an all nude outfit with a beige coat, beige Hermes Kelly inspired handbag, beige over the knee boots and a Sarah Ashcroft x In The Style nude mesh dress

What I’m wearing: Boots, here / Top, here / Coat, here / Jeans, here / Bag, here / Watch, here

I’m late for the train, I know. It’s February now and most of us have come out with their goals for the new year somewhere between the first few weeks of January. I wrote a post about my personal goals for 2018 before, but I didn’t mention anything about the year ahead for my blog or social media. I stumbled upon a few blogs that had done this for their own personal blogs the other day, and I must say I was really (i)really(i) interested in what they had to say. Maybe that’s just me being nosey, but I liked reading about other bloggers’ blog goals and seeing if I could implement some of the strategies into my own plan. So here goes.


The Chic Pursuit is wearing an all nude outfit with a beige coat, beige Hermes Kelly inspired handbag, beige over the knee boots and a Sarah Ashcroft x In The Style nude mesh dress


You may have noticed that I have started posting more often here on the blog. I now post 3 times a week (Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday) and include a variety of content.

One of my main blog goals for this year is to be more personal: I always enjoy these posts from other people as they are relatable and give an insight into the person’s life. So, you won’t be seeing any more “outfit descriptions” if I post my outfit of the day.

I will still post outfit posts at least once a week (if not twice) but instead of writing styling tips for a particular clothing item, I will be writing about whatever it is that has been going through my head – relationships, friendships, any kind of musings really.

Another aspect that I have focused on is SEO (search engine optimisation). I always wanted to build my blog to the point where I could generate passive traffic (and passive income) from the hard work that I’ve put into the platform. I know that I am passionate about my blog and social media at the moment, but this might not be the case forever after, so I want to make sure that if I ever stop, there will still be an income trickling down every month from my blog.



So, a good chunk of my content is focused around topics that will be relevant long-term and that will continue to bring in traffic from Google for months, if not years after they’ve been published.

You may have also noticed that I have started experimenting with guest writers. I am not sure if I will continue with biweekly guest posts or not, but I am keeping that option open for now. (Pst let me know – what do you think of them?!)

Let’s Talk Numbers

As a final note, I’m very happy with the growth that my blog has experienced in the past month – I’m now at 5k+ unique monthly visitors and 10k+ page views for my blog, which has been my goal for the longest time. My goal for February is to reach 10k+ unique monthly visitors and to slowly climb up to the top millionth (lol) page rank on Alexa. (Alexa rates the popularity of all webpages online. I’m currently at 2,800,000th spot and most of my favourite blogs are above 1 million).

I am not sure what this means in terms of traffic, but I would assume around 30k+ monthy unique visitors. I also want to increase my domain authority to 30, if not 35 this year.

 The Chic Pursuit is wearing an all nude outfit with a beige coat, beige Hermes Kelly inspired handbag, beige over the knee boots and a Sarah Ashcroft x In The Style nude mesh dress


I am done with Instagram. Officially done. Okay, I know. I still post there and I don’t think I will ever stop posting, but the frequency of my posts has plummeted. I lose followers on Instagram whatever I do: It doesn’t matter if I post new pics or if I don’t, I lose followers every day. I’m not sure when this will stop and if it will stop, but I’ve had enough of stressing over it. If it’s not working for me, it’s not working for me. Period.

I recently had lunch with a fellow ‘influencer’ who is obsessed with and upset about Instagram as well, and we talked about the people who have experienced enormous growth over the past year. The popular style now seems to be the “Amsterdam” style – slightly masculine and “cool”.

Preferred backgrounds are street corners, and the most popular photos are semi close-ups where the person is looking at the camera through a pair of trendy sunglasses. It’s funny to see how trends on Instagram evolve – when I started out, it was all about the white houses of Kensington, looking away from the camera, and full length was preferred. Cool tones were in.


The Chic Pursuit is wearing an all nude outfit with a beige coat, beige Hermes Kelly inspired handbag, beige over the knee boots and a Sarah Ashcroft x In The Style nude mesh dress





The reason why I’m bringing this up is because I have a suspicion that Instagram is doing this on purpose – ever since the algorithm changed, the people behind Instagram basically have more control over which way their platform is going.

Essentially, I suspect that there are actual people behind the platform that are pushing certain accounts and certain looks, while at the same time not pushing other accounts.

If Instagram decides that they want the “Amsterdam look” to be popular right now (how much are you paying them, Visit Amsterdam?! :p), they can easily put people from that region on the explore page as many times as they want.

If they want to push video, they can put users who create video on the explore page.

And as easily as that, if they don’t like your account, they can stunt your growth and you will never end up on the explore page.

We all know that hashtags are pretty much dead and none of the tips and tricks that worked on Instagram last year work anymore.







I have reason to believe that my account has been ‘blacklisted’ in addition to being ‘shadow banned’ or whatever you want to call it, and I feel like I just can’t grow from inside the platform anymore. That’s why I’m putting in energy on other platforms where I grow,  such as YouTube, and hopefully people will then find me on Instagram from there, and grow my Insta through ‘external measures’.

I also wanted to mention that I will be putting more effort into the way that my feed looks. Another thing that my fellow Instagram friend said that really stuck with me was “In order to reach a 100k your account needs to look like it’s at 100k already”. Mine definitely doesn’t look a 100k.

Let’s Talk Numbers

I would love to reach 100k this year, but realistically speaking I will be happy if I got to 60k. And well, if I’m not going to grow at all, as long as I don’t dip below 50k then I’ll be fine.

The Chic Pursuit is wearing an all nude outfit with a beige coat, beige Hermes Kelly inspired handbag, beige over the knee boots and a Sarah Ashcroft x In The Style nude mesh dress


I’ve been on YouTube for a couple of months now and things are going pretty well – I’ve reached 300k+ views and I’m currently sitting at just above 4K subscribers. Unlike Instagram, I’m experiencing steady growth and above all, I feel like I have a small community of supporters on the platform! Instagram has always seemed a bit vain to me, not because of selfies, but because people leave spammy comments like “ 😍😍😍” “omg yum!” And “pretty!!” Which have little to no meaning behind them. I always feel like the majority of people who comment on my pics only do it so that I will write a comment back! Vanity reasons as I said.

Youtube is different. I feel like there is a small group of people who watch the majority of my videos and are actually interested in what I have to say. The comments I get on Youtube are much more meaningful to me, because often they are about something that I’ve said or showed in the video, which means that they’ve watched my video. I have also received some hate comments on Youtube which actually make me a little bit happy – they say you haven’t made it until you have haters, and hey – I have a few haters now!

I posted two videos a week in December and things were going really well with that schedule, so I’m planning to continue with it. I might actually be getting some help with video editing as well, which will help a lot with the uploads. Maybe I’ll even manage to increase my upload schedule to 3 videos per week!

I also want to introduce topics that are not tied to fashion – I don’t want to push materialism and consumerism more than necessary. As you may know, I have a two degrees in chemistry and I would love to talk about some topics in the beauty industry that are just absolute scams. Stem cells, collagen and hyaluronic acid are some of them. There are so many companies just ripping people off because they don’t know better. However, I feel like I need to build a presence on the platform before I can talk about these important topics – otherwise there would be no one to listen! That’s why I’m concentrating on topics that I know will bring new audiences to my channel at the moment – hauls, hauls, and more hauls!

Let’s Talk Numbers

Honestly, I have no idea what my target on Youtube is for this year. I don’t think I have enough experience to predict where I could be in a year’s time, but hopefully I will land somewhere near 30k. I would love to reach 10k within a 2 months time, but I’m not sure if that’s realistic. The only thing that I know is that I will continue to make at least two videos a week as well as I can.

The Chic Pursuit is wearing an all nude outfit with a beige coat, beige Hermes Kelly inspired handbag, beige over the knee boots and a Sarah Ashcroft x In The Style nude mesh dress


I wanted to include Pinterest because it’s part of my social media strategy and although I haven’t achieved amazing results with It yet, so many other bloggers have that I just can’t ignore the platform. At the moment I am using an application called Tailwind to schedule and post my pins on my behalf. (They have offer one month for free, check it out!) I’m using this app because it’s pretty amazing – most of my Pinterest followers are from the US, so the app auto schedules all my posts at times when the US population is most active (Usually around 2-4 am in the morning). I normally schedule my pins a month in advance, which takes about an hour in total, so I’m really not spending that much time on Pinterest at all.

I pin both affiliate products as well as content from my website, so I’m hoping that when (and if) my Pinterest takes off, it will bring in not only more visitors to my blog, but also more money in affiliate commissions. So far Pinterest brings in about 500 users per month and I’ve earned a whopping £4.12 from direct sales. I also use Amazon affiliates for my Pinterest, but I can’t see how much commission that has brought for some reason, as they don’t specify on the page. So, I might have actually made a little more than £4.

Let’s Talk Numbers

Followers on Pinterest don’t really matter at all – it’s more about the impressions that you get as well as traffic to your blog. With that being said, I’m currently growing by about 15 followers per week, and I would love it if my follower number increased steadily. At the moment, I’m sitting at around 1250 followers.

What I care about more than follower numbers are impressions. I currently have about 140k monthly viewers, and I would love to increase it to 1 million. Alexa Webb has stated that she earns a full-time income from Pinterest alone, and she has 7 million monthly impressions with 70k followers. Now, we can only speculate what she means with a full-time income, but it definitely made me want to put more effort into Pinterest!

Other Platforms

Twitter – I love Twitter, but I’m finding it hard to manage multiple platforms at the same time. I recently wrote about the benefits of scheduling posts (link) and I think I will do this for Twitter from now on – schedule posts for the rest of the week on one dedicated day. I rarely even promote my posts or videos on Twitter anymore, even though the conversion rate is pretty good.

21 Buttons & – These two are apps are essentially a shopaholic’s Instagram – everything that is posted on these apps is directly shoppable. I’ve been experiencing nice growth (as well as decent income) from 21Buttons, so I’m definitely going to be uploading my outfits there on a consistent basis. I’ve also started using separately from Instagram (yes, it’s an app!) and I’ve noticed that I’ve grown on the platform even when I don’t post my pictures on Instagram. I’m going to be uploading pictures more on these apps than Instagram itself, because well – I’m growing! The added benefit of these apps is that there is no feed and no need to worry about how your pictures will look next to one another.

So there you have it, these are my blog & social media goals for 2018! Let me know what are yours – I would love to know!

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  1. February 10, 2018 / 9:52 pm

    I hope you achieve all that you desire and more.
    I also recently started youtube and fingers crossed that I grow in it. I am still trying to figure it out.
    PS I subscribed to your channel. Can’t wait to watch all of your videos.

    • Maria Julia
      February 11, 2018 / 5:59 pm

      Hey lovely, that’s amazing, just checked out your channel and the quality seems amazing! You’re doing really well considering you’ve just started out!! Unfortunately I can’t understand anything you’re saying but you look beautiful! 🙂 x

  2. February 11, 2018 / 5:10 am

    Thats wonderful, I do hope you accomplish your goals I too just started my channel last year plus i have been blogging too this is my third blog from all the trial and error from the previous two. I am upset with instagram too and also facebook changed their algorithm too its like everyone is changing bit by bit to make things harder for us

    • Maria Julia
      February 11, 2018 / 5:56 pm

      Thanks so much Kerona! And yes definitely, Facebook owns Instagram so it makes sense that they are going towards similar directions. I hope it ends up well for both platforms but once they’re figuring it out there’s not really much that us bloggers can do except wait it out! I wish you lots of luck on accomplishing your blog goals for the upcoming year too! xx

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