Last Few Summer Days & My Love-Hate Relationship with London

Lingerie as Outerwear | Casual Denim Days | Black Backpack | Chloe Backpack Dupe

Lingerie as Outerwear | Casual Denim Days | Black Backpack | Chloe Backpack Dupe

Lingerie as Outerwear | Casual Denim Days | Black Backpack | Chloe Backpack Dupe

For the past few weeks I’ve been tucked away in my over the knee boots, pretending like it was autumn already. But alas! It seems like summer is still here to continue, at least for the next few days. If you have some sort of an interest in the fashion world, you would know that Fashion Weeks are starting to come up: Stockholm fashion week has already passed, and next on the line are the big boys such as New York, London, Milan and Paris.

I’m currently in Estonia until flying to either LFW (London Fashion Week) or MFW (Milan Fashion Week). I haven’t bought any tickets yet because somehow in my heart I’m not sure I want to return to London just yet. I love London and whenever I’m there I feel the happiest: there’s always something to do, people to see, and I find that inspiring. However, especially after my trip to Asia I have really become to realise how utterly expensive the city is. It’s practically impossible to get by without spending £1500 on living (rent + food + transportation) a month, and realistically the figure would be somewhere closer to £2000. Mind you, in this scenario you still need to be sharing your flat with other people (most likely at least). If you’re looking to live by yourself the cost gets significantly higher: one of my friends pays £1600 solely on rent. And with a graduate salary of max £2200 per month (after tax) it leaves you pretty much with no savings.

I’m in that place in my life where I would really want to save money at the moment and get a mortgage asap. I would want to get it in Estonia for investment purposes and the terms of the contract are not impossible to fulfil – 20% downpayment and at least 3 months of income with a net income of €600. However, with the salary figures of London it does seem pretty daunting. What I find even funnier is that on my gap year I worked in Abercrombie & Fitch in Belgium and as a waitress in Finland, paid for my living myself and managed to save €5000 during that year while only working part-timeI couldn’t even save that much money in London if I started working for Goldman Sachs!

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So, now that fashion weeks are approaching I’ve looked into the possibility of going to Italy and staying there for a little bit – Airbnb is less expensive, food is cheap and weather is great. The reality is that I will probably still attend LFW but I’m not too sure about staying in London after that. The whole Brexit thing scares me as well – every time I look at £ versus € it’s gone down again…and because I see myself investing in Estonia it puts me in a position where I’m worse off, which I’m obviously not thrilled about. What are your thoughts on the whole topic? Am I being too analytical and should I just settle down in London and figure things out as I go? If not, can you recommend other cities in Europe to live in?

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Also, are you going to any of the Fashion Weeks?! Let me know! x

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