Live True London Review & The Overhype of Olaplex

A few weeks ago I was offered a complimentary hair treatment at Live True London Vauxhall in exchange for a review on this blog. Even though there was nothing wrong with my hair (apart that it needed a cut!), I jumped at the opportunity because hey, you would too! Anyone who knows me personally will tell you that I am very self-sufficient when it comes to beauty treatments: I try to do everything that I can myself to save money as a student. Naturally, I also cut and dye my own hair, so going to a salon felt like a real luxury.

live true london, chic pursuit, chicpursuit, london fashion blogger, uk fashion blogger

live true london, chic pursuit, chicpursuit, london fashion blogger, uk fashion blogger

The Salon – Live True London Vauxhall

Live True London has many locations across London to accommodate the needs of its clients, and the closest to me happened to be in Vauxhall. The salon’s interiors are beautiful and spacious with crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. My hair was cut and styled by Paco who very clearly has a passion for hair and has been a hair stylist for years. We ended up going for the Olaplex treatment (balayage), followed by a grey tone down, a treatment and a blow dry. Live True London uses predominantly producs from Redken, so you know you are getting the best of the best. I was in the salon for 4,5 hours which was longer than what I had expected, but luckily I had a book with me (Elon Musk’s biography – definitely a good read!).  However, Live True London offers a wide variety of magazines for those clients who have forgotten to bring a read with them. Also, the staff took very good care of me during my time at the salon – I must have emptied at least 8 cups of tea!

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 live true london, chic pursuit, chicpursuit, london fashion blogger, uk fashion blogger


First and foremost, I am very happy with my finished look and colour BUT! I had not realised that the Olaplex treatment included bleach. I left the salon looking and feeling great, only to realise a few days later that my hair had a lot of split ends and was feeling very dry. I only let Paco cut 1 cm off my hair as I am trying to grow it, but seeing it in a condition like that made me panic. I contacted Live True London and they were very accommodating to my  request to book another session to have it cut a little shorter. I know a lot of salons will throw a fit if you are not 100% happy with your result and want something changed, but that wasn’t the case with Live True London. I was even a little embarassed to return to the salon a week after as they were being so nice to me. This time, I had my hair treated with a deep conditioning mask and cut it a further centimeter or two.

The final look of the hair is definitely a lot ashier than what it was prior to my salon visit. I love the shade that it is now and the colouring was done very well. As you can see there are a lot of different shades of blonde in my hair now and it looks very natural. In my opinion it kind of looks like I had spent some time on the beach and the sun had left little bits of my hair highlighted. What do you think?

live true london, chic pursuit, chicpursuit, london fashion blogger, uk fashion blogger

Olaplex – is there a difference?

It has been a few weeks from my treatment my hair is still not in great condition. The Olaplex treatment did not work for me: bleach is bleach at the end of the day. I had a conversation with a friend of mine who had the same Olaplex procedure done in Malaysia and she was not happy with the condition of her hair either. In her case, the condition of her hair worsened after a few weeks of getting it done and she never made the connection between the Olaplex treatment and her hair’s new, unflattering condition, as the Olaplex is so hyped up and receives great press. If you are looking to go blonde and would need to bleach your hair in order to do that, Olaplex would probably be a good idea to lessen some of the damage. Otherwise, I cannot see a difference between a normal balayage and an Olaplex balayage.

TL;DR – Live True London is a great salon with excellent customer service, but the Olaplex balayage is no different from a normal balayage.

Visit Live True London’s website HERE.

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